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Man, I've been in a funk for a couple of days. It's weird because it's not all the time, just a few hours here and there. I'm blaming my period and the flea explosion downstairs. I think it's getting under control but still... one bite and I'm itching for weeks.

I mention this only because it's why pictures and Nanea squee have not appeared yet. I opened Nanea... Sunday? Sunday, I think and didn't take her out of the box because have you seen what she comes in? White shorts in dust and cat central? No ma'am. But I did want to make sure there wasn't some big, glaring problem that would require talking to CS (I gather their phone lines are seriously understaffed at the moment.) and so I had to do battle with the box. I guess when they changed the packaging for just about everything at the start of the year they also started using those little plastic seals on the doll boxes, too? Meh.

K. Nanea's mold is like if Josefina and Marie Grace had a little baby. I specifically used those two because Josefina's got the surprised brows that Nanea seems prone to and well, only MG has used her mold. So far. Maybe one day, AG. Maybe one day. I remember when MG first came out and people started getting her, people were obsessing over her eyes and the placement and whether there was a weird crimp or something near the sockets. I remember this because once I heard about it and saw a particularly funky one, I had to spend ten minutes eye-balling my poor MG. Yeaaaaaaah. Nanea's got a similar thing in that her eye sockets are SO round that you can see for miles what feels like the whole eyeball and it's disconcerting. Really disconcerting if you're not prepped for it, honestly. My attention went straight to her eyes and then a little to the left and I was staring into her dolly skull and it was not a good time to be had. So I put her back in her box and told her we'd try this again later because clearly I was In A Mood.

Yesterday, I attempted to pop her out of her box. That took some work, lemme tell you. Mostly trying to get the book out without it getting damaged. Wtf, AG. I shouldn't have to destroy the box to get the book out. I really miss the little book tray they used before. I'm old and set in my ways, doll company. Work with me! And also really, if I had to work that hard to not fuck up the book, what do impatient kids do? I assume the new packaging is a way to save money (and adhere to the laws in say, Mexico, Canada, and perhaps whatever European expansion they keep hinting at) but if you have to replace borked books, that's not saving money.

I will say that her hairnet didn't really get caught up in anything, which was a first and so there I was. Face to face with Nanea and her eye sockets of doom. No, no, I kid. But I sat there, apparently in a funk once more, and wondering if perhaps I had made a grave mistake.
FF a few hours and some chocolate later and I went back to Nanea. Third time is the charm, dammit.

So I changed her outfit. Her Meet is one I like in pictures and I like the way it feels and looks but those white shorts basically scream "dirt magnet!" and I stress. So of course I put her in Melody's new outfit because white tights are so much less of a dirt magnet, right? *eyes roll out of head* It took a bit but Nanea and I eventually managed to make friends. Mostly because Ozma was very, very interested in Nanea. She flumped down next to us and just looked at her like, "and you will be my new friend and you can start loving me any time. Thank you."
Nanea! )

Onward. I read her book and really, really missed the illustrated books. Keep them in the giant collected forms, AG, but throw me a friends and family picture at the front or back, ok? Also, I am cheesed that her book cheerfully announces that it's available as an e-book. No, no you aren't. Not yet, anyway. Sigh.

Nanea and Maryellen would get along rather well. Both act before they think and both mess up. A lot. Their hearts are in the right place but don't leave a bucket of paint around either one. I am really pleased that there wasn't a big, huge friend fight in her first book. They had a disagreement but it wasn't a huge thing and it made sense. And reading the book made me really want Nanea's dog. This rarely happens with the pets, especially the dogs, but uh, yeah. That's a reunion that's going to happen.
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Let's talk books, shall we? We shall. We'll start in the land o' kiddos, I guess. I re-read Tenney's books because they were on my Kindle and why the heck not. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned/mini-reviewed them here, so we'll do that now.
I liked Tenney's stories way more than I expected to. Truly, a country singer/songwriter at the ripe ol' age of like, 12 who gets a record deal is not really something that I would think appealing. But I was curious and since I knew I wasn't likely going to buy Tenney (ever) I'd have to read the books. They're definitely fluffy but they're fun. I thought they'd veer more into total wish fulfillment and they're remarkably grounded, all things considered. It's sort of like how all the Historical stories require you to accept that Kirsten's house burns down but there's a house right nearby they can buy so it' s not a problem, or that Rebecca wound up in a movie and got a rock thrown at her when speechifying... like, these aren't your every day things to happen, but they could. In theory.

