Jun. 30th, 2017

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June Release: Part the END )

I think this concludes the June release, aside from the Bitty Baby stuff that isn't nifty enough to include because no one caaaaaaaaaaaares.

Other things of AG note, if one is interested. When the site updated, they also made it possible to pay for things with Paypal and Amazon pay, if those do anything for you. (That sound you hear is my wallet screaming in agony.) Apparently that was either a glitch or them testing something they haven't decided (yet) to go through with. Bad idea, AG. Bad idea. It makes you look incompetent again and also, people really love paying with Paypal. Plus your other sites accept it so clearly you can, you're just... not. Also, work sells AG gift cards now.

What else, what else. Oh, yeah. They've discontinued the Lindsey head at the doll hospital and the fandom implosion over that was a sight to see. I dipped a toe in because I wanted to and then I ducked out when people kept fucking comparing cars to AG.
For the record, I come down on the side of this being a bad idea. I get why they'd do it (I mean, sort of. I can come up with a variety of reasons why they'd stop) but I think it's a bad idea. The only way I can sort of look the other way is if whoever actually manufactured the wigs went under and AG can't get them anymore. Which isn't the reason they gave, alas. But a big reason a LOT of people are willing to pony up the bucks for AG is that they're basically Satisfaction Guaranteed Forever. Screw up your doll a decade after you got her? No prob, the Doll Hospital can fix it... for a price. If it's something that AG borked, they'll pay for it.
Lindsey being the first to be discontinued is particularly troubling because she's got a shitton of known issues, from her wig being dry as hell to the doll vinyl being produced only in the grey/green years which means a good chunk of the Lindseys running around look sick as hell. This is a KNOWN issue and something that someone might not notice as a kid (especially as this is a thing that gets worse over time) but as an adult, as they break out the old doll to hand 'er over to their own kid? Yeah, they might take notice.
The car comparisons came up when the person right after me said something about not expecting their car company to continue to make parts for their 15 year old car and some other jackass chimed in on that, too. No shit, guys. You aren't even comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing dolls to cars. The dolls, btw, were marketed for years with a "We'll always have your back!" kind of thing. Cars, not so much. But no, you go on and make your stupid comparisons. I'll just mentally note you're both tools and hope you find all LEGOs the hard way.

There was something else but I've forgotten it so hopefully it wasn't anything important.


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