Jan. 29th, 2017


Jan. 29th, 2017 07:06 pm
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Had a whole 'nother post about an article I read in today's paper and decided nope, not going to fall down that well of nyargh right now. So instead I will do a mini-round up of things going on in the AG world.

1) There's a sale going on, and if you wanted the holiday magenta dress it's on sale. Not sure if it's sold out because I'm too lazy to look, but as far as I can tell, all the BeForever books are also on sale because they're revamping them... again.

2) Gabby's second book cover leaked:
book images ahoy! )

In the world of shiny things that aren't AG, work completed the Cos wall reset this week so certain questions have been answered. The Wet n Wild Catsuits are basic items and are now on the wall. Alas, we are not getting the gel lip things :( and I hear the liners are awesome. The cushion highlighter/contour/lip things are allegedly Wags exclusive. Maybelline added more colors to their Liquid Matte lipstick range which is nice since I was a fan of the formula but not so much the color selection. The Jordana lip creams are now basic at my store (huzzah!) and they finally moved the Sinful Colors display to the other side of the cos register so that you can see both the SC display and the Jordana stuff without having to lie down on the floor.

Did I mention I caved and bought the new blue L'Oreal Voluminous mascara? If not, I did. It was buy one get one halfsies and I had a coupon off two L'Oreal products and then the coupon book at work had coupons for foundation and eye products so I also snagged the new foundation because it actually seemed to be a color match and do you know how often that happens for me? Let me tell you, never. NEVER. Now to hope it's not cakey or awful. I've heard mixed reviews, honestly and they all contradict one another so I decided that this is probably one of those that you have to try for yourself. I will say that as a body makeup to cover scars and possibly tattoos, I would not hold my breath. I tried it on one of the scars on my arm and it made it less noticeable but I wouldn't call it total coverage by any stretch of the imagination. But I still have high hopes for it on mah face. :p

Other than that, I've been trying to be good and not buy anything extra. Bills, man. Bills. Also, just trying to be better about stuff in general. I did cave and buy a Golden Girls magazine which has been pretty interesting so far. After dinner, I might take it upstairs and read the rest while I prop my up my ankle.

Work last night was annoying. Again it was just me and I very much like the new girl but she's still figuring out what kind of lists she can leave and how to tweak them for general use. Last night was tag-a-palooza which is when all the monthly/weekly tags switch over. It is a very labor intensive night because our store ain't tiny and a crapton of stuff goes on sale. Instead of scaling back on the 'usual' things that work for the rest of the week, she just kind of added the tags on top of the list. And work was busy. By 2am I hadn't finished anything on my list and I get a little panicky when that happens even though my sane side knows that a) you will get the important stuff done and b) to chill out, it's not that big a deal. Panicky me, however, is busy freaking out every time the damn door opens. I didn't finish everything (I definitely didn't finish the tags) but eventually I just stopped caring whether I did. If they can't be bothered to hire someone else or schedule two of us for the busiest night of the month then they can deal with the fallout. Again. That's right, I said again. Because this is the second (or third, or fourth, I've lost count) month in a row they've done this. This Wednesday, I just threw out the monthly tags cos couldn't be bothered to put up for January. I don't get why they didn't throw them out, honestly. If you're not going to do them, get rid of the evidence.


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