Feb. 10th, 2017

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In my ongoing determination to forget that yesterday was the day my dad had his stroke that ultimately killed him (well, I mean it didn't help that the hospital didn't seem to notice or care that he wasn't eating anything even after Mums brought it up but I digress), we shall turn our focus to new BeForever goodies. Because I like shiny things and I like some of the shiny things we'll be seeing next week.

Julie is clearly the Samantha of today. )
In any case, overall I don't think there's anything I hate and a couple of things I ♥ annnnnnnnd nothing I would say no to if being gifted with it, y'know? So at this point I'm going to consider this leg of the release a success.

AG article with the newish President of AG.
impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)
Talk amongst yourselves and figure out which of you will be watching Riverdale with me and discussing it because HOLYCRAPMUFFINS.

Spoilers. Duh. )

Dog whining, fan-girling cut short.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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