Jun. 11th, 2017

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In fluffier news, we have some AG chatter because why not. The new Z special is up on Amazon though I haven't watched more than the trailer. Which, btw, was painful so my hopes for this thing aren't high at this point. Hopefully this means I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, the ever knowledgeable source on FB had this to say:
Samantha and Addy are leaving.. but Nanea's coming and her clothes are awesome. Hibiscus dress with a train, hula outfit, fishing pole with fish.. cant wait

Her (Nanea) big item is her grandparents grocery store

I've heard that Addy might be getting shuffled to online only instead of completely archived but the news of Addy and Sam being shuffled off together isn't really new. I can't say I'm surprised either, honestly. It's why I used my reward certificate to buy Sam stuff. Addy's been allegedly on the chopping block since Cecile was in the works and Sam 2.0 apparently didn't pan out as well as AG hoped. (There are reasons, AG. Not the least of which is that you should've kept her in the archives til at least next year. Just sayin', ten years would've been smarter.)
A quick perusal of their pages tells me that I am missing:
both Addy and new!Samantha dolls
Addy's new accessories which I'm pretty meh on, honestly
Addy's new bedding but it's bundled with the bed that I already own so nope
Samantha's new accessories which are on my short list to buy
her new bed and bedding which nope, if I'm buying Sam's bed, it's gonna be the one I grew up wanting.
New!Jip which is also a hard pass for me
her bike, and while it's cute and on sale I'm going to pass once more
Plus the minis but again, eh.

I'm not sure whether I'll cave and buy either doll. It's a space and money issue as well as the fact that I own a Samantha already and while they're different and I not so kind of wanted a newer Sam, I'd rather have Nanea. (And as irrational as it is, I feel like my Sam would be sad and feel replaced.) Addy is one where I always come back to feeling like Cass has a "she's mine and just mine!" kind of hold on her. Dunno if that's true or not because I never remember to ask, and I'm not sure she'd tell me if she didn't want me to blow my money anyway. *shrug* I remain on the fence.

Oh, and AG's doing some new non-fiction "A Girl Named" books and one of them is covering Hillary Clinton. People, predictably, have lost their minds and fights have broken out. To which I say: bitches, please. Regardless of your personal feelings on the woman, she is an important historical figure and one AG was/is going to have to cover at some point. If you don't like her, don't buy or read the book. It's that simple.


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