Jul. 8th, 2017 10:42 pm
impy: TJ from Recess wondering WTF? (TJ wtf)
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Dear photobucket,
Please, please fix yourself because this hostage situation you've got going on with the internet at large is only going to end badly for you... and well, everyone else, but you'll be the one to actually go out of business. Seriously, $400 to use the service the way it's been billed for years?! That's some grade A fuckery right there.

So, so glad my account was hit with that just in time for my vacation. I mean, why wouldn't I want to have to deal with it? The kicker is that it hit the account that I paid for and has the backup of some other service that was all "here's extra photobucket goodness just for dealing with us!" so really, wtf.

Huh. Maybe the lightning extravaganza the dog and I saw on our failed walk earlier wasn't simply heat lightning because that right there? That's thunder. Debating running out to get the mail before the storm may or may not hit. Too late. Rain's here.

In any case, this has been day one of my vacation.
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