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2017-07-21 08:44 am

In which I battle Death and Luna Lovegood

How I spent yesterday, the shorter version.

Got off work mostly on time after having an interesting chat with one of the newer people (we'd never spoken before) where she basically told me alllllllllllllll her friend's business and welp. That's a thing.

Stopped at McDonald's for breakfast, pretty much negating my night of drinking mostly water instead of more sugary goodies. I tried to be good, universe. Still, better that than nothing.

Came home and somehow lost my morning to paying bills, talking briefly to my uncle and then trying to follow his directions for something to help Mums and oh, yeah, battling the impossible.

While skipping through FB to see if there was an update on my cousin (there was not), I stumbled across Hot Topic and their boasting of their Summer Con exclusives. Normally I don't pay a damn bit of attention to such things but then I saw her. Luna. Freakin'. Lovegood.

I might've broken a record finding her on their site and throwing her in my basket and trying to check out only to be thwarted by her disappearing at the last second. What the heck, Lovegood?! Yeah. She kept showing up as available only to laugh and say no, although it never went as far as the first time when she legitimately showed up in my bag long enough to get my hopes up.

I debated it long and hard (at least a good minute and a half once I realized HT's site was just messing with me) and wandered over to ebay and set a limit on what I was willing to pay and found one that didn't sell out from under me. Again. Anyone other than Luna and I'd have walked away.

Then found out Chester Bennington died and wondered if [personal profile] luxken27 knew. Went to sleep shortly thereafter, only to be woken by Mums for dinner and to let me know my cousin died. I get all the best ways to wake up, no?

Throw in a period scripted by Stephen King and I wasn't looking forward to work but apparently I dozed just long enough to miss my window to call out and not get murdered. So I went and it wasn't bad.

Had some blather here, will try again when my head is a little less frazzled. My heart is a little less sad when I see how many people love him and will miss him.
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2017-07-19 07:13 pm

this summer can suck it

I dislike the summer. Immensely. My cousin had a stroke last... Friday? Earlier? I don't know, time has been fuzzy. Anyway, he had a stroke though they weren't sure at the time what happened. And, like my aunt (and father eons ago), he seemed to be getting better only to make it hurt that much more when the universe screamed, "psych!" and now he's in hospice care. The one consolation I take in this is that he's not alone and seemed to be with it enough to have helped make the decision. Then again, I could be wrong on that last bit (not the alone part) and they could just be going based solely on what he said after his father died.

In any case, my cousin is dying and my heart just is tired of this.

Mums did try and warn me yesterday that it sounded like things would go in this direction, so it's not completely out of left field. It just sucks. Suuuuuuuuuuucks.

And in unrelated, but still sucky news, one night of work in and my feet already feel like hell. To be fair, I was the idiot who forgot to wear her foot brace thing but still. One night. Stupid damn near concrete floor.

In other news of the non-sucky type, my Cleo & Ghoulia order has 'shipped' though as far as I can tell they haven't gone anywhere and are just sitting in WI, chillin'. Doing nothing. Still have to remember to email them about the shipping charge.
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2017-07-15 10:48 am

(no subject)

Is today the Hallmark Ornament thing? I think it might be. In any case, that's not normally my thing but the last year or so I've kept an eye on it because I swear, it's like Hallmark goes digging through my interests for ideas. You've got classic MLP, Rainbow Brite, DC Superhero Girls... I'm actually tempted by DCSG Wondy. She looks pretty snazzy. Probably won't though as I'm a slacker and rarely buy figure ornaments. But if I did, she and Moondancer would probably be near the top of the list. Not quite the top because they do have Halloween things. Little the mini owl, that little pumpkin tree stand thing, and I like the raven (which is basically their bird mold but in purple for Halloween) ohoh, and the haunted house.

But I haven't the money so I am once more saved thanks to the powerpuff girls being broke. Huzzah?

I believe I shall spend the next hour or so (gotta give myself a cutoff time) perusing the various Halloween things that've been popping up online and then I'm going to do... something. I dunno what. Maybe give American Gods another whirl. Maybe find a new place to straighten up. I'll figure it out. Mebbe.

