Jun. 9th, 2017

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The upshot of the new store getting rid of a shitton of things is that the clearance section has yielded some interesting finds. I've been trying to be good for the most part, but I found Essie's Speed Setter Ultra Fast Dry Top Coat for $2.50 and figured what the heck, my Revlon one is at the goopy/hard to work with stage.

I tried it over my WnW Be More Pacific (and thought of the lovely [personal profile] luxken27) and holyshit is this thing amazing. I'm not going to make any claims on how ultra fast it dries down but I will say that I'm notorious for being impatient and ruining at least one nail because I didn't wait quiiiiiiiiiiiite long enough.

Nope. These set perfectly. Like glass. I think the last time my nails felt and looked so smooth/shiny was when I tried that at home gel thing with Cass. So smooth that I had to get a second opinion on the matter, so the morning after truck (which is a night that usually trashes newly polished nails), I had Mums look and feel. She was most impressed. After last night I racked up a tiny, itty bitty amount of tip wear because I never (ever) remember to wrap the tips. I...might've bought the other two bottles I found. Because this polish has never looked so good and it's looked pretty damn good before. But this week I've had people grab my hand to get a better look at what's going on in the polish department.

The food/candy truck didn't arrive before I left work and I might've skipped on out the door happy at this development. That said, whenever it does come, it's gonna be HUGE. Please come during the day, k?

I had something actually meaningful to say but heck if I remember what it is now.

This week's PLL was pretty damn good.


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