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Tomorrow is a big AG release (think their fall stuff, as well as new stuff for Z, Tenney, Gabby, and Logan) and so naturally they updated their site today. o_O If you've got an account with them, you're going to need to set a new password and make sure to triple check your address on file. Oh, and add your payment info again, but they warn you about that. Depending on how I feel, we may cover the new releases tomorrow. We may wait a few days. I do know there are supposed to be 3 new Truly Me dolls (one is pretty much Gabby with longer hair) and all three are brunettes, and there's a new hotel set up. Ooh. Ahh.

I feel like someone slugged me in the face so I'm about to go read a bit before snoozing.

Oh, and this week's PLL and the finale preview have made me sad. It's weird, but I wasn't totally sold on Mona when she first appeared (I could probably go back and read my initial PLL summaries and know for sure) but by the time the first season was heading for their final episodes, I'd swung around to adoring her. That still stands, even through all the reveals about her and last night's just kind of did me in.

Mona killed Charlotte because unlike everyone else, Mona saw through CeCe's "I'm all better!" BS and called her on it. Cece mocked her pretty cruelly and Mona snapped and still that wasn't what killed Cece. Nope, that was a flippin' accident after Cece attacked her. Annnnnnnd once Hanna had Mona examine the game, that coupled with Mona's underlying mental issues... well, poor Mona's back to nutter butters again. I'd be highly surprised if she survives the series. :/ Don't kill Mona, show! She and Lucas deserve better.

I will say that it was bullshit the way Ezra snapped at the Liars for being mad at Aria for, y'know, destroying Emily's baby stuff, blowing up Spencer's family, and generally joining the A team. Sigh.


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