Jan. 8th, 2017

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I feel like a jerk and a hypocrite. Also, I just feel kinda bad in general but that's probably not related as I think that's simply hunger combined with feeling like my sinuses are going to murder me for funsies.

So why the super fun feelings? Because I woke to the phone ringing a million times and when I finally hobbled over to the base (blast the secondary one's death which means they have to charge in my room!) and realized it was my brother, I sent it down to Mom who called him back to find out what the fuzzy.
Turns out that Widget has smuggled a gerbil into the house. And he can't keep it.

In general this would make me feel bad to begin with, but I feel like a real hypocrite considering when the boy and I were younger than Widget, we smuggled hamsters (yes, plural) into the house and we wound up keeping them. I'm sure Widget has heard the story and since he has no pet of his own and gerbils are so very small and this one already has a cage and assorted other things, clearly he should be able to keep it! God, why are we so awful!

But there's a two pet maximum, which I've gotta admit I might be willing to overlook/inquire about if I weren't afraid that the gerbil would escape and either chew something it shouldn't or, and this is the biggie- run into the cat or the dog. I might joke about neither being that great a huntress, but both have proved that they're willing to murder in the name of science. It's been more than 20 years and I still feel bad about my cat giving my brother's hamster a heart attack simply by being in the room the hamster managed to escape into. I'd feel just as bad if Ozzie hurt Widget's gerbil. To say nothing of the nuclear explosion that would happen if he thought Angel had anything to do with it.

So I have to play bad cop, again, and make sure he finds a new home for his furry friend. On the plus side, he's only had the critter for less than 24 hours. On the other hand, that means he's only had all the fun and hope of a new pet and none of the downside.


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