Apr. 18th, 2017

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Apr. 18th, 2017 01:48 pm
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Well, that was an unexpected little burst of... is a recap really considered creativity? We'll pretend it is. Anyway, today is a gorgeous day. If I were the kind to play hooky, I'd be seriously tempted and you know it's gotta be nice out if I'm being swayed by sunshine. When I took the dog out for her walk, we ran into the lady across the road who showed me a duck nesting in her neighbor's courtyard. :D I also got to see her cat who is apparently 20 years old. Kitty is stunning. Apparently she's outlived two other cats that were much younger.

I spent yesterday going through my MH dolls in the closet to see if I could find any to gift to Widget's cousin. I was worried I wouldn't find any (and yes, I stressed about this) but I found a few. Now to find a box and send 'em. I'm still waffling on a couple but I've got time. I'm still not sure how I managed to have less room after going through and taking some away. How is that even possible?!
Oh, and I'm reminded of a little girl who came into work a couple of weeks ago, clutching an original Rochelle. So cute! ♥

Watched Suicide Squad on Sunday. I didn't hate it though I wish they'd spent as much time on the movie as they did on the musical selections. :p Also, not a fan of Leto's Joker. Not gonna fight anyone on this and if they enjoyed him, more power to 'em. He just seemed to try way too hard, which is funny considering the rest of the movie wasn't necessarily trying hard enough. *shrug* It was one of those that looped from bad to so bad it's good, especially since I did enjoy Harley. I'd imagine that if you're a big fan of the source material, however, your opinions are likely quite different. Sorta like a lot of people love the first X-Men movies but I'm less rah-rah about it.

Time to try and wind down so I can get some sleep before work.


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