While I'm not jumping at the idea of buying Tenney, I'm glad we're getting more books.

Onward. I found and read Addy's Journey book and that is essentially a love letter to one Addy Walker. Seriously. It was fun so I'm not complaining.

I finally accepted that I'm not going to get Gabby in the next... month or so (ha...likely longer. Woe) so I caved and bought her books for my Kindle. I enjoyed them but they (and Tenney) both played out one of my least favorite tropes: the bully who suddenly becomes your friend because you're nice to her. Ummmm... no? No, your average bully will not stop making your life hell, kids, if you are nice to them. Especially if you are nice to them when other people (their bullies?) have just kicked them when they are down. They will be out for blood and the moment you cross them, you will light up like the bullseye you are. I'm not saying that you should never be nice to people, even those who are awful to you but... I wouldn't be holding out on them being your bestest best friend in a matter of days, either.

I will say that Gabby's stories did seem to try and subvert this a little in that Gabby's bully obviously thought Gabby had been mean first. Like... it was painfully obvious this was where that storyline was going once we moved beyond "oh no, it's HER!" So her conversion I'll buy. Tenney's started out a little more believable than it progressed to by the end of book 3. I'd buy that Holliday (is that her name?) made friends with Jaya and that she made more of an effort to be nice to Tenney when Jaya asked her to and when she realized Tenney wasn't completely awful. I don't buy that she'd be ride or die for Tenners quite so quickly.

Annnnnnnnd then I caved and bought Z's first book. It was weird reading about someone 'playing' with AG dolls in an AG book. So very weird. Once the story veered off from that, I enjoyed it more but it was still very, very strange reading a book that had a character who made AG stop motion vids as her thing. o_O

Finally, I read Shadowed Souls which is a short story collection that defied all the odds and had every single story be good. Some were excellent, some were simply good, but not a one did I think, "Well, there's twenty minutes I'll never get back," or anything similar. In fact, I think the one story I had the most issues with was the Dresden story and that's because it's been so fucking long since I read a Dresden book that I'd forgotten what Molly was up to and also it read less like Molly and more like Dresden himself. Which isn't a bad thing when you're in need of a Harry Dresden fix but not so great when you know that Molly should have her own distinct voice.
Then again, Mums is less enamored of the other story (stories?) she's read in it so take my love with a grain of salt. That said, the paranormal books we enjoy don't always have major crossover with one another. We both thoroughly enjoyed Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series but I suffered through LKH's Anita and Merry books and she never did. Smart woman, though I maintain that Merry's first few books were worth the pain.

Annnnnnd now I think I'm going to go check on the cat and open my box. Nanea!
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Okay, work is going to have to freakin' hire someone else for third shift. I can't do Fridays and Saturdays alone anymore. It's too freakin' busy, especially if day shift isn't gonna do their job (or can't because apparently everyone's kids had issues and they all left or called out) and I'm expected to do the stuff they couldn't/wouldn't do on top of trying to ring up every idiot in town. By 1, I was about ready to punch someone every time I heard the doors open. The freakin' huge parking lot encourages people to stop by, which is probably great for the bottom line but is going to break me.


Moving along to happier things, today is the day Yankee Candle does their Halloween debut. I'm still not sure how I went from "BUY ALL THE THINGS!" to "Buy like two of the things?" back to "BUY ALL THE THINGS!" but I did. It's a shame you can't use a gift card and paypal at the same time (rude) because apparently I had $15 in cards. And whatever free shipping code they allegedly launched didn't work for my second order. Boo. Bullfrogs. On the plus side, I didn't have to wait til 10am to order my stuff and it hadn't sold out by the time I got off work either. Huzzah!

I'm not really sure how I feel about my order, however. Last year I was super psyched about my little ghosts (they're available again this year and I was thisclose to buying another pair, so if you're into that sort of thing, I highly recommend them) and my Sophias. There were no figural Sophias this year. Well, there's one leftover (brought back?) from last year, but nothing new. :(

Pictures ahoy! )

Eta: Nanea is here but it's naptime. Tomorrow we open the box!
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So there was a shooting Downtown yesterday. It's weird that this made such a big splash, newswise, but I guess the differences between this and your average Downtown shooting were enough to make it stand out. Mostly the whole 'active shooter' angle versus the usual drive-by in the less tourist-y parts of town. Plus, y'know, daytime.

