May. 28th, 2017

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Work has an official moving date. Our current store will be closed June 1st and the new store will open June 2. The only downside to this is that I'm working 10-6 Wednesday night and then I'm on the schedule for 2pm-10pm on Thursday. That's gonna be... interesting.

Now people have begun calling and asking if the store's open. Honestly, I'm not really sure, other than the pharmacy, why we are considering entire sections are being wiped out to move over to the other store. *shrug* Hopefully anyone stopping by won't need school supplies. Oh, wait, they've already been by looking for that stuff.

I still haven't been inside the new store. I've heard things about it that aren't necessarily thrilling me. I suspect it's set up like most of the newer stores I've been in, where the aisles aren't straight and instead they stagger them weirdly. The AC isn't running at the right temp so they keep having to override it, I think? I get the impression it's possible to temporarily make it colder but that it won't stay that way without someone higher up being able to do something. It's summer, people. Heat index is set to hit 100 today. I think cranking the AC would be a good idea.

Let's see. Oh! Apparently the ladies room only has one stall. Our current store has two and there's frequently a line even overnight, so I can only imagine what this is going to be like during the day. Night ain't gonna be fun since all the surrounding stores who are open (not many) close their bathrooms because people are gross. On the plus side, no gross tiles overhead anymore. No tiles at all. So I guess we're getting that weird lovechild of a Lowe's and a bank like the store over closer to my house.

I'm trying not to complain because I haven't seen anything firsthand. Also, because I've got bigger fish to fry. My aunt is sick and if I'm going to spare any extra energy on things I can't really change, it's going to be hoping that she gets better.

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