Mar. 8th, 2017

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Mar. 8th, 2017 07:35 am
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AG's got a buy one, get one halfsies sale on select outfits for the 18 inch dolls. If you're into Melody or Maryellen, now's not a bad time to fill in some gaps. I'm waiting to see if my rewards thing is sent soon. They took out the points sometime overnight/this morning so maybe. I figure that paired with free shipping and the sale... or maybe use it towards Logan who apparently isn't quite as backordered as the site says.

Mattel Shop has the new super purdy Abbey as part of a bundle and I ordered it yesterday. I hope it goes through because I actually want all three. I threw Lizzie's hedgehog into the cart to hit free shipping and ran for checkout since I've had things sell out on me before. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

Book wise, I went through most of the Cackleberry Club mysteries last week. They were fluffy enough to keep my mind of the period from hell, but I will admit that Laura Childs can't write a romance to save her life. I started with the newest book first for whatever reason (I think Mom finished it and said I had to give it a try because Halloween) and when I was done I asked if I was supposed to buy the romance between Suzanne and Sam and she shrugged. I haven't read the first two books in the series, but I read the others and I think the answer to my question is yes, we're supposed to think they're so in love but really? Meh.

It's funny because she also writes the Charleston Tea Shop mysteries that I tear to shreds (so many local things wrong!) and the romances in those books are just as flat... only they don't start off that way. Theo's (the star of the tea books) various flirtations start off well but the moment she's in an actual relationship, all the spark goes poof with the exception of the first boyfriend who actually started off well until, well, I think our author grew tired of him. But more than one of her subsequent loves has flirted quite well but the book they're officially a couple we hit meh city. It was really jarring with whoever the wine/restaurant boyfriend was. They sparked really well and then the next book it was weirdly flat. *shrug*

I'm now reading The Turn which is the first (I assume?) in a prequel set before the events of the The Hollows series. It's interesting because the Rachel books deal with life well after vampires, weres, pixies, fairies and other creatures have come out of the closet due to a plague started by tomatoes. I found that little bit hilarious because I loathe tomatoes. Alas, The Turn is taking the amusement away because it's the story of what exactly happened to start the plague. Annnnnnnnnd either my memory is rusty or there's a bit of retconning going on regarding how dangerous the tomatoes in question were. In either case, it's not as funny when you remember how often characters would mock humans for being wary of tomatoes in any form in the regular series considering the damn virus pretty much killed any human who ate anything vaguely tomato-y and it was not a pleasant death. I mean, eat some pizza and within 24 hours die horribly? Yeah, I can see why even after everything has evened out, you might not want to risk your life just for some ketchup.

Also, Kal is an ass and since Kal is Trent, I think we've hit retcon city on things (as this book takes place in the 60's and the internet tells me that we have Trent's birth year being '79) though that might just be a bit of timewarp stuff. We'll see, we'll see. Either way, I'm enjoying it but I'm dragging my feet because I don't want it to end. :p


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