I didn't hear about it until well after it was over, but to prove how small a town Charleston is, I already have two people I know related to it. One is Cass & Ari's mother who is the person I heard about it first when her post from earlier in the day asking if anyone had heard from two of the people who work at the restaurant. One of them, of course, was the man who was killed. This morning I check FB, like you do, and one of my brother's ex-girlfriends has left a comment on Live5's FB post and it turned into a shitstorm pretty quick. Because of course it did.

I am sort of surprised that I didn't see a single one of my regulars who work downtown. I'm also not really surprised when I stop and think about it but still. There are quite a few who normally come in during my shift and not a one appeared last night. :/

Thank you to those who heard Charleston and thought of me. ♥

And on a personal note, this is one of the few times I'm glad my brother does not work in one of the downtown restaurants because holyfuckballs.
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Yeeeeeeeeees. My Nanea order has shipped. Or has had the info set to FedEx. Whatever, the point remains that it has begun the process of being on its way to meeeeeeee. If I happened to be a more patient person, I would've waited for a sale or free shipping and gotten myself basically another $20+ or so worth of actual product and not, y'know, paid that in shipping. But because I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER and partly because I wanted to let the company know that dammit, Nanea is awesome and releasing stuff for Melody is also awesome, I made my order. I regret pretty much nothing about it. I wish I'd had more money to throw at this release because if I do a round-up on stuff I actually want from this, the whole thing, I'm going to cry at how much money it'll take. Might literally cry. If only they'd take Paypal, because it looks like the money I've set aside for the Halloween release on Saturday isn't going to be quite as needed.

Let's shift gears to the eclipse, eh? So I didn't have the glasses which was a bit of a bummer but really, I should've gotten them months ago. Or something. Also, it wouldn't have made a HUGE difference because while it was sunny for awhile, about the time people started shrieking, "Hey, you can really see it happening!" the clouds started rolling in.
No interesting pictures contained within. Just clouds and shadows. )
It was basically a showdown between the eclipse over my part of the parking lot and the storm rolling in on the other side of the parking lot. When I'd look back over to the fountain, I'd see lightning arcing from one cloud to another, so I wasn't feeling super great standing out in the parking lot as I watched the sun disappear.

Every so often there would be a break in the clouds and you could see the partial eclipse moving closer to totality, which was probably not the best for anyone looking without glasses but then a cloud would drift over and cover things back up which probably did help. Even if I'd wanted to really try to capture a picture of the eclipse proper, it wouldn't have happened because just as we hit totality and the light outside slipped away, causing all the jerkass teenagers who literally ran down the street moments before to start screaming like they were in a low budget horror flick... a cloud blocked the view. Completely.

But it was still interesting to be standing outside and watching it progressively get darker and darker and then the street lights clicked on (who knew the one right by our house started off green?) and Mums came out because she figured it must be getting close to show time.

Then darkness sort of descended, the shrieking started, and I just kind of looked up at the cloudy mess overhead. Slowly the light filtered back a bit but it was honestly hard to tell because the storm was intensifying. Yeah, the storm raged for the rest of the afternoon.
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I'm sorry the picture sizes are all so weird. Turns out they didn't break up the release (sometimes it's nice to be right) or at least didn't break it up completely. Wellie stuff, Truly Me, and Nanea stuff not included though all of that is on the site as well. This way was easier and also pretty much all ~new~ shinies.

So many pictures. )

I didn't see anything for Josefina but it's possible I missed it. This release was/is pretty big, after all. Oh, and there was the game of dueling banjos between the eclipse and the thunderstorm. That was fun, lemme tell you.
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Guys. Do you any of you live in the path of the total eclipse of the heart? Do you have enough tourists crawling through your city/town/state that you kind of want to crawl into a hole and not come out until after Labor Day when EVERYONE has gone home? Or is that just me?

It might be just me.

Soooooo... over the weekend work was slammed and we're down to a skeleton crew again because people quit or moved or transferred or something else entirely. For reference, usually there's a dip in traffic about an hour into my early shift and then another around one until the bars close. The dip in traffic did not happen until 3. I kept getting calls all weekend asking about eclipse glasses (no, we never got any, no) and I saw so many sunburns.

So many people. I work overnight to avoid people. This was a neverending stream of them and I had so many things to do!

Let's see. Eclipse, eclipse. I'm going to post this soon because they're pretty much expecting outages once the fun starts this afternoon.