Oh, did I ever mention my one and only Prime Day order? They had a box/case of MH minis for $25 and I figured what the hey, the latest reviews said they were onto S1W4 and that's the one I didn't have anywhere near a full set of, and if they'd moved beyond that set onto S2, well, so much the better. They hadn't. I wound up with S1W4 and I'm content with it. I've only opened four so far, but I'm trying to pace myself. We'll see how long that lasts. :P

My Sephora order finally showed up yesterday. Pretty late, I'd gone up to take a late nap (after 5?) when Mums called up that it had arrived. Anyway, I am ever so glad I took my time going through the free samples to choose non-foundations because, y'know, foundation samples always hit the middle of the road and are too goddamned dark for me so why bother. Nope, I dunno if they just didn't bother to look at my preferences or they'd run out by the time they actually got around to filling the order or what, but I wound up with the makeup wipes I'd requested and two foundation samples. One *might* work but the other is so, so off the mark that I'm only going to try it to laugh.

But I got my little rollerball of Stella, the perfume I like but will never buy because I'm not spending $80+ on perfume thank you, so I'm happy.
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2017-07-14 04:57 pm

(no subject)

Huh. Well, I feel like a jackass. I waited til all the episodes of American Gods were over to even think of watching it because I thought I'd have to do the free trial thing on Amazon. Nope, turns out we have that channel but since I pretty much watch all of three channels (six if you count me getting lucky and the HD versions of those channels working) I didn't realize it.

But I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make it through this series because holyfuckballs, I don't need or want to see that much blood and carnage. o_O Soooo... what is a girl to do?

Distract herself with the tale of the Sephora Birthday Order, I suppose. Monday I ordered something small and ponied up for the Flash Shipping (mainly so I'd get my shiny and my freebies super fast but also because you never know when you're gonna need it in the future), all so I could get my birthday 'freebie' as well as one of the 100 point perks. I'll be honest, it was the perk that actually pushed me to make the order. Anyway, I did this around noon because that afternoon is when the storms of doom rolled through.

Tuesday comes and goes without any movement on the Sephora front. Weird but... okay. Wednesday. Nothing. So I check the payment method and I was billed for the Flash but the regular order is still under pending. Huh. So I send them a message and a few hours later I get a message on FB that says hey, we dropped the ball, so sorry. Gonna light a fire under warehouse's ass to get your order out and here's 200 points to say we're sorry. That's actually pretty spiffy since it puts me at over 500 points (lest you think I do a lot of Sephora shopping, I think it's mostly gifts over the years and the 10 points a month from the box) and that's where some really fun freebies appear.

But Wednesday comes and goes completely without any movement. K, I get it. Thursday nothin'. Uh...
Thursday evening I get an email that says due to the Flash Shipping basically being not freakin' applied, I'm getting a $10 credit on my account. Sooo... that's cool. Shortly after that, I get a shipping email that says that hey, my Play box has shipped and so has my birthday order. My play box arrived around noon today but I'm still waiting on UPS to roll on through.

Assuming the order gets here safe and sound, I will give Sephora credit on being good at making things up to you. Extra points and an account credit? Yes, please.

In other news, I spent the morning cleaning. You absolutely cannot tell and I know this because I said that to Mums and she said, "I could tell." I perked up and asked, "Really? How?" as I wondered if she'd noticed the 16 layers of dust had disappeared off a corner of the room, or how the piles of papers or whatever had moved and shrunk. "I heard you."

Sigh. Took hours and the only person who can tell is me, and that's only because I know where to look. G'ah.
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2017-07-13 07:58 am

Ah, staycation

I believe it's time for the morning check in.

Yesterday was also good but absolutely nothing of great interest happened. I mean, I remembered I had to pay the cable bill after a moment of panic. I also managed to finally pack up the MH dolls for Widget's cousin. I'm waiting til a little later to put the box out for pickup (let's be honest, my mailman ain't coming by to pick them up before 11 at the earliest) but this means I have my little folding table back. I just hope they like them.

Let's see. I also checked on my Sephora order and realized that it still hasn't freakin' moved. So I checked to see if the payment had gone through and it did for the Flash shipping sub, but not the actual stuff. Soo... you took my money for the thing that's meant to ensure I get my stuff ASAP but have not actually shipped my stuff, let alone shipped it so I'd get it ASAP? Mmhmm. Lemme message you and get that fixed. So I did and a couple of hours later they got back to me with an apology, an extra 200 points, and the promise that they'd lit a fire under warehouse's ass. I believe the first two, but there's still no sign of movement on my order 12 hours later. Sigh.

Got my AG Custom catalog yesterday. No coupon, which is the part where I say that there are apparently 20% off coupons being mailed with catalogs to people. Naturally fandom has gone on the warpath because it's entirely possible that said coupons will be allowed to be used on the custom line. (Someone who got one called in and asked that specifically and was told they could use it but now AG is trying to backtrack.)

So if that's your thing, keep an eye on your mailbox.

