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...kay. AG fandom, if you cannae tell the difference betwixt the Sonali and Josefina mold, no matter the skintone, you really shouldn't get all huffy about anything anyone does. Cuz no. At this point in time, if you're being all hardcore about things and still can't tell the difference and don't have facial blindness then you don't get to be hardcore, dammit.

Seriously. :P

Anyway, this comes up because pictures of the new AG custom options have leaked. Well, a catalog mentioning it leaked. And one of the options is, duh, a light Sonali mold and some people could not tell the difference, even when they zoomed in. Which is fine for casual fans or my loves here because I don't think you lot are freakin' hardcore, will cut a bitch over anything AG. But elsewhere in the world? Mmhmm.

Sooooooooo... without further ado:
Pictures! )

I hope there's a website doll maker thing that's actually got most of the variations entered into it so I can lose a week playing around with it.

I will say that I don't see myself really doing this more than once, but should the funds allow, I would likely make at least one custom simply because SCIENCE. Er, I mean because you get more than just the doll for the price. So we'll see how it goes because uh, I have a mighty need.

And I will be the asshole in the corner laughing at everyone turning purple over the various customs other people are planning. Seriously, the wank has already begun and this thing hasn't even launched yet.
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Yeah, the AG post is going to have to wait til I'm not dead, but here's a teaser. There's a new hotel playset (with a bunch of little ones to tie into it) and all I can think of is Karen Brewer forcing everyone to play Let's All Come In.

Well, that and a massive amount of Zach and Cody flashbacks from when Widget was younger. It's a strange, strange mix.

Oh, and apparently Z didn't get anything this go round that I can find. :( I know she's new and all but still.
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Tomorrow is a big AG release (think their fall stuff, as well as new stuff for Z, Tenney, Gabby, and Logan) and so naturally they updated their site today. o_O If you've got an account with them, you're going to need to set a new password and make sure to triple check your address on file. Oh, and add your payment info again, but they warn you about that. Depending on how I feel, we may cover the new releases tomorrow. We may wait a few days. I do know there are supposed to be 3 new Truly Me dolls (one is pretty much Gabby with longer hair) and all three are brunettes, and there's a new hotel set up. Ooh. Ahh.

I feel like someone slugged me in the face so I'm about to go read a bit before snoozing.

Oh, and this week's PLL and the finale preview have made me sad. Spoilers for who killed Charlotte. )
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In the past week I have washed pretty much every dish I think anyone in the house has used in the last freakin' year. At the moment I have maybe... six dishes still up in the air and two of those are the crock pot and its lid, which I didn't even realize was dirty until I peeked in it yesterday. o_O I don't remember the last time anyone used it! I'm guessing it was a meal I didn't partake in for whatever reason but still. So it's doing the heat and clean itself kind of thing. Hopefully it'll work.

I'm so tired of cleaning but every time I find myself with more than ten minutes of downtime, I gravitate towards finding something to clean or mess with. I clean instead of grieve. I thought when this happened with Dad it was because I was worried people would appear at the house and be horrified. Yeah, nope. It's how I process grief, or work around it or something. At least it's useful.

But I also bitch. The boy and the mop. )

Annnnnnnnd now I'm exhausted. This whole sleeping for four hours, max, thing has to stop. I'm not good with it. But I can't sleep yet because I must wait out the crock pot since we're in the cool down portion.

On the plus side, for maybe the next couple of hours parts of the house look amazing. Seriously, the kitchen is glorious and so is the front hall. I'm more proud of the kitchen because the hall is because I cheated and hid the books Mom and I got from the boy's ex when they wouldn't accept "no, really, we shouldn't, we don't have the room." Gotta find room for them on an actual shelf orrrrrrrr give them away. After reading, obviously.

Back I go to sorting old mail, I believe. Thrills and chills!

Wait! It's officially summer so that means the Summer Mini Challenge is up and running! If you write or want to write at all, I highly recommend this. I'm eying at least one of the tables and I just looked at the post like thirty seconds ago. Yup, when I'm not falling asleep where I sit, I'm signing up.
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I just know that as soon as I go upstairs and collapse into my nice, freshly made bed, something will happen. But what will it be?