Made my Nanea order because again, eclipse craziness. I wish they had the new BF stuff on Amazon but they don't so I gave Mom the extra money to cover the goddamn taxes and shipping and called it good. I am going to be so pissed if this stuff goes on sale within a week, just fyi.

Anyway, it's noon and the madness begins in about an hour. Woo?

Ahahaha... it's getting cloudier by the minute. I can't tell whether I'm annoyed that my view is going to be terrible or amused as hell because SO many people slammed the city and this, this is what they paid for.
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Grr. I hate it when people find the item codes for new AG stuff and don't share them but instead just share the pics. I'd understand if they were doing because they didn't want AG shutting down the links, but dude. This is AG. Half this stuff is going live tonight anyway and the other half, well... you've seen their IT issues. They aren't prepped to shut things down. :P

I wouldn't mind half as much if they'd just keep the file names the same so I could go all tricky that way but either they change them or the service they upload them to changes them so there goes that. I'm also too lazy to want to go and do all this hard work for something that'll be done for me in *hopefully* a few hours.

Not going to do the Nanea stuff just yet in case they actually show up on the site sometime in the next hour or so.

Since I think the MyAG stuff is set for later in the week, I'll go ahead and share these and we'll discuss the annual holiday travesty. :p

MyAG new stuff. Ooh. Ahh. )
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I believe I promised pictures, no? Yes. Thursday, in addition to being Lease Day and the birthday of he I would like to kick in the kneecaps even all these years later, was also a good mail day. :D I found a package outside my door and for a moment I was really confused. I knew Lori was sending me books (Mmm. Christopher Pike) but this didn't feel like books.

I opened it and yup, not books. So I worried that maybe there'd been a mix-up and asked her and nope, these were for me after all. :D *happy dance*
Pictures! )
Thank you so much, Lori!
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Hrmm. Pictures might have to wait til tomorrow. Our AC conked out yesterday (it still works, just... not well?) and I'm trying to get to bed before it gets stupidly hot. If I'm asleep before then, I'll likely sleep through the hottest part of the day. If I'm not, I'll never sleep again. :P This means I'm trying to keep as many lights off as is possible to keep the temp inside down. Also, I forgot to buy the batteries for the camera even though I remembered that I needed to get... something.

But while we wait for the Benadryl to kick in, let's discuss some toys, shall we? We shall!

First up, CYO AG dolls are starting to roll in. The first one I saw was... a classic mold. *facepalm* Not a classic mold with a pixie cut or any of the really different wigs because that I could get. Nope. This is basically #39 with a slightly different wig. I... why would you pay $200+ bucks for a doll that a) you already own and b) you could get said lookalike for much, much cheaper? Seriously I don't understand. o_O If you plunked this doll down and I didn't see the bottom of her foot with the little One of a Kind tattoo they do for these dolls and said, "Look, isn't #39 gorgeous?" I wouldn't be able to say "wait, that's not 39!"

Not even the pretty dark blue eyes! WHY. Universe, gift me with this person's money so I can make more interesting life choices, dammit.

Luckily, the next one I saw was more interesting. She chose a light Sonali mold with the black wavy hair and gray eyes. This doll is ridiculously pretty. I linked to her flickr account (I'd have linked the first but she uploaded directly to the board, I think) so you can peruse if that's your thing. She's also got pictures of the box the customs come in, the outfit, the accessories... it's a pretty thorough report, really.

I'm tempted to keep a folder of the various CYOs I see in the world for science.

I will say that people are being very strange about the CYO line. They keep acting like the dollmaker is going to be 100% accurate as to what the actual doll will look like. Um, no. That thing is rigged to make all the doll molds fit in the same general area which means that somehow the classic mold's mouth got super squished and it did something funky to the Jess mold as well. I'm thinking maybe it was optimized for the Addy mold or maybe that mold just happens to resist the scaling down moreso than the others. *shrug*

Anyway, they've also been losing their minds over the Jess molds on display at the various stores and... I think I've seen exactly one that I would agree is something to be wary of. But not a single person has commented my concern (that the eyes seem to be looking down and it's just disconcerting) so I'm not sure if they're all seeing something I don't or what.

This IG has a few display pictures with "I'm worried" kinds of comments. If you scroll to not!Kanani Jess, you'll see the one I'm wary of. But that's one doll out of however many. However, it's possible that there's something to the worry about the Jess molds since all the CYO Jess molds were on immediate backorder.