Can't decide if I want to try swimming today. I really thought I'd spend my week off at the pool but... meh. I like it when I'm there, I don't mind the walk back, but it takes a chunk of my day. Why are you so far away, pool. So far away. And also not open now.
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2017-07-12 07:56 am


For those pondering, yesterday was a much better day than the ol' birthday. Not because it was Prime Day because eff Prime Day. It never has anything I want and yet I spend the day wondering if maybe, just maybe... :p But it did sorta have something. I took a chance. When it comes in, I'll let you know if it was a waste of money or if it worked out.

Anyway, to recap: I didn't go for a swim because of the cat mauling. I keep calling it that like she reads/listens and feels bad. She doesn't, although I think she did start to worry because she amped up her snuggles and hello, my favorite person, remember you love me antics. I hold grudges, cat. I hold 'em close. But as she's never done something like that before, I must conclude sleepy!me committed a crime. Still, I didn't think exposing my wounds to the pool the next day would be a great idea. Watched some Golden Girls because it's what I do, and then thought, "hey! Maybe that was the problem!"
I planned on wearing my GG shirt for my birthday and just never got around to it since I pretty much did not leave the house for anything wearing the shirt would be good for... but yesterday I put that sucker on ASAP and the day went well. Coincidence? Well, probably. :p

So, had to kill some time because where we live there's no point in trying to leave the house anywhere between 7-9 if you don't have to since it'll take forever because traffic on the highway is insaaaaaaaaane. Once we did leave, it was mostly smooth sailing to the Target. Mums asked if I wanted to be dropped off while she hit the library and I debated it. On the one hand, I'd like to go looking for books. On the other, libraries in the summer tend to have a lot of kids. Kids who scream and we both know Target is also a breeding ground for screaming children. Ultimately I agreed because I also wanted to hit Bath and Body Works and I know she's not a fan. I'm not using my one "you must go with me" on summer stuff. Oh no, that I hold out for fall.
My plan was simple. Target I was there to see if they had any minis I don't have and also to check out the toy clearance. I found eight minis from S1 wave 4, I think? I've never seen the second series here, which is probably just as well since I'd have gone nuts if I did. As it was, I made sure all the codes on the lockers were different and threw them in my basket. I debated a few EAH/MH dolls and even walked around with a few, only to put two of them back. I was pretty meh on the toy selection, really. The highlight was a little girl who asked, "What's this?" about a MH mini and her grandmother replied, "Oh, that's Monster High. You don't like MH." She waits a minute or two and then says, "It's scary." Little kid says, "Oh..." in that are you sure? way. Grandma then says, "I like MH but you don't," and part of me wondered if this is because she looked up and realized that hello, the only other person on the aisle (and you know Target toy aisles are short) is digging through the MH stuff and putting some in her basket. The kid is still not quite believing this so she calls out, "Mama? Do you like MH?" and her mother shoots back a very quick, "No! Not really."
Too. Scary. Oh, ladies. I wish they were still scary. :P

The employees were putting out school stuff and eventually during one of my laps around the store (I had no idea how long it would take Mums to get to the library, find her books, and then get back) I wandered down a couple of the aisles. Nothing called my name at a price I wanted to pay and I didn't really want to get in their way as they set the section, so I continued on. Eventually picked up some sno-cone syrup because I can't remember if I've tried this one and like it or if it's just too sweet.
Got bored and nearly run over half a dozen times, as you do at the Target, and eventually the kids screaming told me it was time to hit B&BW.
I didn't have a huge plan, really. They had a wallflower sale but I wasn't sure I'd like any of the scents enough to commit. I wandered around and sniffed things. Limoncello really does smell like lemon cleaner. I don't know if I knew this before or just needed a refresher. I think I agree with the rumor that B&BW is moving away from the Signature Skincare stuff they've done for eons because I swear, I tripped over Shea displays every half a foot. It was disconcerting, really.
Let's peruse the site and see which scents I liked or hated. Aloha Beaches was actually really good and the name cracks me up because I keep thinking it's "Aloha, Bitches" because I'm twelve, apparently. I still dislike Tea & Lemon. Bourbon Sea Salt and Caramel is one I would've bought had it been on sale. I initially picked it up thinking it would smell godawful and I like to torture myself sometimes, but ohmyglob, it smelled sweet without it being too much. I can't really say the same for the scent portable (and I'm sorry, but having the boozy version of Black Cherry Merlot in your car seems like a bad, bad idea) but the candle smelled so good. Vanilla Birch was okay. Rose Water and Ivy was a no, Coconut Bay smelled nice enough at first and then something went weird at the end so that's a no. White Gardenia smells like something I think Mums would like, and that's not a bad thing in this case.