Will it be:
a) the dog realizing that ohmygosh, she hasn't had a walk in hours and absolutely must go NOW?
b) my brother appearing to do his laundry and then fuss because I haven't cleaned to his specifications (yeah, I tried. I think Widget borked the little vacuum and I dunno where the big one is)

Nope. It was c) Mom calling to let me know my aunt died this morning around 11. :(

If you need me, I'll be upstairs with the animals. Still, it's good to know she lived up to her side of the family's tradition and went out on a holiday.
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I was just trying to drift off to sleep when I hear a banging on the door. I get there and Widget is there and he says he's spending the weekend! I hobble outside and talk to his mom who is at total bitchface before I say a word. I tell her, hey Mom's not here because my aunt is dying. I don't say anything else before he's climbing back in her car and she's saying she hasn't talked to mom later and she doesn't think Widget has either but he was saying he was gonna spend the night with his friend... Uh. Ok? Obviously he hasn't spoken with mom and neither has she but I never said he wasn't welcome. I start to say these things and she gives me this look and says she can't talk right now, she has to go.

Thanks for your concern. Argh! I cannot stand her, particularly because she had the gall to act like Mom dropped the ball by not talking to her. She tried calling and no one called back! How did a three minute interlude manage to be this vexing?

Damn it.

Jun. 12th, 2017 04:06 pm
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My aunt is dying. Mom is going up to say goodbye and I'll be here trying to keep things under control. *eyes the dog* Not sure if my brother will be staying here or what. I kind of need him to because of the dog (she requires a fair amount of walking) but it'll be weird either way.
I wish I didn't have to bother with work for the week but I do, so I have to find a way to and from work. So far this only seems like a problem for one day, so I'm considering just calling out for that night. I do need to call work and let them know I won't be able to work next Tuesday (when she comes back) but each time I try to say the words, I get choked up. Like I made it about three words into my convo with Cass before my throat closed so yeah. Maybe I'll just leave a note tomorrow night.
It's stupid having to worry about work when someone is dying but there you go.
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In fluffier news, we have some AG chatter because why not. The new Z special is up on Amazon though I haven't watched more than the trailer. Which, btw, was painful so my hopes for this thing aren't high at this point. Hopefully this means I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, the ever knowledgeable source on FB had this to say:
Samantha and Addy are leaving.. but Nanea's coming and her clothes are awesome. Hibiscus dress with a train, hula outfit, fishing pole with fish.. cant wait

Her (Nanea) big item is her grandparents grocery store

I've heard that Addy might be getting shuffled to online only instead of completely archived but the news of Addy and Sam being shuffled off together isn't really new. I can't say I'm surprised either, honestly. It's why I used my reward certificate to buy Sam stuff. Addy's been allegedly on the chopping block since Cecile was in the works and Sam 2.0 apparently didn't pan out as well as AG hoped. (There are reasons, AG. Not the least of which is that you should've kept her in the archives til at least next year. Just sayin', ten years would've been smarter.)
A quick perusal of their pages tells me that I am missing:
both Addy and new!Samantha dolls
Addy's new accessories which I'm pretty meh on, honestly
Addy's new bedding but it's bundled with the bed that I already own so nope
Samantha's new accessories which are on my short list to buy
her new bed and bedding which nope, if I'm buying Sam's bed, it's gonna be the one I grew up wanting.
New!Jip which is also a hard pass for me
her bike, and while it's cute and on sale I'm going to pass once more
Plus the minis but again, eh.

I'm not sure whether I'll cave and buy either doll. It's a space and money issue as well as the fact that I own a Samantha already and while they're different and I not so kind of wanted a newer Sam, I'd rather have Nanea. (And as irrational as it is, I feel like my Sam would be sad and feel replaced.) Addy is one where I always come back to feeling like Cass has a "she's mine and just mine!" kind of hold on her. Dunno if that's true or not because I never remember to ask, and I'm not sure she'd tell me if she didn't want me to blow my money anyway. *shrug* I remain on the fence.

Oh, and AG's doing some new non-fiction "A Girl Named" books and one of them is covering Hillary Clinton. People, predictably, have lost their minds and fights have broken out. To which I say: bitches, please. Regardless of your personal feelings on the woman, she is an important historical figure and one AG was/is going to have to cover at some point. If you don't like her, don't buy or read the book. It's that simple.
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Hobbled in to work, knowing I was either going to be late or squeak in right under the wire, and didn't make it more than one freakin' step past the door before I see my current least favorite customer. And he's got a dog. Wtf. Like I said, I'm running late so I try to wave and keep limping but nooooo. No. He calls me over and won't let me go as he rehashes the same question he has every time: can he return/exchange this cologne. No, dude, you can't. You can't keep bringing shit back. We've told you that you have abused the privilege to the point that NO ONE will do it for you and it's pretty much the first customer specific thing we teach the newbies. Also, you can't have that dog in the store.

