Jan. 10th, 2017

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I suppose how I feel about Tuesdays is how most people feel about Mondays. Sigh. Work looms overhead and I think of how I squandered my days off. Squandered! Only I actually rather enjoyed a good chunk of yesterday (not the start really, but we'll go into that one day, maybe) so it's not really squandered, just gone. Sigh.

If I'm less than lazy, I'll get around to photographing the AG army in their holiday finery. Sometime this year I'm going to have to acquire more actual holiday dresses because by the end I was seriously fudging with the whole "holiday" thing. On the plus side, I think Felicity looks gorgeous so it's not a total wash, it's just I wouldn't really consider the peach dress a holiday dress. But there we are. Also, future!me, more Halloween costumes that require no thought in October about how to assemble them. I want actual, legit costumes, dammit.

While finishing dressing the army, I listened to a fair amount of youtube best of 2016/new for 2017 vids, so we'll report on the new stuff I tried out recently because why not.
Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream is first up because when I got out of the shower, I saw this on my vanity. I don't know how I feel about this one, honestly. At 4.99, it's pretty damn pricey when you consider the fact that there's a cushion sponge that eats more than half the product. Seriously, the first time you use it, you will maybe, maybe, MAYBE get a quarter of the actual product onto your lips and that's not cute. The first review I saw on this had a comment (and that's not the review I linked to, btw) that said it was meant to be more of a Korean beauty thing where you dab the color on and it's a faded/muted/whatever look instead of actually relying on the sponge/cushion to apply the product. Which makes sense, except the cushion is hard as a freakin' tennis ball and doesn't really work in that way. I tried to work it that way later after my first "um, I am not smart enough for this, clearly" try.
You might be wondering why I'd be conflicted considering nothing I've said thus far is at all complimentary. Well, that's where the actual product comes in. I kinda love it. The colors leave a little to be desired, but if you're going for the sheered out pink (which is all I managed to work my way up to because the full dose of that pink on me would be a bad thing) it's really, stupidly pretty. Also, it feels amazing when it's on and it lasts a decent amount of time when you don't glop it on. Like rub your lips together happily just to feel it over and over again kind of good.
So I cannot recommend buying this at full price but it's something I wouldn't say is awful at the end of the day. Just...strange?

Sally Hansen Color Therapy has been at the store for awhile and when I got around to looking at the reviews and found that link. And I promptly fell in love with the combo of Indiglow and Soothing Sapphire that as soon as we had a sale at work.
The polishes smell kinda weird but not bad. Just weird, so I assume that's the argan oil but who knows? Neither shade stained but I did use a basecoat because I don't trust blues to not stain like a mofo so there's that. Also, used a top coat even though this is supposed to be a one and done line, I think. Mixed results were had.
On my left hand where I painted two nails (the other three still sported my NYE WnW Rising Star polish which is still one of the most commented on colors, even all these years later) and remembered to cap the nail, they probably would have lasted another three/four days and had yet to chip at all. (My top coat of choice kind of shatters polish which I don't mind because I get a week out of it and then it just kinda pops off all at once. No remover required!) My right hand wasn't as pretty because, y'know, not left handed, and I didn't remember to cap the nails. Tip wear within 12 hours, chipping in 24, and basically nothing special aside from the color. I recreated the Indiglow/Soothing Sapphire combo and I've gotta say that while it didn't get as many compliments as Rising Star did, it did garner its fair share and was just stupidly pretty anytime I saw my nails at work. I was going to say in sunlight, but it rained and was overcast for most of last week so... enh.
I wouldn't spend 8.99 on these (work's price), but the 6.99 price tag I've seen elsewhere (and the sale price at work) isn't awful and the colors are prettifuls.

In case you wondered, the winter storm didn't do much to us this weekend other than bring some cold rain and then make puddles ice over in pretty star patterns. So not completely frozen, just enough to crunch satisfyingly when walking the dog. I'd complain about not getting snow but work's having an issue with people showing up as it is and I don't really want to have to call out anytime soon. *knocks on wood*
Also, tonight I have to leave a note about something I noticed last week. Work switched to PTO a few years ago so that they could screw their employees prevent people from getting their vacation in January, taking all their days, and then quit. So we accrue time off very, very slowly. Anyway, because I'd asked for last Tuesday off, been approved only to not actually have that appear on the schedule, I kept an eye on my time off hours. I should have printed it when I checked last Sunday or Monday but didn't because I'm lazy. Anyway, when I checked, I was at 24 hours and some minutes, I dunno how many. When I checked Tuesday night, I was down to 20 hours and five minutes. Ummmm... no? I mentioned it to my immediate supervisor and she'd never heard of anything happening like that but she also admitted that it's not like that means a whole lot for this particular issue and suggested I wait to see if it was possibly tied to the checks or just a system hiccup, and if it was still screwy, I could talk to them Thursday morning since I'd still be here when the people I'd have to talk to about it would be there. Makes sense. Only Thursday morning came and the morning minion level employees didn't bother to show up, either at all or on time. It didn't seem the time to ask anyone about anything and instead seemed smarter to run as soon as they said I could.
And the rest of the week basically progressed in the same way. This week my hours went up to 23, almost 24, but that's just the accrual from last week's work week so... I'm gonna have to leave a note asking if they can do anything or if I need to go ahead and email corporate. I guess this works out better because if something can be done on a store level, tomorrow is the day to do it since it's payroll or at least the day before and thus it'll be fresh in their minds. I have no idea what happened though, or what could have happened. I'd say maybe I imagined it but the week before I was at 21 hours and if you look back you can figure out my average accrual rate... so I don't remember where I was going with this other than I should've been at 24ish last week and I'd like my time and blergh.

I think the lack of noise from the upstairs means my laundry needs me and that means it's nap time. Maybe I'll finish the dream I was so rudely awakened from earlier.


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