I tried Bowties and Bourbon but I don't remember what I thought of it now. I don't think it was as bad as I feared it would be but I want to say it's a cologne thing and I can't do those most of the time. I was really disappointed in Orange Creamsicle because it wasn't at all what you'd expect. Like who goes light on the sweet orange for that? NO ONE. Salted Oak Bonfire was also a disappointment because I'd heard it was kind of the candle version of Beach Nights. It is not. There's too much cologne in there, at least on cold. Oh god. No.

Lesse. Wild Huckleberry tried to kill me so that's a hard pass. There's a Blue Cactus-y thing that I'm blanking on and it's actually not bad. Most of the scent portable scents were just either waaaaaaaaaay too cologne-y or too much for such a small space. I'm pretty sure one of them gave me an insta-headache so I stopped sniffing things quite so much.

I was in there for long enough that I felt I should buy something so I eventually picked up two of the small shea hand creams. Black Cherry Merlot because duh and the Sorry I'm Latte because when I tried it, it seemed to react well with me. I'm hoping that's the case when I'm not surrounded by a billion other scents, but we'll see. Plus the name cracked me up. I'm a simple gal.

Swung by Michaels after that and saw some funkins and other autumn things in store. Eee! Nothing I felt compelled to buy or even begin mentally crafting for, but it was nice.

Stopped at the grocery store and Mums ran in to grab things for dinner. Came home, I stalked my Amazon Prime deal and then had my strawberry daiquiri. Yum. Read a bit, vegged a bit, opened my MH minis and basically just enjoyed my day. It wasn't anything big but it was nice.

Today I'm hoping to pack up Widget's cousin's MH dolls that I'm sending her (finally, I only said I would back in freakin' April) and maybe hit the Post Office. Maybe send Mums. Maybe the shipping will be tomorrow. We'll see, we'll see.

I have a headache now so I'm gonna munch something and see if that helps. Away we go!
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2017-07-11 07:47 am
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Oh birthday, why.

A birthday story, told first in gif form.

Because one should always cut a wall o' pics. )

So yesterday was my birthday. For a change of pace, I decided not to do that thing where I obnoxiously run around shrieking about my birthday is coming, my birthday is coming. Tried maturity and also possibly not tempting fate. I set my expectations at a nice reasonably low level.

Seriously, this is how I thought it would go: Go swimming, maybe go out to Target/fast food lunch, nap, get my Facebook wishes, see Cass, and end the day with some cheesecake or actual cake. Oh, and dinner would likely be chicken enchiladas or ham and cheese casserole because yum. This was not an unreasonable set of birthday hopes, okay? This is essentially the bare freakin' minimum.

Then... Saturday? Cass posts on FB that she's got the ick and has had the ick since Wednesday or something and immediately I realize nope, poof to the see someone I do not live with part of my birthday. Fine, upon closer inspection of the past I realized this is probably an ongoing thing where I make my biggest flaw in birthday hopes: the hope that someone who is not my mother will want to, I dunno, spend part of the day with me. Craaaaaaaaaazy talk, right? But this is different- she's sick. Sunday I get my breakfast interrupted with "hey, you never told me what you want. Tell me now so I can order it and have it arrive tomorrow. But be fast cuz, y'know, Amazon's got a short window left for next day delivery." So I look around because the hell do I know what I want? I told you, I set my expectations to really low. This means no presents. Still, y'know... I like shiny things. So I assemble a small list and send it off and she mentions that she got it and then I assumed she was shopping and then dying of the ick.

FF to birthday time! It started off okay. Fed the cat, had some breakfast, ditzed around online, tried to take the dog for a walk and we're gonna sammich this in here because otherwise I'm gonna end on it and it will be too sad. I'd be surprised (pleasantly) if she makes it through the rest of the summer. She's slowed down tremendously and is blind as a bat and deaf as a post, though she's been those for a bit. She doesn't really seem to even enjoy her walks anymore, although this is a recent thing because I swear, last week she was dragging me around for her Sunday walkies. I'm hoping this is just me blowing a few days out of proportion but I also need to prep myself as it's a very real possibility. I suppose, given the life expectancy of her breed(s), this is to be expected but still.