At the back of the store, still hoping against hope for a time related miracle, I see the weird dude who flipped out when I didn't immediately message him back on FB and sent a gazillion messages before I'd even gotten off work... and later showed his ass further with his whiny can't get a date because of all the gay people. There's another guy who looks sorta similar from the back so I'm not sure and I'm in a hurry, so I clock in. Late. Of course.

And the food/candy truck obviously showed up sometime because there's a cart in the candy aisle and as I'm trying to work on that, I get called up front. It's probably been like, ten minutes since I walked through the door and four of those were wasted on the annoying dude. Yeah, he's back and wants to do the thing I told him he could not do. WTF. So I get the shift lead and she tells him nope, nuh uh. Then he wants to smell the tester of one of the Nautica scents and I look to make sure it actually has a tester (a lot don't) and then I have to find the keys to the new perfume cases. Joy.

As I'm telling him, again, that the only person at this point who can maybe do the return won't be back til the morning (and I was wrong, apparently he's off this weekend?), I realize that yup, the other guy was in fact the weird dude.

Spent the next three hours putting away a crapton of candy and hurried around to finish the rest of my chore list because I didn't know the SM wasn't coming in. Then spent two hours putting away cigs even though this store doesn't have the room for all that nonsense. Seriously, if you just looked at the boxes behind the wall o registers, you'd think I'd done nothing. But no, I stuffed what little room we had til it was bursting at the seams.

And I get home to the news that Adam West died. :(
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The upshot of the new store getting rid of a shitton of things is that the clearance section has yielded some interesting finds. I've been trying to be good for the most part, but I found Essie's Speed Setter Ultra Fast Dry Top Coat for $2.50 and figured what the heck, my Revlon one is at the goopy/hard to work with stage.

I tried it over my WnW Be More Pacific (and thought of the lovely [personal profile] luxken27) and holyshit is this thing amazing. I'm not going to make any claims on how ultra fast it dries down but I will say that I'm notorious for being impatient and ruining at least one nail because I didn't wait quiiiiiiiiiiiite long enough.

Nope. These set perfectly. Like glass. I think the last time my nails felt and looked so smooth/shiny was when I tried that at home gel thing with Cass. So smooth that I had to get a second opinion on the matter, so the morning after truck (which is a night that usually trashes newly polished nails), I had Mums look and feel. She was most impressed. After last night I racked up a tiny, itty bitty amount of tip wear because I never (ever) remember to wrap the tips. I...might've bought the other two bottles I found. Because this polish has never looked so good and it's looked pretty damn good before. But this week I've had people grab my hand to get a better look at what's going on in the polish department.

The food/candy truck didn't arrive before I left work and I might've skipped on out the door happy at this development. That said, whenever it does come, it's gonna be HUGE. Please come during the day, k?

I had something actually meaningful to say but heck if I remember what it is now.

This week's PLL was pretty damn good.
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I did go swimming yesterday but I did not get my B&BW order. I guess it's better than the reverse, though I am a bit peeved that when I checked my tracking around noon it had switched to 'out for delivery' and then around 3, I idly checked my tracking and it was now saying it'd be here Tuesday. Which makes sense considering it never updated any progress until this morning sometime (I'm still not sure how it took more than a day for it to travel an hour's distance) but what's the point in asking UPS to update you on things like, I dunno, a change in delivery if they do not, in fact, alert you to changes in delivery? Fedex updates every time the truck hiccups but UPS ignores you completely. Weird.

Ah well. Two day shipping is still pretty snazzy. Not lose your mind and flail around snazzy (B&BW is actually very good about two day shipping) but y'know, still good.

I think after a month and a half I fixed what the goddamned Comcast tech messed up with the big TV. Sigh. On the plus side, I don't have to call them to have someone fix it, or most likely walk me through fixing it while somehow mucking something else up. On the downside, I don't think I can get them to credit me for the month and a half of this not freakin' working. WOE.

