May. 6th, 2017

Oh hell no

May. 6th, 2017 06:40 pm
impy: (MLP: FiM flames flames)
Remember a few months ago when I got good and pissed about PBS and this one chick who kept saying, "I'm sorry, I had 34 book requests. I was able to send out over 20 of them, but then ran out of postage budget. Maybe next time." but the number of books would change in her excuses? She did it to me. Again. I don't think I ever followed through on reporting her before (internet got screwy or life went weird and I forgot) but this time when I accepted the book, I swear I looked at the sender before getting my hopes up and I don't remember it being this chick but it must've been. Bad job, past!me. Fails all around.

Anyway, the second I got the "I'm sorry but" email, I went and looked up my "how to report this POS" instructions and did just that. Clearly the system is not flagging people properly so I'm going to help it along.



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