Apr. 22nd, 2017

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My attempts to pill the cat this go round have not been successful. I got lucky last month when she just took the pill without really thinking about it (I threw it in with her dry food, camouflaged as a treat) but this time she's too crafty for me. I'm either going to have to get her one of those fancy wet foods she loves and crush this thing up or enlist my brother and his Teflon skin to help.

In other news, I think I'm going to cut my hair soon. It's either cut it or dye it purple one more time before swim season officially kicks off, but I'm leaning towards cutting because I'm kinda tired of it being so long. Plus, when you see the meth heads with the same hair color, it kinda loses some of the magic. So farewell, pinky-peach/rose gold. I will hopefully revisit you sometime soon.
I'm debating making Widget pay for a full can of the dry shampoo I think he sprayed all over the goddamn bathroom and upstairs hall. I think it was two cans, which really pisses me off. The only reason I'm not 100% sure about this is because a) they were sample sizes and b) I'm not sure I'd like either of them enough to buy the full size. It's why I was so thrilled to get the samples, dammit. Of course, I could just have him pay for the one I know I like. But then I remember how younger!me would delight in spraying Dad's deodorant all over his dresser (it was satisfying like spray paint) and I feel my leg to stand on just got wobbly. So maybe I'll ask him what he thinks his punishment should be.

In AG news, Z comes out next Thursday. Her listings have popped up on Indigo's website but I haven't gone poking around because I've been kinda meh about most things lately.
Yes, the funk hasn't really gone away. On the plus side, this week my aches and pains (I'm so old and creaky) haven't been as bad. So maybe just being a sloth is working out for now.

PLL has begun its final season (well, the second half of the last season. 7B or whatever.) and that first episode was... I... uh...I don't know how to feel about that. I did like Mona quoting The Trouble With Angels but I dunno if that was intentional or not.
The Fosters is on hiatus until the day after my birthday and holyshit, the Callie cliffhanger. Actually, no. The whole Callie storyline in the finale is just super cringe worthy. I know the show-runners are thinking this is some fantastic storyline but Spoilers and things that make your skin crawl )

To balance that, I'm over on Netflix watching When Calls The Heart which is pretty much as Hallmark-y as you'd expect a Hallmark show to be.


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