Hours later... my box arrived. I'm not completely sold on everything but it's hard to fully judge the soaps until you try them and some of them might not get tried for awhile. Nothing caused an immediate recoil of EW, NO which is good. In case you pondered, I snagged:
Stuff! )


Jun. 5th, 2017 07:15 am
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G'ah. I don't think I'm going to get to go swimming today. Stupid period showed up last night and while it does explain the back pain it's not exactly thrilling. And I didn't go yesterday morning because by the time I got home from work (we stopped at the store), the walk from the car to the house was already too hot. The sun, it blinds and overheats me!

Sooooo... work. We officially opened Friday and I went in at midnight Friday and Saturday. It's... different. I don't spend a lot of time going into other drugstores but apparently our new store is set up like a lot of the newer stores. Which makes sense since duh, obviously they're going for a uniform thing. We do seem to have the fancier layout for cos, but our cos head moved to overnights so I don't know how that's going to work. Also, I still think it's ridiculous to have cos right by the windows, y'know? Ah well.
The store itself is bigger in a LOT of ways. There are more aisles, the aisles themselves are longer, the stockroom seems massive though I'm pretty sure I'll think differently once we start getting in promo stuff for say, back to school or an actual holiday. Pharmacy is huuuuuuuge on the customer side (I'm not special so I've not been behind the magic doors to see how it is from an employee viewpoint)... you get the idea. Oddly enough, the aisles themselves are more squished together which should make doing the floors at night easier. But it doesn't. Because whatever our floor is made of, it refuses to let the dustmop work. You'll sweep something up and then realize that as soon as you moved around one of the poles or something, you've lost your bit of trash/dust/whatever. And since there's a lot more floor to cover, doing the floors takes me a goddamned hour every night. And you can't even tell because not only does the floor repel the dustmop, it won't give up anything with a regular mop, either. So it's a waste of time!
Anyway. Since I also have only a general idea of where things are (whereas before I could pretty much tell you exactly where to find it) trying to put things away from the old store is a pain. Which I'd be okay with if half the stuff wasn't not sold at the new store because... why? There's more room, why are we cutting our selection of stuff? I don't get it! And it's not even like it's the stuff we never sold that's being cut. o_O So then you have to hike all the shit you can't find back to the cavernous stockroom and try to find a place to put it because heaven forbid we leave it in totes even though it's taken over about half the stock carts at this point. So that kills even more time. There are lunches (and I will say the new breakroom having the timeclock is kinda genius) and then there's the most difficult thing of all:
There is no way on earth to watch the front of the store if you are not standing at the wall o' registers or the front of a couple of aisles. And I do mean the front of that aisle, you cannot just wander down any of them and still see the damn registers because it's a wall of them so you can't tell when someone is randomly standing in front of say, the photo register because how are they to know which one you're actually ringing on? Which means you can't really do anything if you're covering the front for someone else. At first I thought the really annoying automated "welcome!" thing would at least alert us to when someone came in, but it also says "welcome!" when they leave and it doesn't trigger for everyone, so you can't rely on that.

Basically, the old way of doing things will not work at the new store and I'm going to burn myself out until people realize it and shift expectations accordingly. It doesn't help that we have a new overnight lead and she's working on the how things worked at the other store playbook, along with S who doesn't seem to comprehend that if she's outside doing the parking lot, I have to be standing up front and not doing my job and the longer she's out there, the less time I have to run through the hardest fucking aisles and ohholyfuck, woman, you still haven't touched the last three of your aisles and I... I'm going to just lose my damn mind, honestly.

tl;dr version: the store is set up like a maze which makes my job infinitely harder than it should be. The floor is made of evil and this sucks because my store manager has a thing about the floors. Half the stuff we moved over isn't even being sold at our store and I'm losing my mind.

It doesn't help that half the stuff we are still carrying isn't in the system. On the plus side, no liquor license yet.

In happier news, my B&BW order shipped already. I'm not sure I believe it when they say it should be here today but I'm happy to be wrong!

oOoh, SAS

Jun. 4th, 2017 10:19 am
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I've been pretty good about not buying anything beyond essentials lately but I made a couple of exceptions today.

One: The Gwenpool Funko Pop at work. I *might* return her but I don't think so. I've tried to be good about limiting my Funkos and she just caught my eye my first night at the new store. (We will discuss that place later. Spoiler: ugh.) I figured that if I still wanted her 24 hours later, it was meant to be.

