Mar. 5th, 2017

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It's been a bit since we played Good News, Bad News so it's time to trot that out again.
Good News! Only had to work one day this week (and it was a choice, as I'd rather go back one day and then be off for my normal weekend)!
Bad News! My knees/feet feel like I worked all freakin' week after just one night! This does not bode well at all!
To be fair, I went back on the one night where I pretty much log in miles at work as I travel from one end of the store and back again. Combine that with me taking it super easy all week and my body was probably just in shock. Because now that I've had some sleep and gotten up and moved around, I'm not as creaky as I would normally be this time on a Sunday. So there is that.

Good News! Next weekend is time change night! You know, the one everyone else hates because they lose an hour of sleep but I just 'lose' an hour of work and get to go home early?
Good News! G at work got her vacation she wanted!
Good News! I get a weekend off because of this!
Bad News! I get next weekend off because of this! So the time change I enjoy working? I won't be working! So I will be off just like everyone else when it comes time to figure out what time it is! Boo.
Bad News! This means that while I only work three days this week before getting my weekend, I will wind up working a billion days in a row the following week! And the reason they did this was very deliberate: not to screw me over, that's just a bonus, but to make K work the weekend. I only know it's deliberate because I was told that should K ask to switch, I am to say no because the guy making the schedule wanted her to work those two days and, well... eh.
I'm going to look on the semi bright side here. More ways to ease back into work from my vacation. A weekend off. G got her days so I don't have to hear about that for the next forever. Remind me of this when I work seven days in a row the following week (right through St. Patrick's Day) ok?

Good News! My AG order showed up yesterday!
Bad News! I still haven't taken my holiday photos of the army. :P Also, I've gotta say that if I were still very big into keeping all the boxes, I'd be pissed because Felicity's box (one I should probably keep because hats need support) is dented all to hell. Like this isn't even a super old release, guys, what the hell?
If you wondered, I ordered:
Felicity's Accessories. You know, the mob cap, the straw hat, fichu, and her coral necklace? Quick first impression kind of review before I try anything out or even open the plastic bag the necklace is in: Four pieces is too few. It needs a fifth piece because it feels incomplete, honestly. You move the straw hat and feel kind of let down like "This is it?" Even with the pieces looking pretty nice (that blue ribbon is gorgeous!) it's two hats and two white pieces, and yes there is crossover in that. It's not helped by the frosted sheen on the 'coral' necklace. I'm not one to normally bitch over the plastic-ness because I understand that's how it goes and most of the time I'm fine with it. I'm not even bothered that the necklace is plastic, but it looks... weird. Like the frosted/pearly sheen is just weird. I'm reminded of those beads you pop together as a kid to make bracelets and necklaces and AG? That is not a comparison you want people to make with your stuff ever. I thought I'd mention it because it was one of those things people wondered if it was real or, like Felicity's eyes, was it a prototype thing that didn't carryover into the real product.

Kit's Play Dress: This is one that doesn't seem special in the box, weirdly enough. However, I was also very sleepy by the time I opened it up and I'm pretty sure I will love it actually on a doll. The hat seems pretty cute, too. So I'm cautiously optimistic for this one though the shoes are snore city.

Rebecca's Play Dress: My order has a lot of hats. Heck, this release had a fair amount, actually. I'm not really complaining though. I don't remember much about seeing the dress because I was pleasantly surprised by how much I did not hate the boots. They still aren't super cute or anything, but they aren't as fug as I feared they'd be. Oh, the purple apron is not removable. Sadness.

Holiday Penguin Pajamas: For $9 how could I say no? The shirt is super soft, the pants are pretty cute, and I don't really care one way or the other about the shoes. Super soft shirt. Happy. Purr. Purr.

Kitten Sweater: It was still available and I couldn't say no. Literally could not. My shoulder devil poked me and said it was a sign, a sign from above and the shoulder angel just shrugged and agreed. When the shoulder critters are in agreement who am I to argue?

If I'd woken up earlier, I think we'd have actual reviews or at least holiday pictures taken. As it is, daylight is rapidly running away and my room is down to two lightbulbs in working order... because when one goes out, they all go out.


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