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Is today the Hallmark Ornament thing? I think it might be. In any case, that's not normally my thing but the last year or so I've kept an eye on it because I swear, it's like Hallmark goes digging through my interests for ideas. You've got classic MLP, Rainbow Brite, DC Superhero Girls... I'm actually tempted by DCSG Wondy. She looks pretty snazzy. Probably won't though as I'm a slacker and rarely buy figure ornaments. But if I did, she and Moondancer would probably be near the top of the list. Not quite the top because they do have Halloween things. Little the mini owl, that little pumpkin tree stand thing, and I like the raven (which is basically their bird mold but in purple for Halloween) ohoh, and the haunted house.

But I haven't the money so I am once more saved thanks to the powerpuff girls being broke. Huzzah?

I believe I shall spend the next hour or so (gotta give myself a cutoff time) perusing the various Halloween things that've been popping up online and then I'm going to do... something. I dunno what. Maybe give American Gods another whirl. Maybe find a new place to straighten up. I'll figure it out. Mebbe.

Oh, did I ever mention my one and only Prime Day order? They had a box/case of MH minis for $25 and I figured what the hey, the latest reviews said they were onto S1W4 and that's the one I didn't have anywhere near a full set of, and if they'd moved beyond that set onto S2, well, so much the better. They hadn't. I wound up with S1W4 and I'm content with it. I've only opened four so far, but I'm trying to pace myself. We'll see how long that lasts. :P

My Sephora order finally showed up yesterday. Pretty late, I'd gone up to take a late nap (after 5?) when Mums called up that it had arrived. Anyway, I am ever so glad I took my time going through the free samples to choose non-foundations because, y'know, foundation samples always hit the middle of the road and are too goddamned dark for me so why bother. Nope, I dunno if they just didn't bother to look at my preferences or they'd run out by the time they actually got around to filling the order or what, but I wound up with the makeup wipes I'd requested and two foundation samples. One *might* work but the other is so, so off the mark that I'm only going to try it to laugh.

But I got my little rollerball of Stella, the perfume I like but will never buy because I'm not spending $80+ on perfume thank you, so I'm happy.

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Date: 2017-07-15 08:30 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, the Hallmark thing is this weekend. I've got to go tomorrow after work if I want to use my coupon. I need my flower fairy ones and Moondancer.


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