Anyway, I checked the weather to see if it was still calling for storms at swimming time but nope, all clear and the actual weather outside seemed to agree. Went up to watch my Golden Girls at 8 and get ready for the pool (sunscreen, my friends) and by nine, I was skipping my way to the pool, after taking a moment to invite Mums but knowing she would decline. She didn't officially decline, but she also did not show up so... yeah. Anyway, no one else was there and basically spent an hour swimming by myself. It wasn't bad and when I started to feel a little lonely, a bunch of different kinds of birds decided to fly over and have a meeting at one of the trees between the pool and the pond. If animals are good enough for Disney Princesses, they're good enough for me. The water was pretty warm, which was a bit unusual since it had stormed the night before and the day wasn't all that hot yet but it's summer so not super weird either.

While I was drying off, D & Ari called and she and I talked for a fair bit. She had to go and said she'd call back, but I'm guessing she forgot or the family was busy and since she's still very much not the same as she was, I decided to take it as a good thing that she could and would talk to me on the phone. Look, universe, I tried and tried without being all obnoxiously Pollyanna about things, ok?

Went home, showered and then tried to con Mums into making lunch. She asked if I could wait and so I killed time (Sephora birthday gift order) and eventually lunch! Yum! Followed almost immediately by the storm from hell. It was raining so hard that I started to worry, but never fear! The weather channel was all "light rain." Guys, guys no. Sigh. I'm not sure the sun was properly seen again, really.

Watched a little Netflix, read a little, checked the non-existent FB messages because sure, why not, and realized that without the sun and with all the rain, I was going nowhere for the rest of the day. Sigh. Decided to take a little nap because why not. Also, at this point I figured I would be going to the store with Mums for dinner stuffs and for once I was kind of looking forward to this so you know I was desperate and also that the universe had a PLAN.

Yup. I drifted off with the cat snoozing next to me on the pillow. I wasn't that close to her and besides, she's been known to sleep on my friggin' head so I thought nothing of it. Until I remember hearing the phone ding but I wasn't getting up to get it and the next thing I know, the cat has fucked up my face. I don't know what happened. I can only guess that maybe sleepy!me made a move to get up, decided "fuck it" and put my head down on the cat or maybe she just had a kitty nightmare and my face was in the way. I don't know. I just know that I remember thinking "ow, shit, what the fuck, cat?!" and still not really waking up until I realized my hand, which I'd moved to the pain site, was now kinda wet. Like either I'm drooling (ew) or there's going to be blood when I open my eyes. Yeah, blood. Good. Freakin. Times. I've now got a hole in my lip, scratches on my face that aren't super visible BUT anytime I move beyond my resting bitch face, they hurt like fire, and also she got my arm but good. So... yeah.

The best thing about this is the stupid feeling of betrayal. Which you know is stupid but still... you fucked up my face, cat.

Sigh. Then my brother stopped by, Mom disappeared while he was here, and oh yeah, the ding from the phone that prompted the mauling (mebbe)? Was Cass letting me know that ha, she was just now ordering my present and it would be here Wednesday and she'd drop it off Thursday after work and... sigh. I shall not complain about a gift. I shall not. It's just... I would've liked to know that a) she was shipping it to her place and b) not to wait up before I, y'know, waited for a thing that was not coming. But okay.

Oh, oh. The storm also knocked out the internet/phone/cable which is why it was only Netflix for a bit. Like twenty minutes of an hour long show. Sigh. This spotty connection continued for much of the night. And at some point, my keyboard broke a little. Because why not.

I will say I got to have cheesecake for dinner... or at least at dinner time. It started out tasting a little weird but by the last few bites was delish. And later the chicken enchiladas were also quite tasty. So this was good stuff, y'know?

It was after nine and another storm was kicking up but not the kind where you sit and watch/listen in awe. The kind where you just say to heck with it, I'm going to bed because yeah. I'm done.

I'm not quite done though. Oh no. Just when I thought I'd made peace with the day, accepting that without me being obnoxious about alerting people to the day coming most would forget, even with FB reminding them and that the storm was just clearly the universe saying, "hey, you like rain and shit, right?" and presents are for suckers and basically it was a day that really could have been better but short of the cat mauling it wasn't TERRIBLE...

The dog started to whine, so Mums and I took her out. I very, very carefully walked around the area where someone had not picked up after their dog yesterday and another person had run over it with their car. VERY. CAREFULLY. I had my new sandals on, the ones that kind of squish my pinkie toes but are awesome in every other way. The ones that I might even love after less than a week. MY NEW SHOES.

You know where this is going. You're not stupid.

Yup. When we returned home from the least productive walk in awhile, Mums has her flashlight and looks at something on our walkway and asks, "What's that?" I peer and say, "Pretty sure it's dog shit. That someone stepped in." Oh no.

