Jan. 5th, 2017

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Today is my shortest of short sleep days, so naturally the girl relieving me at work was late. And I couldn't really complain because I was late getting to work last night since they freakin' closed off the road by my house. So the backroads way tacked on an extra ten minutes, followed by having to do some fun lane changing down by the Barnes and Noble. Good, good times. Still not sure why they had the road closed, but it looks like guys robbed the two Dollar Generals and when I found that out, I cackled because [personal profile] luxken27 and I were just talking about the sketchiness of DGs.

Did step one of bill payment and now I wait to do the next steps once this one goes through. Also good, good times. :p

My Zomby Gaga showed up yesterday and ohmylord, she's stunning. I'm not a huge Gaga fan (I do have a soft spot for her because people on MS Hangout and the Sweet Valley board both mentioned her quite a bit before she really, really blew up) but the doll? Is easily the most interesting MH doll I've seen in quite some time. You know how sometimes you get something and immediately you're wanting another? Yeah, that's how I felt about her. The hair! *swoons*

Speaking of hair, if you want to torch your faith in humanity, read any thread about Gabby's hair and just wait. Eventually someone will complain that it is madness to make a curly haired doll with hair you can't brush. Like... really? Because I damn well remember a lot of people said no to Caroline because of her curls but they didn't act like this about it. I'm not saying my CeCe's hair is perfection, but even her wonky curl is easily reset to factory wonk with just a little effort. I don't blame people who are awful at hair and don't want that kind of anxiety, I guess... but it's pretty easy to keep things semi-under control. Just don't yank a brush through it like a mad person. I guess it's more of how complaints have been worded, really. Not well, btw. Not well at all.

C is training the new overnight shift lead this week (well, I suspect that's probably over for now since we're on a new schedule) so we'll see how she does next week. Work ate four hours of my PTO and since my relief was late, I didn't have time to mention it to the people who might explain what the hell happened. Maybe I'll leave a note tonight...

Now we try to sleep!


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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