Feb. 20th, 2017

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Ugh. Pollen already?! Yes, my friends, climate change is real and it sucks and I'm going to kick the next person to rejoice at early spring. I'm going to kick them so hard their bones shatter.
So a quick trip down ugh, I feel awful alley: My face feels like someone punched my sinuses, my ankle is still shrieking at me (I really hope next week clears it up), my legs are not happy and my Valentine's gift of a period preview means my back is also not happy. Woe is me.

Anyway, I read the two AG mysteries I ordered (Melody's got me an extra month of Prime free since it showed up a day late for some odd reason) and I have thoughts.

Melody in the mystery of The Lady's Slipper and spoilers abound! )

Maryellen in the mystery of The Runaway. Spoilers. )

Overall I am underwhelmed by them, but there's still a small hope that Julie's will be interesting, whenever I get around to getting/reading it.

Oh, and I did read Tenney's first book and really only had one problem with it. Spoiler. Duh. )

To be fair, I'm not really sure how any newer AG book would fare considering I just finished my last of the history mysteries I snagged back in November. Most of those are stupidly well written and give the warm fuzzies even though I'd never read any of them before. Also, warm fuzzies is a bit weird to say given the content of some of them but there you go.

Worth a read, any of them, but I don't think I'd pay full price for any of them. Luckily, I did not. :p

Now. Toy Fair. Who's got pictures and info?


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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