May. 20th, 2017

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Huh. Facebook reminded me that five years ago, Tiggy died. :( It's weird to think he and Belle have been gone that long and that I've had Ozma a few months shy of that.

Moving along, I wish my Walmart order would arrive. I would've preferred all of it today but if I must settle for just some of the socks, I suppose that will do since my last pair of work socks are now officially hole-y.

I can't figure out the move at work. I've heard it's been moved back to the beginning of June, I've heard the end of June, and apparently they finally started loading up carts of stuff to take over to the new store so... what's going on? Who knows. It'll be nice to be in a store where the tiles don't look like they're going to fall from the ceiling in an explosion of mold and ick, where the AC might actually work, where the cooler doesn't leak ... and it appears we're getting a fancier Cos section, so that might be interesting.

Spent last night at work opening a bunch of Cos displays which always makes me happy. There was a Wet n Wild display with the gel lip stuff, including the lip liners that I wanted to try a couple of months back. I might snag one of them tonight... Also, a whole buncha Wonder Woman displays. I really want the nail decals, actually. Alas, nothing super thrilling in the new makeup department. Almay's got some new highlight/blush thing (I didn't open this one so I didn't look too closely at it) and Revlon's got two new primers but otherwise... eh. Just as well since I shouldn't be spending anything anyway.

Annnnnnnnd sometime soon I'm gonna have to contact AG because they didn't give me my double rewards. Regardless, I still hit the Berry level. Which is insane because I cut waaaaaaaay back on my AG spending in the last year. Didn't I? I swear I did. And as a note to future!me, my account says I stay Berry until next May.


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