Feb. 17th, 2017

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Huh. Yesterday was new release day at AG and I'd originally planned to cover the new-new stuff (at least the stuff I hadn't already covered here before, anyway, and later edit in ALL the new stuff) but my feet were screaming and basically I spent yesterday feeling not unlike someone hit me with a fast moving vehicle.
The day before I'd used the Contact Us thing on AG's website when it became very, very clear that they had no intention of apologizing for their alternative truth telling per Sunday/Monday's part of Pantygate. Briefly explained what happened, why I was less than pleased and how I didn't feel right spending any of my sweet, sweet refund money with them until they stepped up to do the right thing, dammit. I was pretty nice about it and didn't call for anyone's head to be chopped off (though, realistically, calling your customers a bunch of liars repeatedly is usually a great way to get your ass fired) and didn't go on and on about why sewn on underwear is stupid at their price point considering pretty much all of the cheaper alternatives can afford to not do it... Anyway, I didn't hear from them until I got to work last night and they wanted my contact info so that someone could call me this morning. We'll see how that goes. I hate talking on the phone so, so much but at the same time I hate companies thinking they can shit on their customers and then distract them with shiny new baubles and it'll all be fine.

Dunno. Not sure how it'll go, not sure how I want it to go, not even sure it's not going to be the phone call equivalent of "Sorry if you were offended." or if they'll call before I go to sleep.

Sigh. Nerves, man. Nerves.

eta: No call. And it's gonna be a long damn weekend if I have to watch someone call it Toyfaire all damn weekend.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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