May. 1st, 2017

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The dog and I walked out to the pool yesterday to see if our pool key is working again (there was an issue when the last company in charge of the area was found guilty of embezzling funds, good times! and the new company killed all the pool cards for... reasons. I dunno why) and it is! Alas, yesterday I nearly gave myself whiplash trying to avoid the four billion bugs flying around my damn head on the walk so I figured I'd wait to swim until I could go outside and not be bombarded by swarms of buzzing things.

I'm not sure if today is that day. Every time I woke from my sleep yesterday the day was overcast (excellent sleeping weather) so I slept the day away. Today is apparently set to be more of the same. Not that I need or even like the sun for my swimming but, y'know... I don't want to slather on the sunscreen and get stormed out. (Rain is fine, thunder is not.) Also, just because the bugs left me alone on my middle of the night walk that doesn't mean that with the sun sorta up that they will continue to leave me be.

I suppose I can be content with the knowledge that I do have sunscreen and a new towel to use whenever I do decide to head to the pool. I just wish it happened to be closer so I could tell before I took the long walk whether it would be a waste (pool guy showing up when the pool is open instead of beforehand when it would make sense, dammit) of time or not.

I don't remember what else was on my to do list other than email R (did it!), work on my SV snark (read the book, just gotta type up the trivia/quotes/find covers!), check the pool key, and cut my hair. Which is going to happen today, it's just whether I go swimming first.

I should probably try and find shoes to wear down to the pool since I can't wear my work shoes and my last pair of pool shoes died in the hurricane (do not try and wade through a giant puddle. Your shoes will get stuck in the muck and they will never dry properly and when they do dry, it will be gross and you will have to be rid of them) and flipflops cannot be worn for such a long trek, dammit.

Oh, and I should actually start to assemble my summer reading aside from SV stuff. Any suggestions?

Well shit

May. 1st, 2017 01:40 pm
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You know that moment when the scissors snikt closed and you realize "oh shit, hair is too short"?

Just happened.

Commencing freak out in five... four... three...


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