Apr. 15th, 2017

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Let's talk about something fluffy, shall we? Not literally fluffy, although Ozzie does like to be remembered.
Within the past two days, I've managed to get all three of my subscription boxes which is a bit unusual. Usually Sephora is much later (like a week from now) and Ipsy took for-freakin'-ever last month but this month they all appeared on the same weekend. Since this is likely the last month I'll be getting three, I figured I might as well wax poetic about them.

Birchbox arrived first and I'm going to give it the win for packaging I like the best, although it's not mind blowing. Just a brown box that says Magic Inside with the inside having floral and... I dunno what designs. BB boxes are the perfect size for my vanity drawer so that helps. Alas, this month's box is the final nail in the coffin of my BB subscription. I'm giving them til Monday, I think, for me to see if there are any spoilers about next month's box to see if there's something I really want and then I'm likely pulling the plug.
Which I've said before, though not quite as forcefully. Nope, this month's box was just... why? I subscribed for makeup samples and you know what you don't tend to get a lot of in your Birchbox? Makeup. This month I wound up with:
a facial scrub that I'm pretty sure I've already gotten before.
A shampoo and conditioner that might be okay but the last time I tried this brand I nearly died from the stench (it started out okay but by the time you'd rinsed everything out you were gagging) so I'm not really enthused.
The perfume sample is one I actually think I like but it was also half empty. The. hell?
There's one makeup item and it's a liquid lipstick called Imma Bawse and I couldn't tell you the color because I haven't tried it yet.
The final item? A hair serum that actually smells good but I'm not sure how well it'll work.

Hair stuff samples don't thrill me. I'm picky about scents on my hair since it is so long and if the scent lingers, it'll be everywhere. So, yeah. Unless May has a really spiffy something coming, BB is going buh-bye finally.

Next we opened the Sephora Play! bag. It's got a cute redhead on the front and it says The Best Things in Life Are Me. Inside we have:
a perfume sample Mums claimed (Miu Miu's L'Eau Bleue)
a small eyeliner pencil in black (hey, I'm open to trying new things)
Sephora's waterproof eyemakeup remover. It's a really pretty blue.
Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer. I've wanted to try that so hey, score.
Philosophy's Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 face cleanser. Smells horrible. D:
And a Peter Thomas Roth face moisturizer that sounds nifty but the little booklet included with the bag keeps hyping the moisturizing aspect. Guys, my face is an oil slick, there's only so much moisture it needs...

Skin care samples are iffy because my skin and I have an agreement: I don't use anything super weird/fancy on it and it won't break out. :P Seriously, the couple of months I tried dabbling with moisturizers because ohmygosh, shouldn't you? Breakouts from hell. I stopped and resumed my Clean & Clear face wash? Back to only period breakouts and even they're not too bad. So this one wasn't a bad bag, it just was in the middle. However, it has things I'm looking forward to trying so that's why it's higher than BB. (The bag would beat BB except I think the Sephora bags, even when cute/pretty, aren't as useful as the boxes.)

Ipsy bag is in the shape of a movie ticket. Cute but not something I'm going to likely use, though the moment someone says they want, they can have. Inside we have...
A face toner that smells amazing.
A tiny sample of a shimmer shadow/highlight. What, makeup? Gasp!
Tonymoly lipcare stick in Mint... something. It smells amazing and it looks nifty so I am happy.
Two mini polishes.
And a Lisa Frank makeup brush.

Ladies and gents, we have ourselves a winner. You had me at the nail polish, Ipsy, and that was the first thing I pulled out of the bag. :P


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