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If you don't want the final surprise(s) of the PLL series spoiled, just keep on scrollin'. If you want to watch me cackle until I'm hoarse, well, take a seat.


Pretty Little Liars went full on Sweet Valley High there, eh?

And yes, yes I do mean Evil Twin hellbent on taking over the good twin's life, mostly because of wanting people to love them already without having to do the goddamned work and also because Evil Twin liked Good Twin's boyfriend.

Which I suppose is also a bit of a callback to the book series, though I don't know what happened after the second go round of A (so their college years) because I never got over the sheer WTF of Ali's twin.

Anyway, back to the show. So, I believe I mentioned a few weeks ago that they'd pretty much set up the neon sign that proclaimed that AD was gonna be Spencer's twin, right? *uses the tags* Yup, yup. Confirmed after a fake-out or two with Mona and Melissa.

I'm not going to bother to recap the show itself and we'll just sit around and marvel at that accent (wot) and the fact that I sorta got what I wanted. I wanted, at some point, A (in this case, AD) to reveal why, when, and how they did all their various things and we got all kinds of flashbacks to show when Alex was Spencer and the whys of it all.

And yet... that accent is so bad. SO BAD. Show, I get that you were trying for an Orphan Black kind of vibe, but you really landed in post-Evil Twin SVH territory. Which is not a compliment.

And yet... I'm not super disappointed in anything but the accent itself. It makes about as much sense as anything else on the show at this point and it tried to make sense and still be insane. Seriously, if I had any idea what I was really trying to figure out from the show at this point, I'd probably be pissed, but I've spent the last month or so expecting evil!Spencer and welp, here we are. The biggest problem is that terribly bad accent. (SO BAD.)

Also, there's no way Wren's and Emily's DNA would create those kids. None at all.

Love Mona saving the day and also lowkey love Mona saving the day by kidnapping Mary and Alex and keeping them as her dolls. I don't need to understand, I just need to cackle with glee.
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