Oh yes. I look at the bottom of my shoes. Left is fine! I think oh, poor Mu-SHIT. My right shoe is not so lucky. Yup. Yup. Attempts to clean it made things worse and despite being very, very careful to avoid water and worse things, my new sandals are fucked. I wash them off as best I can and take the bag of used cleaning things outside where I realize the asshole who didn't pick up after their dog didn't just leave one unfortunate piece. NO. They left three. Two of which are on our fucking welcome mat.

I give. You all can fucking keep 36, I'm done. I tried. I fucking tried all the silver linings I could. Fuck this shit. Fuck it all.

And then, as I was typing this up, I saw an e-card from [personal profile] zallia and now I feel less ragey. Doubly helped by the loverly [personal profile] luxken27's comments on tumblr and also the DW gifs of the day. Huzzah!

But I still think yesterday was a dumpster fire of a day that I'm forgetting something about.

Today, since Prime Day seems to have nothing I am interested in aside from ONE thing that is naturally not going on sale til midday, I am going to attempt to hit the Target and see if they have anything of interest. Or just wander aimlessly for a bit. We shall see.
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2017-07-08 10:42 pm


Dear photobucket,
Please, please fix yourself because this hostage situation you've got going on with the internet at large is only going to end badly for you... and well, everyone else, but you'll be the one to actually go out of business. Seriously, $400 to use the service the way it's been billed for years?! That's some grade A fuckery right there.

So, so glad my account was hit with that just in time for my vacation. I mean, why wouldn't I want to have to deal with it? The kicker is that it hit the account that I paid for and has the backup of some other service that was all "here's extra photobucket goodness just for dealing with us!" so really, wtf.

Huh. Maybe the lightning extravaganza the dog and I saw on our failed walk earlier wasn't simply heat lightning because that right there? That's thunder. Debating running out to get the mail before the storm may or may not hit. Too late. Rain's here.

In any case, this has been day one of my vacation.
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2017-07-04 01:59 pm

(no subject)

Made two loaves of banana bread. One fell. ;_; It looked done, it passed the toothpick test, it just wanted to mock me. Ah well. Painted my nails all red/white/blue. White polish remains the devil.

Yesterday I finally got around to watching X-Men Days of Future Past. I dragged my feet for eons because I kept expecting the boy to gift it to me for my birthday or Christmas but it never happened so I figured I might as well throw it on my To Do List yesterday. I went for the Rogue Cut, despite never having been a huge fan of movie Rogue because I am still a fan of Rogue the character. Also, why the hell not go for the longer version, eh?

Yeah. It's one of those movies I actually really enjoyed while watching it, and for the most part I just let myself oooh and ahhh at things but I never did get over the whole Kitty sending people back in time. What the hey? How is that a thing that was never, ever discussed or just... I assume it was their way of giving a nod to DOFP being Kitty's comic storyline but still.

Quicksilver was just as awesome as fandom/the internet led me to believe and every time Blink showed up on screen I just kind of stared stupidly because awesome. I swear, my favorite comic moments involved the various characters pairing up their powers to create nifty little combos. Charles and Erik work in any time line. I was happy to see Jean and the only version of Cyclops I've ever fully enjoyed which felt weird because younger me was always soooooo bored by those characters.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and probably a lot of that was because I waited so long to see it so I'd forgotten most of the gripes I'd heard about it. But the moment you start to think about it (like the Sentinels stealing powers and using Mystique's powers for that and not, y'know, Rogue's) things start seriously falling apart. So I don't think and I enjoy the popcorn for what it is.

Now to snooze before work.
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2017-07-03 12:23 pm

In which I take too much joy in cleaning things

I am feeling super accomplished and somehow super lazy all at the same time. How is this possible? Food coma, most likely. Also, the sad realization that I don't think I'll be swimming this week. WOE. But I didn't go yesterday because a) I figured that if I wasn't super wanting to see the little family, they also probably didn't want to see me and b) I went to sleep pretty much as soon as my breakfast was done. I was tired, man. Tired. It's raining right now, and from the sounds of it, I think it's actually pouring, and I don't venture out on the 4th (tomorrow) unless I must. I might if the rain keeps up all day, though, since it'll keep people outta the pool.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and tried my Lip Paints with mixed results, told the hair on my face that isn't above my eyes to go to hell, walked the dog, took out the trash and most of the bottles/cans, and also lost an ongoing round of chicken with Mums.

Y'see, when she came back from VA, we discussed the fact that we really, really needed to take down the winter decorations. Mums said she would. As far as I can tell, she never made it past the eying things and considering where to put them. I even brought the boxes in and to the table, ditto for making sure there was stuff to wrap the breakables in, and found the tape to close said boxes. Nope.

