Feb. 1st, 2017

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*victory dance* You know when you go to work and it doesn't suck and you just kind of float through the whole shift and it's not like it's the best day ever or anything, but you're just in a good mood for no real reason? Anyone? Normally I am in a piss poor mood come the last day of the month because I almost always wind up being assigned cigarette count. I hate it and I was super not looking forward to January's because someone on day shift keeps overstuffing the cigs so that packs fall behind and I just knew I was going to wind up slicing my arms trying to chase those stupid random packs. Annnnnnnd I did, but because other people had been chasing them since I put up a note that asked them to stop with the madness and because I'd also been chasing them before, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. Also? At the end there's a couple of print outs that let you know which items the system thinks we have that I didn't scan and another shows the counts that differ wildly from the system's counts and mine. Annnnnnnnnnnd only one of them was off (meaning that I was wrong and not the system) and that was one I noticed as soon as I'd hit the button that said I was done. Who puts cigs down by the cash drawer anyway? Dunno, but I got to fix that one and I was right on all the others.

Sometimes the little things help tremendously.

After work I stopped at Target to see if they had anything interesting on clearance. Alas, I missed all the fun toy clearance (or ours hasn't done it yet? But I doubt that since the rest of the store looked like they'd been tweaking things) and none of the bedding stuff really spoke to me on the first run through. BUT I did wind up finding some random pillowcases which is what I'd hoped for (these are kids pillowcases that say things but I don't care and also I say aloha so I figure that's a sign) and we found some silverware that I don't think we'll mind as much when Widget sends them to the great black hole that seems to be where all the forks have wound up in the last six months or more.

Seriously, no idea where all our forks and spoons and even some of the knives have gone. We went from having way too many to a decent amount to "dammit, who stole the last fork again?!" I don't know if Widget throws them out or if they've found the wormhole to the lost sock dimension, but I figured it was time to get some new blood. I seriously debated buying him two ugly ass gold forks and telling him those were his and the only ones he could use except for holidays. :P

Cat litter, pet food, and some lasagna for breakfast round out the bill...
Went back to the toys and found the budget cheer Cleo and Lagoona. Cleo looked really pretty but Lagoona looked wonktastic, like her eyes were taking up a good half her face. o_O I debated mightily on Themyscira Wondy but Mums said to wait for a sale or at least until after payday. And since she wasn't the only one I agreed. Had I not found MH minis, I probably would have bought her though.

And then I peeked at the MH minis to see if the codes seemed to be wave 3 or not. And they were! I thought! But Target is a sucking void when it comes to getting my phone to look up the codes and I wasn't sure, so I only bought four. In case I stop at Walmart in the morning, or wind up at Target again sometime soon I'm including the codes here again:
codes, self. Codes. )

In case you pondered, going blindly, I wound up with Ghost Jin, Powerghouls Moanica, Deuce (!), and Candy Lala. Moanica is fantastic. And now I have a serious case of the wants. Bad self. Bad. But if I'd bought all the non-duplicate numbers, it would have turned out that I'd remembered wrong and then I'd have doubles and triples and worse of everyone. Isn't that just the way.

Book wise, I'm almost finished with all the Mysteries Through History books that I snagged during their freebie run on Amazon last year. Most of them have been really good. Some are better than others but all are ones I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Now I'm going to have to hunt down the ones not available as ebooks.

Sadness that Netflix got rid of Murder, She Wrote. Granted I was at the end of the series (maybe halfway through the last season?) but still. It's one thing when I choose to leave a series hanging for whatever reason and another completely when the choice is taken from me.


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