Jun. 10th, 2017

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Hobbled in to work, knowing I was either going to be late or squeak in right under the wire, and didn't make it more than one freakin' step past the door before I see my current least favorite customer. And he's got a dog. Wtf. Like I said, I'm running late so I try to wave and keep limping but nooooo. No. He calls me over and won't let me go as he rehashes the same question he has every time: can he return/exchange this cologne. No, dude, you can't. You can't keep bringing shit back. We've told you that you have abused the privilege to the point that NO ONE will do it for you and it's pretty much the first customer specific thing we teach the newbies. Also, you can't have that dog in the store.

At the back of the store, still hoping against hope for a time related miracle, I see the weird dude who flipped out when I didn't immediately message him back on FB and sent a gazillion messages before I'd even gotten off work... and later showed his ass further with his whiny can't get a date because of all the gay people. There's another guy who looks sorta similar from the back so I'm not sure and I'm in a hurry, so I clock in. Late. Of course.

And the food/candy truck obviously showed up sometime because there's a cart in the candy aisle and as I'm trying to work on that, I get called up front. It's probably been like, ten minutes since I walked through the door and four of those were wasted on the annoying dude. Yeah, he's back and wants to do the thing I told him he could not do. WTF. So I get the shift lead and she tells him nope, nuh uh. Then he wants to smell the tester of one of the Nautica scents and I look to make sure it actually has a tester (a lot don't) and then I have to find the keys to the new perfume cases. Joy.

As I'm telling him, again, that the only person at this point who can maybe do the return won't be back til the morning (and I was wrong, apparently he's off this weekend?), I realize that yup, the other guy was in fact the weird dude.

Spent the next three hours putting away a crapton of candy and hurried around to finish the rest of my chore list because I didn't know the SM wasn't coming in. Then spent two hours putting away cigs even though this store doesn't have the room for all that nonsense. Seriously, if you just looked at the boxes behind the wall o registers, you'd think I'd done nothing. But no, I stuffed what little room we had til it was bursting at the seams.

And I get home to the news that Adam West died. :(


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