So last week I packed up three boxes worth of stuff (mostly those spiral trees, Mumsy's winter birds that could, in theory, probably stay out all year) and basically left the Nativity scene that I hate packing up because I always worry I'll drop it (it's mine) or do a crappy job on it, the winter pinecones, and the stocking holders... I swear, they're wintry. :P
This morning I packed all of that up, too.

On the other hand, I really can't bitch too much because my little blue tree is still up. :P In my defense, I cannot get to its box because the giant tree my brother gifted us with last year has eaten the entire damn shed. I really need a new box and someone to help me go through the things out there sometime before Halloween stuff comes out. Anyway, if either boy appears this week, I'll ask them to get my boxes so I can put that stuff away, too. But if they don't, I don't see it half the time anyway because it's behind the door.

Let's see. Oh! I ordered a pair of sandals from Zappos because I had a $30 voucher. Normally I'd link the shoes but every other time I've done that, the shoes and I have not worked out. I will say they aren't super cute, but they remind me a LOT of the stuff I wore in high school. But I say this with all the love in the world because I literally cried with two of the three pairs i wore all the time died. I didn't do so for the third because a) I was in public and b) they tried to kill me on their way down so really, screw them.
Now to just hope that unlike the HS pairs, these don't weigh twenty pounds each. I was going to ask why shoes weighed so much back then but then I remembered most of them had the Spice Girls kinda lifts so... yeah. But the one pair I had that didn't have the extra four inches or something weighed the most. Hmm. Ah well. Point is, I got new shoes for about ten bucks. I'm not asking for much of you, shoes. Just be comfy enough for walking the dogs or wearing around the house when I'm doing chores that'll require me to be in and out of the house. The bar is low, guys. You can do it!

Annnnnnnnnd now I've cleaned the washing machine. I think. It's on the second run through to rinse things out. Or maybe there's a third run through just to rinse and this is more of the cleaning but mostly getting rid of any of the gunk that was created the first go round? Dunno. Also worked on the drain in my tub because why not.

Hours have passed since I started this so I'm less food coma-y and now it's stupidly sunny. But sunny in that "it rained this morning and now everything feels like a freakin' swamp" kind of way.

Let's circle back to the lipsticks I mentioned way up there, shall we? I tried Moon Lust first and it's My Lips But Metallic. So that's kind of awesome right there. I really liked the way this one faded, which sounds weird. But it was graceful and looked pretty. Not sticky or gross and no weird smell to be found, which is amazing for L'Oreal.
Galactic Foil is less of a summer shade and more fall and it did not fade gracefully after eating. It went full on lipliner lips. On the plus side, it made my teeth look whiter so there's that. I think I'm going to massage the bank account and see if it'll swing the Ulta cherry color because if it's like ML, I shall be happy.

Gonna edit this in here because it makes sense. Tried the matte Colour Riche shade and it's a really pretty, non-drying formula. I just can't hack the smell/taste. I don't understand why you would want something that perfumed, and let's not call the scent anything other than perfume-y, right under your nose. It does dissipate eventually, and I will probably actually reach for this on days when I'm snuffly due to allergies or being unable to smell anything because it's lovely in every way other than scent/taste. :p

And now I'm off to try and dose the cat for fleas. My day, she is super exciting, no?
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2017-07-02 07:13 pm

shiny things!

Sooooooo... I believe I mentioned that work put out new makeup, yes? I could mostly ignore it because a) I was freakin' busy and b) I am not a huge fan of matte liquid lipsticks. I don't like the way they suck all the moisture out of your lips and they look weird and also, I can never pick the right shade. Never. Even when I've done my homework and I've picked a shade that should be perfect, instead I wind up on the zombie side of things. It's a gift, really. So saying no to the array of Maybelline Mattes (the Ink mattes look so pretty though!), the L'Oreal Infallible Paint mattes, the Rimmel mattes... seriously, a whole bunch of mattes. What the hey.

But last night I found this. Obviously without the two Ulta exclusive shades (I need you, Cherry shade) Annnnnd immediately fell in love. I carefully picked out two shades (Moon Lust and Galactic Foil) for the lips and the Rose Chrome eye shadow (you know when something is stupidly pretty and you can't talk yourself out of it?), swung by the massive Lash Paradise display where I lamented the lack of a brown option (or blue!) and wondered why every review of that mascara mentions how much they hate the Better Than Sex mascara that it's apparently one-upping. Every. Single. Review.

