Mar. 16th, 2017

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Okay. Opinions are requested on the following shopping dilemma. AG's got free shipping going on and my Rewards showed up yesterday which gives me $10 off. I'm kinda doubting that we'll wind up at the AG store before my rewards expire (they do at the end of April, I think) so I figure I might as well take advantage of the free shipping. Anyway, I have three possibilities.

A) Buy Logan. No one seems to know how long he'll be around for and I don't trust the custom dolls to not be a billion bucks. On the other hand, I'd maybe like to pick him out in person. But he's also apparently available at Kohls if I wanted to go that route and forfeit the points.

B) Take advantage of the B1G1 halfsies sale on clothes and snag Melody's PJs, holiday dress, the blue ballet costume and... maybe Melody's coat, maybe something else (I'm open to suggestions).

C) Gabbers. The only reason this isn't a duh, obviously Gabby moment is because I really want to pick her out in person.

It's possible I might combo two of these but not likely I'll go with all three because I'm not rolling in dough and alas, I did not wind up with a 20% off coupon. Woe.

Want to work for AG in a non-retail capacity? Researchers needed.

Oh, and I finally remembered my other makeup kind of thing from the other day: If you're like me and are tricked into buying and wearing Sinful Color's San Francisco, keep two things in mind. One? The bottle looks mysterious and lovely but in order to get that color I think you either need to apply it over black or apply four coats. Three is pretty but it's still not the color promised in the bottle. Two? It stains like a mofo. I have a basecoat on and my nails are still yellow. :/ Not cool guys. Not cool.

My Party Ghouls showed up yesterday and OHMYGLOB Abbey is fantastic. I don't get why reboot!Rochelle's eyes are always looking up but she's pretty. Venus has very pale blue eyes which make her look washed out a bit, but again, pretty enough. And then I've got my Abbey who looks like she's going to kick ass and not bother with the name taking (probably because that's more of Rochelle's gig anyway). Eeee! So pretty. If I weren't dead, I'd be taking pictures in box. But I am so that'll have to wait. Ozma immediately claimed Shuffle, like "yes, human, this offering pleases me. Thank you for my new minion. I shall love him forever. Or until I chase him under the furniture."


Mar. 16th, 2017 07:12 pm
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Thanks to the ever awesome z, I have a code and it's burning a hole in my wallet. I hear the stacking of the code, shipping, and rewards was glitchy yesterday but I've asked the board if anyone's given it a try today to see if that's been fixed. Even if it hasn't/won't be, the deal is awesome enough to use anyway. Thank you, z! ♥

I called out of work tonight because my knee went from just feeling funny to actually looking puffy and feeling funny. So I'm going to prop it up for awhile and see if that helps. Mums says I have to actually ice it too, and I'm not looking forward to that since winter is currently raging around the house. Not in a snow kind of way, naturally, but in a fuck that's cold outside way. You know it's cold when I'm wearing long sleeves. Even the customers at work noticed. :p

Anyway, I feel bad calling out even though this is a legit thing. I weighed the pros and cons of calling out once I tried to get out of bed and it took three tries. I figure if most of my cons were variations of the same thing (work is shorthanded) and my pro was "be able to freakin' walk the rest of the week"... I should probably go with that. It didn't help that this was my super long week and I swear to god, every day my relief has been late. And not just a minute or two, but not there by the time I left and someone else had to come take over.

Long story short, guilt is not fun and I'm going to go work on reading my book with my leg propped up until the Kindle charges and then I can make virtual shopping carts to see the best way to spend my money. Suggestions are always welcomed, be they for shopping or telling the guilt to stfu.


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