Mar. 17th, 2017


Mar. 17th, 2017 09:59 am
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Why is it that when you haven't got the money, you can think of a million ways to spend it (and at least half of those ideas are good/decent) but the moment you're ready to actually pony up the funds every idea is just stupid and requires a crapton of evaluation?

I was all set to buy Logan and then I made the mistake of looking to see if anyone (anyone at all) has customized him and so far I've come up with nada but I did see someone with a variety of different wigs plopped on his bald little head. Not even one of them made me think "hey, that could almost work..." and these weren't all fantasy colors either. :/

So instead I went in a completely different direction that I may wind up regretting but we won't know until the order arrives. But saving damn near a third of the cost was pretty damn sweet. I tentatively tried my Rewards cert but the site is still glitchy and I'm not letting them have a fourth of that thing because they're too stupid to hire someone competent to run their website/computer system. I'll either hold out for a trip to the store or make a smaller order sometime soon to use my free shipping off $50 code.

To not keep you in serious suspense, I will say that outfit-wise I bought the Merry Magenta outfit from the clearance section, Melody's holiday dress and coat, Melody's pajamas, and the Ombre ballet outfit. Looking at my order confirmation page was very satisfying because of the pretty colors.

Which sounds funny to say but guys, this is day three of the HOA's flunkies doing work on the outside of the townhouses and I'm pretty sure they've concentrated their work on the place next door which means my room and the living room are right on the other side of a lot of noise. My brain is super scrambled. So I'm going to take my pretty where I can find it.


impy: tori from jackie's strength video (Default)

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