May. 31st, 2017

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Dear PLL. Thank you for answering nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, technically they did with Lucas admitting that he knew Charles and then fearing that he'd kind of set things into motion but can we take a moment to say there'd be nothing to set in motion if a) teenage Ali wasn't such an awful, awful person and b) Charles/Charlotte/whatever wasn't so insanely nutty?

No? Well, I guess we'll settle for Lucas basically admitting he's still in love with Hanna and Hanna still not noticing. It's weirdly sweet but I described it badly.

Sigh. Oh, Aria. I wish I could care about your turn to the dark side. Almost as much as I wish I liked the Emily/Ali hookup but all it makes me want to do is just roll my eyes out of my head.

Last night at work was weird. Tonight should be weirder still. Part of me thinks I should take M up on her offer to work straight through instead of coming back but the slightly lazier but still more sane part of me is like "yeah, no. You'll fuck your feet up, you'll die of heatstroke, and also you'll stab someone. No."

Speaking of heat, they came to fix the AC today. Something about the drain. It took less time than my shower. Also, they remain committed to their story of the wrong size air filter. Seriously, the last time we bought the size they said, the damn thing fell out. Repeatedly. Because it's too small.

And yet their online reviews are amazing. I don't get it. Sigh.

Kay, I'm going back to bed now that I've eaten. Just think, tomorrow I'll be back at work at this time, trying not to stab people. Huzzah!


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