Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I should warn you that I woke up to my arm being asleep, my leg cramping, and basically I'm in a bit of a funk. So my opinions on things may be less sunny than the situation may actually warrant. You have been warned.
AG Truly Me stuffs. )
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I spent the morning doing my little AG round-up and importing stuff to DW in case LJ goes poof. The importing/catching up for this journal wasn't so bad, but trying to get my first/oldest LJ (that I haven't used in a very long time but that I do care about saving in some form) was a bear. First it said everything had gone through swimmingly and I checked (because that's what you do) annnnnnnd um, no, DW, it had not gone swimmingly. It was missing damn near ten years, wtf. Remembering that sometimes things are buggy, especially when there are a fair amount of people doing the same thing, I skipped back over and set it up again.
And it freaked out, shrieking, "Hey, you were already in line for this and now we have to abort mission, what the hell?!" I mean, not literally, but that's how it seemed. Um, okay then, DW. Okay then.
Eventually I think I figured it out (had to toggle something on LJ) annnnnnnnnd I think that one is backed up now, though it's kind of difficult to go through and triple check because it ends with my dad's death. I debated updating it but for now I'm leaving it as is. Ah, teenage angst. Annnnnnd holy hell, going back to the first few entries is just as embarrassing as one might imagine.

Anyway. So that took awhile because I felt like I had to babysit things, even if I didn't. Then I figured I'd read some more and basically I finished two books today. I may give a longer rant/review on A Shiver Of Light but the other was a historical mystery from AG set locally. Pirates, rar.

Oh, if AG is your bag, check your mail for catalogs with 20% off codes. Because why the hell not, AG. I wonder if I shall be ~chosen~ this go round.
Despite asking for, and getting approved for, the day off tomorrow, I shall be working. Because I'm on the schedule and with all the weirdness of work last week, I never got a chance to ask what the fuzzy. I guess I could have pushed it but with one person quitting and us not being sure if K was getting fired or not, it didn't really seem the time, y'know? Soooo... I'll let this one go and use the fact that I didn't push it should I need to negotiate later.
Oh, oh, oh! So they didn't fire K, right? I go into work on NYE and right after a rush that lasted a good fifteen minutes, boss lady says that they considered putting K on that night but didn't for whatever reason. And she was livid because why would you screw us like that? Seriously, I get that they think that by cutting her hours they're punishing her, but no. In this case the punishment would be to make the woman work a night she clearly would not have wanted to work but couldn't really say no to since she'd screwed us the week before. This way instead of leaving us to do all the things all alone, we'd have at least had a little help. But noooooooo.
I do not understand. I just... no. If it had been the other lead, I'd understand since they don't get along and she prefers to not work with K at all. But not the case here so instead they just hosed me, basically. Thanks, guys.


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