Moving along, Nanea's officially coming out Monday and I am ready, ready, ready. Since we're not at the official release yet, we're still lacking full promo pictures for a good chunk of her collection but since we need PR, there are articles with pictures coming out to help us along.

image host
Nanea at her market. Behold those shoes. Apparently the market has all the shoes in her collection. :P I will be needing this dress, kthnx.

If you're a rewards member and want the points, check your email to see if they sent you this. If you click and watch from that, you'll get 10 points. This vid also gives a bit more of a look to the market but since every time it's mentioned someone screams, "It's $250!" I just let my eyes glaze over. I don't think I'd fall in love even if I did pay close attention but we don't need to find out the hardway, y'know? Also, that thing is not worth $250.

image host
Swimsuit and fishing pole on the far left. Cute!

I believe the Benadryl is kicking in so here's my already typed up Scentsy blather to tide you over:
Ooh. Ahh. The Scentsy Halloween flier is out. Let's pick this sucker apart, shall we?

First, the fall stuff because yeah.
Scentsy pictures and blather follow. )
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Quick update to say I liiiiiiiiive although I feel like the universe has kicked my skull in so live is a relative thing.

A big thanks to Lori to providing me with mail the last two days! ♥ Pictures of the cute tomorrow maybe, if the skull doesn't actually explode.

Tomorrow we might also discuss Nanea's stuff, Scenty's take on Halloween, and world domination.


Aug. 16th, 2017 09:06 am
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Random AG things before I distract myself again:
Nanea is set to be released Monday and if the rumors are true, we'll basically spend next week getting new releases daily. Which is... weird. AG's never had a problem doing a huge release on one day before. Seriously, take a look at any of my recaps in the last couple of years. Well, don't because photobucket borked them all but you get the idea. I may have spread out the goodies, but the company did not.

Rumors abound and here are the highlights of what we might see:
new Wellie winter stuff, new BeForever stuff for characters other than Nanea (though I wouldn't bet on Addy or Sam getting a damn thing since they're set to be Felicity-ified), a new dress for Gabby, the traditional winter release stuff, and something or other about Bitty Baby. Since I don't give a flying fig about the BBs I couldn't begin to tell you what that is. Really couldn't begin to say what the rest is, either. But I do hope that AG is smart enough freakin' comp shipping if they're really going to roll things out all week and not all at once. Oh, oh, and possibly we'll finally get Z's rain gear!

In other news, last night at work I had the slow realization that with the eclipse (you know, the one people keep yammering on about?) being Monday... we were going to be slammed this weekend. Had this confirmed when a customer cheerfully informed me there's not a room to be had anywhere in the city til Tuesday at the absolute earliest. Yeah, I think three people quit this week, btw. And G is still on vacation so... yeah. This weekend is gonna be fuuuuuun.

Plus they seem to have possibly fixed the lights outside. As a result. I swear every jackass in the city came by. Sigh. SIGH.

Come October, I don't wanna hear a peep from anyone about me asking for time off. G got two weeks in a row off!

Oh, and I'm going to have to leave someone a note or ask them in the morning because my check seems to be missing a day. I'm betting it's last Tuesday when they had me come in early and didn't change the time in the system, but who knows?

Lesse. Tomorrow is lease day and I've basically decided I did all I could do and the rest is in the hands of Mums and Widget. I believe in them. Mostly I believe in their sincere fear of ticking me off. :P

Oh, tomorrow is also the first day of school for Widget this year. Yeah, I don't get why they didn't just wait til Tuesday (they're off Monday because of the eclipse) but no one asked me, I suppose.

I started watching the new version of The Worst Witch on Netflix and it's pretty cute.
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So this is the week the landlords appear for the signing of the lease (huzzah!) and hopefully the fixing of various things around the place that need fixing. Like the kitchen light that died shortly after their last visit. And the towel rod I managed to bork awhile ago when my ankle laughed solidly at me. And the TP holder that has never, to my knowledge, worked properly. I think this time they're getting a new one since they asked about a preference.

