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Made two loaves of banana bread. One fell. ;_; It looked done, it passed the toothpick test, it just wanted to mock me. Ah well. Painted my nails all red/white/blue. White polish remains the devil.

Yesterday I finally got around to watching X-Men Days of Future Past. I dragged my feet for eons because I kept expecting the boy to gift it to me for my birthday or Christmas but it never happened so I figured I might as well throw it on my To Do List yesterday. I went for the Rogue Cut, despite never having been a huge fan of movie Rogue because I am still a fan of Rogue the character. Also, why the hell not go for the longer version, eh?

Yeah. It's one of those movies I actually really enjoyed while watching it, and for the most part I just let myself oooh and ahhh at things but I never did get over the whole Kitty sending people back in time. What the hey? How is that a thing that was never, ever discussed or just... I assume it was their way of giving a nod to DOFP being Kitty's comic storyline but still.

Quicksilver was just as awesome as fandom/the internet led me to believe and every time Blink showed up on screen I just kind of stared stupidly because awesome. I swear, my favorite comic moments involved the various characters pairing up their powers to create nifty little combos. Charles and Erik work in any time line. I was happy to see Jean and the only version of Cyclops I've ever fully enjoyed which felt weird because younger me was always soooooo bored by those characters.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and probably a lot of that was because I waited so long to see it so I'd forgotten most of the gripes I'd heard about it. But the moment you start to think about it (like the Sentinels stealing powers and using Mystique's powers for that and not, y'know, Rogue's) things start seriously falling apart. So I don't think and I enjoy the popcorn for what it is.

Now to snooze before work.


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