Apr. 26th, 2017


Apr. 26th, 2017 10:26 am
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Oh, Pretty Little Liars. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Emily going off on an annoying mean girl? Why? Not why would she go off, that's obvious based on her actions, but why bother with this storyline at all? Seriously? There are so many plots still dangling at this point that there's no reason to create a new one that no one cares about, dammit. The only bright spot was Paige stepping in and getting things done the normal not-A assisted way. While Paige's actress is on my meh list these days, the character is still pretty spiffy.

And Jenna. WTF. Just a lot of wtf thrown everywhere, really. I'm not super thrilled with this part of the season so far, but I think this is one that might work better binged. But I'm not risking spoilers while I wait, so I watch weekly. For now.

Cancelled my Birchbox finally. Didn't find any nifty spoilers but the choices for the spiffier items didn't really appeal so I figured there wasn't any point holding out. Watch the box be nifty. :p

The dog's been not well lately. It involves having to run her outside a lot more than usual if you catch my drift. Anyway, when I came home this morning I wandered to the back door and she hadn't left any surprises and I was so happy. Until I went upstairs and found that she'd used my room instead. Yes, dog, why not crap on the carpet that you have to climb upstairs to get to? Dammit, dog. We were so close to you being a good dog.

To cheer myself up, I painted my nails with glitter. So shiny. Maybe this will help them from snapping like twigs lately.


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