Jun. 17th, 2017

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I was just trying to drift off to sleep when I hear a banging on the door. I get there and Widget is there and he says he's spending the weekend! I hobble outside and talk to his mom who is at total bitchface before I say a word. I tell her, hey Mom's not here because my aunt is dying. I don't say anything else before he's climbing back in her car and she's saying she hasn't talked to mom later and she doesn't think Widget has either but he was saying he was gonna spend the night with his friend... Uh. Ok? Obviously he hasn't spoken with mom and neither has she but I never said he wasn't welcome. I start to say these things and she gives me this look and says she can't talk right now, she has to go.

Thanks for your concern. Argh! I cannot stand her, particularly because she had the gall to act like Mom dropped the ball by not talking to her. She tried calling and no one called back! How did a three minute interlude manage to be this vexing?


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