Jun. 5th, 2017


Jun. 5th, 2017 07:15 am
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G'ah. I don't think I'm going to get to go swimming today. Stupid period showed up last night and while it does explain the back pain it's not exactly thrilling. And I didn't go yesterday morning because by the time I got home from work (we stopped at the store), the walk from the car to the house was already too hot. The sun, it blinds and overheats me!

Sooooo... work. We officially opened Friday and I went in at midnight Friday and Saturday. It's... different. I don't spend a lot of time going into other drugstores but apparently our new store is set up like a lot of the newer stores. Which makes sense since duh, obviously they're going for a uniform thing. We do seem to have the fancier layout for cos, but our cos head moved to overnights so I don't know how that's going to work. Also, I still think it's ridiculous to have cos right by the windows, y'know? Ah well.
The store itself is bigger in a LOT of ways. There are more aisles, the aisles themselves are longer, the stockroom seems massive though I'm pretty sure I'll think differently once we start getting in promo stuff for say, back to school or an actual holiday. Pharmacy is huuuuuuuge on the customer side (I'm not special so I've not been behind the magic doors to see how it is from an employee viewpoint)... you get the idea. Oddly enough, the aisles themselves are more squished together which should make doing the floors at night easier. But it doesn't. Because whatever our floor is made of, it refuses to let the dustmop work. You'll sweep something up and then realize that as soon as you moved around one of the poles or something, you've lost your bit of trash/dust/whatever. And since there's a lot more floor to cover, doing the floors takes me a goddamned hour every night. And you can't even tell because not only does the floor repel the dustmop, it won't give up anything with a regular mop, either. So it's a waste of time!
Anyway. Since I also have only a general idea of where things are (whereas before I could pretty much tell you exactly where to find it) trying to put things away from the old store is a pain. Which I'd be okay with if half the stuff wasn't not sold at the new store because... why? There's more room, why are we cutting our selection of stuff? I don't get it! And it's not even like it's the stuff we never sold that's being cut. o_O So then you have to hike all the shit you can't find back to the cavernous stockroom and try to find a place to put it because heaven forbid we leave it in totes even though it's taken over about half the stock carts at this point. So that kills even more time. There are lunches (and I will say the new breakroom having the timeclock is kinda genius) and then there's the most difficult thing of all:
There is no way on earth to watch the front of the store if you are not standing at the wall o' registers or the front of a couple of aisles. And I do mean the front of that aisle, you cannot just wander down any of them and still see the damn registers because it's a wall of them so you can't tell when someone is randomly standing in front of say, the photo register because how are they to know which one you're actually ringing on? Which means you can't really do anything if you're covering the front for someone else. At first I thought the really annoying automated "welcome!" thing would at least alert us to when someone came in, but it also says "welcome!" when they leave and it doesn't trigger for everyone, so you can't rely on that.

Basically, the old way of doing things will not work at the new store and I'm going to burn myself out until people realize it and shift expectations accordingly. It doesn't help that we have a new overnight lead and she's working on the how things worked at the other store playbook, along with S who doesn't seem to comprehend that if she's outside doing the parking lot, I have to be standing up front and not doing my job and the longer she's out there, the less time I have to run through the hardest fucking aisles and ohholyfuck, woman, you still haven't touched the last three of your aisles and I... I'm going to just lose my damn mind, honestly.

tl;dr version: the store is set up like a maze which makes my job infinitely harder than it should be. The floor is made of evil and this sucks because my store manager has a thing about the floors. Half the stuff we moved over isn't even being sold at our store and I'm losing my mind.

It doesn't help that half the stuff we are still carrying isn't in the system. On the plus side, no liquor license yet.

In happier news, my B&BW order shipped already. I'm not sure I believe it when they say it should be here today but I'm happy to be wrong!


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