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Sooooooo... I believe I mentioned that work put out new makeup, yes? I could mostly ignore it because a) I was freakin' busy and b) I am not a huge fan of matte liquid lipsticks. I don't like the way they suck all the moisture out of your lips and they look weird and also, I can never pick the right shade. Never. Even when I've done my homework and I've picked a shade that should be perfect, instead I wind up on the zombie side of things. It's a gift, really. So saying no to the array of Maybelline Mattes (the Ink mattes look so pretty though!), the L'Oreal Infallible Paint mattes, the Rimmel mattes... seriously, a whole bunch of mattes. What the hey.

But last night I found this. Obviously without the two Ulta exclusive shades (I need you, Cherry shade) Annnnnd immediately fell in love. I carefully picked out two shades (Moon Lust and Galactic Foil) for the lips and the Rose Chrome eye shadow (you know when something is stupidly pretty and you can't talk yourself out of it?), swung by the massive Lash Paradise display where I lamented the lack of a brown option (or blue!) and wondered why every review of that mascara mentions how much they hate the Better Than Sex mascara that it's apparently one-upping. Every. Single. Review.

The mascara, naturally, was buy one get one halfsies and the others were not. So what's a girl to do? Wait the shinies out or... no, silly. I found something that was on sale and bought that. Colour Riche Mattes have fun names. FUN. Like Devil's Matte-Vocate. C'mon, that's a fun name. My only concern, other than matte, why, is that I lowkey hate the way they smell. But I also haven't tried one so maybe the smell goes away or you get used to it or it keeps you from ever eating anything ever, ever again. I'll let you know.

At that point, I figured I might as well just go and spend all my points but alas, at checkout, I went from spend it allllllllllll to not having enough to spend it. And I didn't think about it until just now, but I don't think there was a single non-store coupon clipped to my card so I could've just added the Maybelline shadow palette I wanted and hit the... dammit, self. Still, I didn't which means I earned a gazillion points so I can skip around and buy shit later, too.

Basically, there was new stuff at work and I bought a lot of shiny things. I also bought some expanding file folder things to get organized and also the back to school rush has begun!

My dorkiness, let me share it with you.

Alas, I feel awful right now so I haven't played with any of them yet. :(

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Date: 2017-07-03 03:03 am (UTC)
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Makeup this year just hasn't interested me at all, which has made me super sadfaced :( But I am all for metallic shinies! I have some Ulta points from getting my hair cut at the salon there, so maybe I will look into these lip paints...


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