Mar. 25th, 2017

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Okay, let's try this again with the actual factual name. :p Yesterday, Ivy's movie Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance came out on Amazon. It's pretty heavily based on Good Luck, Ivy! with some tweaks here and there but it is definitely an Ivy movie. Julie's there but more of a special guest star kind of thing.
Of the three Amazon offerings, Ivy & Julie is definitely the movie with the least changes made to the characters/source material. Both of Ivy's siblings are there, neither parent mysteriously disappears, and her grandparents (both) have a sizeable role in her life, much like the books. Ahem, Melody. Honestly, with both Ivy and Maryellen getting to keep their stories basically as-is, it makes the change for Melody that much more baffling.
Oh, btw, if you were interested in getting to meet Julie's family: don't bother. Tracy (her sister) and her father are both mentioned and seen at the very end, but they don't have any lines, and we get a glimpse of the back of Julie's mom's head at the very, very end of the movie when everyone sits down for dinner. The vaguely Parent Trap -esque vibes from the trailer are a bit of editing magic. Julie's not trying to get her parents back together, she's just trying to get her sister and father to stop fighting. Or her sister to stop being mad at their dad, anyway.

So if my favorite thing about the Melody and Maryellen movies was the mother/daughter moments, my favorite thing about Ivy & Julie is the best friendship. There are no stupid arguments between the two that must be solved before the end of the movie. Instead, you get what it's like when you have a friend whose family is pretty much your own and what it's like to see them again after a life change (in Julie's case, the divorce) and the way you slip in and out of one another's lives and how important friendship is. When Ivy's family doesn't get her, Julie does. They don't fight over who has the bigger problem (Ivy's meet/family dinner snafu or Julie's family drama) but simply help one another without it being a Big Deal.
Of the three movies, this is the one I would maim someone for it to be an on-going series.

I also enjoyed Ivy's mother's role. She didn't exist solely to be there for Ivy, you got to see interactions between Ivy's parents when Ivy wasn't in the hallway listening in. Instead of just being spread too thin due to law school, she talked to Ivy about why it was important to do something simply because you felt you had to... and it was just nifty. Also, there's the added bonus of the family not wanting to lose their Chinese roots unlike a lot of their neighbors.

But because we can't have anything nice in the AG fandom without people vexing me, half the damn comments in the movie thread are people complaining that they don't have Amazon Prime and cannot watch it and why won't they release it on DVD and why is it only 43 minutes long and NYARGH.
A) That movie runtime is about average for your Disney Channel/Nick movie. It's an hour runtime once you throw in commercials. It's also about average for animated things (ahoy, MH/EAH) that do get DVD releases so it's possible.
B) Do you guys not know how exclusives work? I mean, damn. Anyway, you know what you can do? Free Trial. You get 30 days, regardless of whether you do the Prime trial or the Amazon Video trial. Hell, if you're super into Amazon's video stuff, just go with their video service and it's 8.99. You guys buy AG shit. $9 a month is a freakin' steal.

My AG box arrived yesterday and I opened it this morning after work. Soooooooo... I bought the five outfits (Melody's coat, PJs, holiday dress, the blue Ombre ballet outfit and the Merry Magenta outfit on clearance) and a doll. Because 20% off and free shipping.
I did not choose Logan because it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I saw a single custom, let alone one with a gender flip (I liked it). I decided that maybe I'll pick him out in person or wait until I hoard some wigs or something. The timing felt off, basically.
Cass was pretty adamant that we pick our Gabby's together. I debated Melody for a bit and for whatever reason decided to wait on her. Then I thought of the TM line and pondered. Did I want a Jess mold? I considered not!Ivy (both with bangs and without) and decided that if I wound up with Z (as in SuZie), she might fill that need. Did I go for 62? (Sonali mold, medium skin, amber eyes) She's stunning and so many pictures of her lately! And then somehow not!Josefina jumped into my cart and said let's go. I waffled back and forth between 62/66 for awhile but ultimately decided that I would very quickly hit Sonali mold overload with Gabby and possibly Melody.
And then I worried, after hitting Order, whether I'd get a perma-undied doll. With a tail.
But no! She's lovely. Like stupidly pretty. The kind where you just sit there and think "ooooooooooo" like a little kid. I do wish her hair was a smidge longer but I also haven't done anything with it beyond take it out of the hairnet and admire.
I will say her Starfleet uniform is really crappy. I never truly wanted a whole bunch beyond a "ha, Starfleet!" laugh idea but ugh. The netting on the neck got snagged with the hairnet and it's just a scratchy, weird feeling. The outfit is also very, very blah in person. There is a reason they take great pains to show it with the totally 80's tastic accessories all the time. It's just super plain and weird alone. :/

Also a little disappointing, the Merry Magenta outfit. Mostly the purse and shoes. The shoes are kinda hideous in person and the chain for the purse is clunky. Honestly, the purse is something you'd cobble together as a kid from bits and pieces you found around the house.
Other quick impressions: Somehow I didn't realize the Ombre Ballet leo was attached to the tutu but the colors are so pretty that I keep getting distracted. It does shed glitter though, so beware.
Melody's coat is niiiiiiiice. Melody's dress is also pretty nice. I'm glad I was warned the scratchy material of the dress, but it's lined and it's one of those pieces that feels historical somehow. I enjoy. The headband/ribbon however... we're gonna have words later. The PJs are super cute and working pockets. :D


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