Jun. 24th, 2017

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...kay. AG fandom, if you cannae tell the difference betwixt the Sonali and Josefina mold, no matter the skintone, you really shouldn't get all huffy about anything anyone does. Cuz no. At this point in time, if you're being all hardcore about things and still can't tell the difference and don't have facial blindness then you don't get to be hardcore, dammit.

Seriously. :P

Anyway, this comes up because pictures of the new AG custom options have leaked. Well, a catalog mentioning it leaked. And one of the options is, duh, a light Sonali mold and some people could not tell the difference, even when they zoomed in. Which is fine for casual fans or my loves here because I don't think you lot are freakin' hardcore, will cut a bitch over anything AG. But elsewhere in the world? Mmhmm.

Sooooooooo... without further ado:
Pictures! )

I hope there's a website doll maker thing that's actually got most of the variations entered into it so I can lose a week playing around with it.

I will say that I don't see myself really doing this more than once, but should the funds allow, I would likely make at least one custom simply because SCIENCE. Er, I mean because you get more than just the doll for the price. So we'll see how it goes because uh, I have a mighty need.

And I will be the asshole in the corner laughing at everyone turning purple over the various customs other people are planning. Seriously, the wank has already begun and this thing hasn't even launched yet.


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