None of this is bad, btw. It just means I'll have to be social and um, I think we all know by now that I have approximately 8 hours of social in me and I use all of that at work and 8 hours is being generous. And you might recall that this week I'm working by myself and it's not a Ms. K week so I'll be running around and wind up broken by the time they come. I don't know why Mums thinks 10am is this magic time for me. Maybe she doesn't. Maybe it's for her even though in the past she's acted like it's for me. 10am on a day when I work at ten means I have two hours before I should be in bed. One of those repairs, btw, is in my bathroom which means no sleep til that's done. I guess it's possible that that'll be a night when they schedule me for later. *shrug*

The point of this, before I went all ramble marathon-y? The house needs to be cleaned. I don't know what it is about this particular place, but the dust accumulates really fast. I think, in order to stay on top of it, we'd have to dust literally every other day. Possibly every day. I tried weekly after my birthday clean-a-thon and yeah, nope. I don't mean I didn't do it, I just mean it still wasn't enough. Okay, fine, I also didn't do the bar area and that was clearly a mistake because holy crapmuffins. D: Cleaning that again was not fun.

For those of you wondering, "Hey, shouldn't your ass be cleaning right now instead of blathering on about something only you sort of care about?" the answer is yes. Yes I should be. But first, I shall check on the cat.


Aug. 11th, 2017 08:54 am
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image host
I have a mighty need. Alas, this thing is $18.50! For a Wallflower plugin! I actually would probably buy it now if they had all their Halloween stuff on their site. I just don't want to fork out shipping for a zillion orders, y'know?

So far I've liked most of the BBW Halloween stuff (not fall but actual Halloween) I've seen, been decidedly against the Scentsy stuff (how can you fuck Halloween up so much? How? HOW?), and been in the middle on what little Yankee Candle stuff has leaked.

And now, now I nap.
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Work did not kick my ass last night. Probably because Ms. K wasn't up to going at breakneck speed for the night and after awhile the rain kept people away. Which is good because apparently our liquor license finally showed up. D: Not looking forward to when word of that spreads.
But the highlight of the night? When I went into the stockroom to get another round of totes to put up, I saw candy corn m&m's. Eee! And then I turned around and noticed six huge boxes of Halloween stuff. Upon closer inspection I realized they were the Disney jack-o-lanterns that we always get in and I'm never interested in, but dammit, it's a start! Even closer inspection yielded a box of Nightmare Before Christmas mini glasses (oooh!) and and and Disney Villain plushies. It took a couple of trips to the stockroom to explore that bag properly, but they're small (the size of my hand?) and while I saw no faces, I could ID that of the four, the display will have 1 Ursula, 1 Evil Queen, and 2 Maleficents. It took all my self control to not buy them then and there. Had it been a C week and she'd given me the go-ahead, I probably would've. *cough* No idea how much they are, either. But we're supposed to get an endstand of Disney Villain goodness so that's promising.
I wonder if our new store will get more interesting stuff like the other stores got last year or if we'll just continue to get a strange assortment? Also, will we continue to get Downtown's stuff as they cycle through their promo aisle stuff at crazy speeds?

Seriously, I spent the rest of the night coming back to the fact that we'd gotten copious amounts of Halloween candy in and actual nifty stuff. It made it much easier to get through the rest of the night, though I could've done without the crackwhore coming in and dousing her stuff in knock-off Japanese Cherry Blossom scent and then not buying the stuff. Since the new store never had a wet photo lab, there's no sink and I'd just come back from the bathroom and felt bad asking if I could run away to scrub the stink off my hands.

In other news, my brother called me at work to ask a favor and then mentioned that he's going to swing by this weekend and we shall discuss last weekend and the WTF antics of certain family members. I'm looking forward to this.
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I tried with Firefox and it just went to the pink screen of IT fail but Chrome is letting me play around with their awesomely bad doll maker thing. (Seriously, how have they not improved any in the last however many years?)

Lots of things are showing backordered or low-stock (I dunno if they're expecting a run on Sonali molds in everything or what but yeah) but I do like that it warns you so if you're not going to want to wait 600 years for something to come off backorder, you don't get too far into the creation with that specific mold/hairstyle/whatever.

Thus far the highlight of this seems to be that you can have two different eye colors if that's your bag. Also, I'm DYING at them claiming hazel is backordered. The eye color they put on every damn doll is backordered. Really. *wheezes and dies* But gray eyes are an option, too!

I'm going to edit this as I play around, I think.

Huh. Not sure if they fixed the hazel thing or if it just shows that way on the Sonali mold. *shrug* I like that you can save your creations (muahahaha, they're alive!) though I wonder if there's a limit to that. So far I've created a few and fallen in love with one. Dammit, self. She's also probably the easiest to make otherwise.