Two: B&BW started their SAS today (I think?) and I had literally just been eying the kitchen soap, trying to remember if I had another bottle set aside for it or not, right before I checked my email. Sooooooo... I bought some soap. And they had my Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow stuff from last year and the stuff they released this year that's supposed to be the same damn thing, so I snagged some to compare. For science, you see. For SCIENCE. I was good and didn't throw in any candles or anything else random since it takes me forever and a day to go through things, though I might wander over to the YC site and snag some stuff now that I've done my B&BW shopping. I am possibly more excited by the thought of a box o' soap and stuff than I probably should be. But they sound so interesting or are things I know I like!

Now, I'm off to feed the cat and pass out because work kicked my ass. Again.


Jun. 1st, 2017 11:03 pm
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I don't get how people manage the 16 hour days without going stark raving mad. Everything hurts right now (to be fair, only my feet were kinda unhappy while I was actually at work but the ride home gave everything time to start singing) to the point that my shower is going to have to wait til after I pass out. Blergh.

I got to see the new store... sort of. Of the eight hours I was there, I spent like six and a half of them behind the front registers putting away cigs and tobacco crap. Yes. It took that long. I don't know how but it did. And the rest of the time was either in the break room, the stockroom briefly, or on the hair care aisle. I... couldn't tell you where anything else is.
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Dear PLL. Thank you for answering nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, technically they did with Lucas admitting that he knew Charles and then fearing that he'd kind of set things into motion but can we take a moment to say there'd be nothing to set in motion if a) teenage Ali wasn't such an awful, awful person and b) Charles/Charlotte/whatever wasn't so insanely nutty?

No? Well, I guess we'll settle for Lucas basically admitting he's still in love with Hanna and Hanna still not noticing. It's weirdly sweet but I described it badly.

Sigh. Oh, Aria. I wish I could care about your turn to the dark side. Almost as much as I wish I liked the Emily/Ali hookup but all it makes me want to do is just roll my eyes out of my head.

Last night at work was weird. Tonight should be weirder still. Part of me thinks I should take M up on her offer to work straight through instead of coming back but the slightly lazier but still more sane part of me is like "yeah, no. You'll fuck your feet up, you'll die of heatstroke, and also you'll stab someone. No."

Speaking of heat, they came to fix the AC today. Something about the drain. It took less time than my shower. Also, they remain committed to their story of the wrong size air filter. Seriously, the last time we bought the size they said, the damn thing fell out. Repeatedly. Because it's too small.

And yet their online reviews are amazing. I don't get it. Sigh.

Kay, I'm going back to bed now that I've eaten. Just think, tomorrow I'll be back at work at this time, trying not to stab people. Huzzah!
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I finally caught up on last week's PLL. I meant to do so earlier but you have to be in the right mood, I guess. And um... it was...
Spoilers, I guess )

If you read that, I thank you for joining me in the land of wtf.


May. 29th, 2017 01:44 pm
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Forgot to mention this, but sometime last week I finally bought an ankle support thing and I've gotta say that other than having a hell of a time trying to undo the velcro at times, it's actually making my ankle bearable. It's not back to normal or really close, but it's closer than it's been in awhile, so I figure that's progress. The downside, of course, is that with home and work being less than properly air conditioned, I am not exactly cool as a cucumber. :p

...well. That figures. I spent the morning cleaning up around the house because my brother and cousin were supposed to swing through on their way back from the family get together in NC. Eventually I realized I should probably shower since it's a million degrees outside (and I've been in and out taking stuff to the trash) and literally as soon as I walked downstairs from the shower, I see my brother who informs me the cousin just left.

And then I asked the boy to help me diagnose my cable issue and he bitched mightily about how that area wasn't clean enough without saying a word but doing the eye rolls and frustrated sighs of "the fuck!" Also, he mentioned he's moving up to NC in August.

Great. I mean, sure, your kid is going to try living with his mother this summer and I'll be shocked if he doesn't come to blows with his stepfather (who is one of the people on the planet I might actually not feel bad if I pushed him into oncoming traffic and he did not survive) and... nope. Not going to spaz until things are more concrete. It's just not worth it.

I should find something to eat.
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Work has an official moving date. Our current store will be closed June 1st and the new store will open June 2. The only downside to this is that I'm working 10-6 Wednesday night and then I'm on the schedule for 2pm-10pm on Thursday. That's gonna be... interesting.

