Jun. 21st, 2017

impy: Pretty Little Liars Emily holding a coffee mug, looking super sweet. (PLL: Emily Sweet)
Tomorrow is a big AG release (think their fall stuff, as well as new stuff for Z, Tenney, Gabby, and Logan) and so naturally they updated their site today. o_O If you've got an account with them, you're going to need to set a new password and make sure to triple check your address on file. Oh, and add your payment info again, but they warn you about that. Depending on how I feel, we may cover the new releases tomorrow. We may wait a few days. I do know there are supposed to be 3 new Truly Me dolls (one is pretty much Gabby with longer hair) and all three are brunettes, and there's a new hotel set up. Ooh. Ahh.

I feel like someone slugged me in the face so I'm about to go read a bit before snoozing.

Oh, and this week's PLL and the finale preview have made me sad. Spoilers for who killed Charlotte. )


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