Now to decide which dolls to make while I play around. BSC? Alternate mold versions of AG characters? SVH? Decisions!
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Let's try this again without the anger issues cropping up, self. :P

On the homefront:
Widget has moved back home. I've become a raging hypocrite because I've laid down the law of no freakin' incense and somewhere I'm sure my mother, brother, and the ghost of my father are all cackling/rolling their eyes/whatever because 16 year old me was big on incense. And candles. And so I have no real leg to stand on except that when told to knock it off, I did. Also, unlike Widget, I wasn't the cause of the smoke smell in my room that I was trying to get rid of.
He's also created about a thousand messes already. It's impressive in a migraine inducing way.

I'll be working by myself for the next two weeks unless they ever got around to hiring someone new for overnight. Based on the schedule this week, I'm assuming they have not. I'm hoping that Ms. K will be doing the floors this week so my ankle can continue the slow march towards not hurting like crazy every day I work.
I hope they fix the outside lights because I am beyond sick and tired of people complaining to me about the lights not working. "We didn't even know y'all were open, it's so dark outside." Guys. We know. It's been like two weeks at this point. I'm not sure what went wrong in the storm, but it's going to involve an electrician and getting the company to pony up for something at a store is apparently next to impossible these days?

Extended Family:
My cousin's memorial was Saturday and in keeping with tradition, the cemetary gave his sister the wrong info, so the urn she selected for his ashes was too big and now I've no idea what happened. Originally he was to be laid to rest with our grandparents followed by a gathering at my aunt's house. The cemetery thing was scrapped, so I don't know what happened after that.
I am betting, however, that my brother returns home with at least one good story from this. And by good I mean eye-rolling, how are we related to you people kind of stories. Then again, maybe not because Sunday was the second anniversary of my uncle's death and that might've tempered things a bit.
Oh, who am I kidding. The vexing family members are drama queens and most likely to have done the most with that fact. I only regret that a) I didn't have the money to go and attend all the 'fun' things the group did beforehand (I mean, I could've pretended to enjoy baseball. Maybe. Probably not. But more than football which literally makes me sick each time I go to a game) and b) that cousin B was not there because oh, the stories.

On the toy front, AG is allegedly finally putting out the Create Your Own line tomorrow. We'll see? People seem to be alternating between thinking it's a trainwreck already in progress (they're talking about the display dolls you can find on IG or at various stores already being wonky) or being completely baffled by how much AG hyped it at the start of July only to drop the ball so thoroughly. So meh or oh god. That's... a thing, I guess.
Nanea seems to be doing the usual new AG mold polarizing thing. People love her! They think she doesn't fit in with other AG molds! She'll never look like AG to them! No, she's awesome because she's a middle point between Wellies and regular AGs! No, Wellies are awful too! No, awesome! And so on.
I remain disappointed that they did one bundle and that it was with the hula costume that I have no interest in (and less interest once I heard the damn thing stains the doll's hands) but I will admit that I waffled hardcore when Mums offered to pay the difference between what I had and what she'd cost. However when her eyes bugged out for half a second at the final price, I decided to wait. I thought I'd be more green-eyed with jealousy over people getting her early (seriously, the people able to go into any store and snag her ASAP do kind of tick me off) buuuut mostly I've been otherwise occupied so I can just admire the parade of pictures of her in say, Molly and Emily's outfits. Which, btw, sold me completely on her. I knew I wanted her before, but dude! The cute, it burns.
Because I am snarky, I will say the one mod who keeps trying to make fetch happen get the fandom to further differentiate between various eras by calling something High Classic is going to drive me insane before the month is out. She's been called out by various people over this and she keeps trying to make it happen and it's just... no. A) Calling anything in AG classic is just asking for confusion because we already use that to refer to one of the face molds. B) we already have a billion ways to section off collection eras. There's PC, Mattel, Beforever, pre-Beforever... you get the idea. It's enough. So very, very enough.
And then there's the fact that she's taking the way AG chose to do Nanea's eyes as proof, proof I say, that this is the direction they'll go for all future molds!

Whaaaa? I... words fail me. They truly do. Let's start with the obvious. AG doesn't release new molds all that often. The last one was what, Marie Grace in 2011? And before that was Sonali in 2009? And reactions to those were just as mixed (though I think mostly MG was a solid pass until people got her in hand and changed her out of that meet outfit and did something new with the wig) but I don't remember anyone being sure that this was the New Direction AG was taking. Maybe it's the combo of the Wellies along with Nanea. Then again, I'd probably be willing to bet more on that if she didn't keep pushing that High Classic Era shit. :P

And now I'm off to find some Benadryl because the problem with August is that the fleas are out in full force and I'm super allergic.
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I need fluff to chase Thirteen Reasons Why. I thought it wasn't getting under my skin and then it did. I blame the setting up for season two. It cut the payoff considerably.

