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I am feeling super accomplished and somehow super lazy all at the same time. How is this possible? Food coma, most likely. Also, the sad realization that I don't think I'll be swimming this week. WOE. But I didn't go yesterday because a) I figured that if I wasn't super wanting to see the little family, they also probably didn't want to see me and b) I went to sleep pretty much as soon as my breakfast was done. I was tired, man. Tired. It's raining right now, and from the sounds of it, I think it's actually pouring, and I don't venture out on the 4th (tomorrow) unless I must. I might if the rain keeps up all day, though, since it'll keep people outta the pool.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and tried my Lip Paints with mixed results, told the hair on my face that isn't above my eyes to go to hell, walked the dog, took out the trash and most of the bottles/cans, and also lost an ongoing round of chicken with Mums.

Y'see, when she came back from VA, we discussed the fact that we really, really needed to take down the winter decorations. Mums said she would. As far as I can tell, she never made it past the eying things and considering where to put them. I even brought the boxes in and to the table, ditto for making sure there was stuff to wrap the breakables in, and found the tape to close said boxes. Nope.

So last week I packed up three boxes worth of stuff (mostly those spiral trees, Mumsy's winter birds that could, in theory, probably stay out all year) and basically left the Nativity scene that I hate packing up because I always worry I'll drop it (it's mine) or do a crappy job on it, the winter pinecones, and the stocking holders... I swear, they're wintry. :P
This morning I packed all of that up, too.

On the other hand, I really can't bitch too much because my little blue tree is still up. :P In my defense, I cannot get to its box because the giant tree my brother gifted us with last year has eaten the entire damn shed. I really need a new box and someone to help me go through the things out there sometime before Halloween stuff comes out. Anyway, if either boy appears this week, I'll ask them to get my boxes so I can put that stuff away, too. But if they don't, I don't see it half the time anyway because it's behind the door.

Let's see. Oh! I ordered a pair of sandals from Zappos because I had a $30 voucher. Normally I'd link the shoes but every other time I've done that, the shoes and I have not worked out. I will say they aren't super cute, but they remind me a LOT of the stuff I wore in high school. But I say this with all the love in the world because I literally cried with two of the three pairs i wore all the time died. I didn't do so for the third because a) I was in public and b) they tried to kill me on their way down so really, screw them.
Now to just hope that unlike the HS pairs, these don't weigh twenty pounds each. I was going to ask why shoes weighed so much back then but then I remembered most of them had the Spice Girls kinda lifts so... yeah. But the one pair I had that didn't have the extra four inches or something weighed the most. Hmm. Ah well. Point is, I got new shoes for about ten bucks. I'm not asking for much of you, shoes. Just be comfy enough for walking the dogs or wearing around the house when I'm doing chores that'll require me to be in and out of the house. The bar is low, guys. You can do it!

Annnnnnnnnd now I've cleaned the washing machine. I think. It's on the second run through to rinse things out. Or maybe there's a third run through just to rinse and this is more of the cleaning but mostly getting rid of any of the gunk that was created the first go round? Dunno. Also worked on the drain in my tub because why not.

Hours have passed since I started this so I'm less food coma-y and now it's stupidly sunny. But sunny in that "it rained this morning and now everything feels like a freakin' swamp" kind of way.

Let's circle back to the lipsticks I mentioned way up there, shall we? I tried Moon Lust first and it's My Lips But Metallic. So that's kind of awesome right there. I really liked the way this one faded, which sounds weird. But it was graceful and looked pretty. Not sticky or gross and no weird smell to be found, which is amazing for L'Oreal.
Galactic Foil is less of a summer shade and more fall and it did not fade gracefully after eating. It went full on lipliner lips. On the plus side, it made my teeth look whiter so there's that. I think I'm going to massage the bank account and see if it'll swing the Ulta cherry color because if it's like ML, I shall be happy.

Gonna edit this in here because it makes sense. Tried the matte Colour Riche shade and it's a really pretty, non-drying formula. I just can't hack the smell/taste. I don't understand why you would want something that perfumed, and let's not call the scent anything other than perfume-y, right under your nose. It does dissipate eventually, and I will probably actually reach for this on days when I'm snuffly due to allergies or being unable to smell anything because it's lovely in every way other than scent/taste. :p

And now I'm off to try and dose the cat for fleas. My day, she is super exciting, no?
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