Now people have begun calling and asking if the store's open. Honestly, I'm not really sure, other than the pharmacy, why we are considering entire sections are being wiped out to move over to the other store. *shrug* Hopefully anyone stopping by won't need school supplies. Oh, wait, they've already been by looking for that stuff.

I still haven't been inside the new store. I've heard things about it that aren't necessarily thrilling me. I suspect it's set up like most of the newer stores I've been in, where the aisles aren't straight and instead they stagger them weirdly. The AC isn't running at the right temp so they keep having to override it, I think? I get the impression it's possible to temporarily make it colder but that it won't stay that way without someone higher up being able to do something. It's summer, people. Heat index is set to hit 100 today. I think cranking the AC would be a good idea.

Let's see. Oh! Apparently the ladies room only has one stall. Our current store has two and there's frequently a line even overnight, so I can only imagine what this is going to be like during the day. Night ain't gonna be fun since all the surrounding stores who are open (not many) close their bathrooms because people are gross. On the plus side, no gross tiles overhead anymore. No tiles at all. So I guess we're getting that weird lovechild of a Lowe's and a bank like the store over closer to my house.

I'm trying not to complain because I haven't seen anything firsthand. Also, because I've got bigger fish to fry. My aunt is sick and if I'm going to spare any extra energy on things I can't really change, it's going to be hoping that she gets better.

Random thing stolen from Al )
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Huh. Facebook reminded me that five years ago, Tiggy died. :( It's weird to think he and Belle have been gone that long and that I've had Ozma a few months shy of that.

Moving along, I wish my Walmart order would arrive. I would've preferred all of it today but if I must settle for just some of the socks, I suppose that will do since my last pair of work socks are now officially hole-y.

I can't figure out the move at work. I've heard it's been moved back to the beginning of June, I've heard the end of June, and apparently they finally started loading up carts of stuff to take over to the new store so... what's going on? Who knows. It'll be nice to be in a store where the tiles don't look like they're going to fall from the ceiling in an explosion of mold and ick, where the AC might actually work, where the cooler doesn't leak ... and it appears we're getting a fancier Cos section, so that might be interesting.

Spent last night at work opening a bunch of Cos displays which always makes me happy. There was a Wet n Wild display with the gel lip stuff, including the lip liners that I wanted to try a couple of months back. I might snag one of them tonight... Also, a whole buncha Wonder Woman displays. I really want the nail decals, actually. Alas, nothing super thrilling in the new makeup department. Almay's got some new highlight/blush thing (I didn't open this one so I didn't look too closely at it) and Revlon's got two new primers but otherwise... eh. Just as well since I shouldn't be spending anything anyway.

Annnnnnnnd sometime soon I'm gonna have to contact AG because they didn't give me my double rewards. Regardless, I still hit the Berry level. Which is insane because I cut waaaaaaaay back on my AG spending in the last year. Didn't I? I swear I did. And as a note to future!me, my account says I stay Berry until next May.
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Sometimes I'm reminded that my brother and I aren't quite as different as we seem. Case in point:

The boy and I both reacted to the news of Chris Cornell's death with the same song. For all I know everyone in the universe also immediately got this song stuck in their head at the news, but I'm kinda doubting it.

Annnnnnd I just got hit by a massive wave of deja vu. o_O I'd rather not contemplate the idea that this is just a time loop that's happened more than once. It's sad enough the first go round, y'know?

Sigh. Moving along, let's see. Is there anything I wish to chatter about?

AG's having a Spring Sale and I ordered a couple of things which means I forgot all about my plan to use my Rewards on Z's stuff. Whoops. I snagged two of Samantha's items because for that price I figured why not.

Ordered a shirt for Mums and might've snagged this one for myself. Then [profile] irishgypsie shared the news that Golden Girls Clue is totally going to be a thing. I have a mighty need.

Other things are going on but I don't particularly wish to commit them to memory just now as it'll just get me grumbly again.

Work wise, it sounds like despite making pretty good time on building the actual store, someone is dragging their feet in finishing it so the opening is being pushed back... again. Sounds like June sometime. Look, just so long as you don't push it to July for my week that I've already requested and been given off. Or you can totally do that, just don't expect me to change my plans.
One of the overnight shift leads quit, so we'll be getting someone new. I think K might've actually been fired this time but I won't know til I talk to her again.

My plan for today is sleep. Let's see if I bork that plan completely.


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