Jan. 19th, 2017

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Today has just been odd, guys. First up, work killed my ankle again, but that's not really odd. However, the first hour and a half or so at work was filled with people I hadn't seen in ages. These used to be my usual customers but I hadn't seen them in months/years and then they all came in on one night. So weird!
And then later there was the shoplifting mother/daughter duo who destroyed everything they touched, opened numerous boxes of perfume in the clearance section (and sprayed them all! Oh god, the smell is still stuck in my memory) and stole everything that wasn't nailed down, basically. And they were in the store for hours and made it so I was like three hours behind in all the stuff I needed to do.
Then! Then a guy I've been sorta flirting with (I mean, as much as I flirt when not allowed to deploy my sarcastic powers fully, and yes, I believe sarcasm has a place in flirting) with off and on for awhile, who completely disappeared in the fall so I figured he'd moved on and it was fine (no, seriously, not the find that means you know what you did, the kind of fine that means fine) shows up and, annnnnnnnnnd has a gift for me. Which happened to be a pair of shoes and he guessed the size correctly which is weird but also hey, I'm impressed. But... I haven't talked to you in eons and you bought me shoes apparently before Christmas and... I mean, wha? I dunno, guys are a mystery. I haven't tried them on because like I said, work killed me.

Came home and tried to sleep ASAP because the HOA guy found my brother yesterday and told him that we were next on the list to get our siding or whatever it is fixed. This was vexing because a) my brother doesn't live here so congrats, you sexist douche, you just told some random guy our business, and b) our siding has been in need of repair for longer than anyone else's in our little stretch and it's also the most obvious because the damn trim fell off more than a goddamned year ago.
They never showed up and it's supposed to start raining soon so... yeah. I guess we'll be waiting some more. :/


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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