Also, the storyline with Justin's home life reminded me way too much of Widget and his mom. Only she's not quite Hollywood awful?

Fluff, fluff, where are you...
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Nanea is available for pre-order for Gold & Berry members. This is the good news. Like I skipped a little at how happy this made me.

And then I realized there's exactly ONE bundle and it's $216 (with free shipping) and it costs more than I have allotted for Nanea. So I went from "SHE WILL BE MINE!" to "I'm screwed!" in record time. Like three seconds. For three seconds I was in heaven.

And now, now I am not.

Nanea, whyyyyyyyyyy. I can't even really justify the price because honestly, I'm not super interested in her hula outfit right now (I'm super excited to see it, just... not on my want list?) and the savings is only the standard $5 for getting the doll and her accessories. If the bundle happened to exclude the hula outfit and the price was adjusted (obviously), I'd be all over that because free shipping.

Don't mind me. I'm just whining. ;_;
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Oooh, it's been nice and chilly (comparatively speaking) for the last two mornings. I know I'm going to cry bitterly when summer comes raging back, but it feels like fall this morning. I only wish the dog was up to her old ways of walking so I could've more easily enjoyed it. I know I could have gone for a walk myself, but she'd spent the last hour doing the whine of I'm lonely and it didn't seem quite right to ditch her right after I woke up.
For those who didn't catch it in one of my blatherings, the dog is getting up there in years and has basically stopped taking normal walks. She goes out, does her thing, and then flumps down on the ground and waits to be dragged back inside. Ideally I think she's hoping that one of us will just sit down beside her and let her sit out there for hours but yeah, summer. No. I did let her do a smaller version of this when I took her out this morning though.

Yesterday, inspired by the cooler weather, I cleaned her corner of the living room, including mopping the floor where her bed is. I hate mopping. LOATHE IT. But it wasn't so bad until I realized this mop pretty much expected you to wring it out by hand. Oh, mop. Anyway, the floor looked amazing and I cleaned the walls and cabinet doors and basically it was lovely and I am still very pleased with myself. Why, oh why, did I do all this? Because I'd ordered her a new bed (her old one was looking funky and she'd ripped a few holes in it) and wanted it to have a chance at staying nice. I was also a little worried because she's pretty picky about her beds. She likes the ones I get at work (which is the type I was replacing) but everything else is a crapshoot, honestly. She had one that took her four months to start to like even a little bit.
I needn't have worried. While she ignored it before I went up for my nap yesterday afternoon, when I came back down I was told she'd found it and been napping there for hours. The good news is that this one has a washable cover while the last few... not so much.
It's strange, but I've always viewed myself as a cat person. I will always view myself that way. But when I think of a time sometime in the future where the dog won't be here (and I'm not stupid, I know the day is coming far sooner than I would like to admit) I ponder the idea of another dog. I figured my life with dogs would pretty much come to an end whenever she goes to visit Dad but now I'm not so sure. Huh.

Anyway, on a less morbid note, behold my birthday gift from my brother:
image host
Don't look too closely at the eyes because whoa, are they a little freaky when you gaze at both at once. But when it's just one? Totally cute. Also, completely appropriate to be a little off putting for a Halloween thing. :D The skelly bits glow in the dark and- this is the big thing- it's exactly what I asked/hoped for.

This leads me to my plan for the day: I believe I shall go Halloween hunting. I've heard from various people online, including locals, that it's pretty much safe to hit a small list of stores and so I shall. (Clearly Cracker Barrel, where my doggy was purchased, is on the ball.)

I know I say this far too often, but good lord do I love Halloween. Heck, I love this time of year all the way through New Year's, actually.

BBW has started putting their Halloween stuff online. Slowly. Ever slowly. But the two wallflower plugins are screaming my name so loud that it's taking all my self control not to listen. I mean, lookit:
image host image host
*grabby hands*

I'm a little less enthused by their fall stuff so far, but half of that is because it takes me a stupidly long time to figure out what's actually new and what just has a new name and also because the candle packaging this year (and other things as well) is so very, very yawn inducing. Last year I had to resist the urge to buy ALL THE THINGS because the packaging was so damn cute and this year's crop is like they didn't even try.


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