Apr. 8th, 2017

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While we wait for the meds to kick in, let's discuss how I spent my last weekend. I believe I mentioned needing to clean the downstairs bathroom, yes? Well, I bought the supplies for it, minus the Windex (because I thought we had some but guess who had to make due with the store brand) and then ignored it for awhile.
Day 2 I broke out the steam cleaner and stripped the bathroom of everything and promptly five seconds into the actual cleaning wanted to give up. :P I persisted for awhile and then realized I was never going to get it as clean as I wanted it so I did what I could, marveled at what I did manage to pull off, and returned things the best I could. Eh. If Mom and Widget see it as a starting off point, it'll work. If not, well... I tried. I just get very bored, very quickly, when cleaning most things.

Naturally my other chore for the day was also cleaning. Sort of. I bought a box to stash away some of my MH/EAH/Descendants dolls that I'm not as in love with so I could have some more space to show off the rest. Also so I could see my Sailormoon print that's behind the doll shelving unit. Yeah, I did not fully think this one through on many a level.
For one thing, the box has to go somewhere when it's full, right? So even if I manage to clean off one shelf, it's just going to house the dolls... in the box. Also, most of the dolls out on that unit turned out to be ones I love too much to put away for even a little bit. Eventually I filled the box and had enough space left over to see most of the print... but if I want to continue to see it, I can't add anyone else to the unit. D'oh! There is a workaround for it (de-box everything on the bottom/top shelves and move the box to the bottom shelf) but by the time I'd run into Frasier reruns I just wanted to be done. I was also dusting everyone off as I went which is partly why it took so long. SO many pretty loves, though! Mostly I think I spent my time marveling at the pretties. :P
Not sure what I'm going to do on my days off this weekend.

I'm debating putting together a care package for my cousin who has been kicked around by his health a lot lately, but I don't really know him well enough to know what to put in it. My brother was absolutely no help beyond mentioning cousin's favorite sports team. Literally nothing else. Not even a "hey, that's a dumb/nice idea." I will say that cousin #hashtag continues to be annoying. The sick cousin is his oldest half-brother and he asked if nice cousin had given any thought to moving back to California. I'm going to assume that this was meant in the nicest way, since the awesome sister lives there and I think their stepfather also lives there (I think he's still alive)... but sick cousin says dude, he could never afford California's cost of living, especially not while sick.
If anyone else had asked (well, not the less awesome sister or their mother), I wouldn't have thought twice about the question... but since this is the same twit who completely ignored the awesome trio at their father's funeral, I'm less inclined to believe anything good of him.
Anyway, I still think the care package is a good idea (I know that mine from the ever awesome [personal profile] zallia helped so friggin' much) but what to put in it?

Unrelated but AG is running a sale on BeForever stuff and selected things are 25% off.
Still unrelated, but I learned that the new girl at work is a Bath & Body Works fiend.


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