The mascara, naturally, was buy one get one halfsies and the others were not. So what's a girl to do? Wait the shinies out or... no, silly. I found something that was on sale and bought that. Colour Riche Mattes have fun names. FUN. Like Devil's Matte-Vocate. C'mon, that's a fun name. My only concern, other than matte, why, is that I lowkey hate the way they smell. But I also haven't tried one so maybe the smell goes away or you get used to it or it keeps you from ever eating anything ever, ever again. I'll let you know.

At that point, I figured I might as well just go and spend all my points but alas, at checkout, I went from spend it allllllllllll to not having enough to spend it. And I didn't think about it until just now, but I don't think there was a single non-store coupon clipped to my card so I could've just added the Maybelline shadow palette I wanted and hit the... dammit, self. Still, I didn't which means I earned a gazillion points so I can skip around and buy shit later, too.

Basically, there was new stuff at work and I bought a lot of shiny things. I also bought some expanding file folder things to get organized and also the back to school rush has begun!

My dorkiness, let me share it with you.

Alas, I feel awful right now so I haven't played with any of them yet. :(
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2017-07-01 08:49 am

The countdown has begun

It's July which means the countdown to my birthday has officially begun. MUHAHAHA... I mean, I have no plans or anything but I am not one of those people who is all, "woe is me, another year older!" Nope, I'm like a kid counting down. Especially this year when my birthday is pretty much the start of my vacation, if all goes according to plan.

And now, I think I'm going to have the very end of the icecream and get some sleep. Oh, and The Zig Zag Girl is an excellent book. Gonna have to remember to look and see if any of the other books are in the library system.
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2017-06-30 08:16 am
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The last part of the June release and ramblings

June Release: Part the END )

I think this concludes the June release, aside from the Bitty Baby stuff that isn't nifty enough to include because no one caaaaaaaaaaaares.

Other things of AG note, if one is interested. When the site updated, they also made it possible to pay for things with Paypal and Amazon pay, if those do anything for you. (That sound you hear is my wallet screaming in agony.) Apparently that was either a glitch or them testing something they haven't decided (yet) to go through with. Bad idea, AG. Bad idea. It makes you look incompetent again and also, people really love paying with Paypal. Plus your other sites accept it so clearly you can, you're just... not. Also, work sells AG gift cards now.

What else, what else. Oh, yeah. They've discontinued the Lindsey head at the doll hospital and the fandom implosion over that was a sight to see. I dipped a toe in because I wanted to and then I ducked out when people kept fucking comparing cars to AG.
For the record, I come down on the side of this being a bad idea. I get why they'd do it (I mean, sort of. I can come up with a variety of reasons why they'd stop) but I think it's a bad idea. The only way I can sort of look the other way is if whoever actually manufactured the wigs went under and AG can't get them anymore. Which isn't the reason they gave, alas. But a big reason a LOT of people are willing to pony up the bucks for AG is that they're basically Satisfaction Guaranteed Forever. Screw up your doll a decade after you got her? No prob, the Doll Hospital can fix it... for a price. If it's something that AG borked, they'll pay for it.
Lindsey being the first to be discontinued is particularly troubling because she's got a shitton of known issues, from her wig being dry as hell to the doll vinyl being produced only in the grey/green years which means a good chunk of the Lindseys running around look sick as hell. This is a KNOWN issue and something that someone might not notice as a kid (especially as this is a thing that gets worse over time) but as an adult, as they break out the old doll to hand 'er over to their own kid? Yeah, they might take notice.
The car comparisons came up when the person right after me said something about not expecting their car company to continue to make parts for their 15 year old car and some other jackass chimed in on that, too. No shit, guys. You aren't even comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing dolls to cars. The dolls, btw, were marketed for years with a "We'll always have your back!" kind of thing. Cars, not so much. But no, you go on and make your stupid comparisons. I'll just mentally note you're both tools and hope you find all LEGOs the hard way.

There was something else but I've forgotten it so hopefully it wasn't anything important.
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2017-06-28 09:27 am
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PLL meets SVH

If you don't want the final surprise(s) of the PLL series spoiled, just keep on scrollin'. If you want to watch me cackle until I'm hoarse, well, take a seat. )
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2017-06-26 02:08 pm

AG June Release, part 1

Okay, we're chopping this release up into easy to post bits. Also, fair warning, but when AG updated their site, they also changed how their pictures load so yeah, I'm not editing things because it's taken this long just to do this much. Onward.
First up, Gabby!
She didn't get much. )

That leads us to Tenney and Logan.
Between them, they get as much stuff as Gabby did. Who's the GOTY again? )

Let's wander over to the Wellies, shall we? I will never understand how AG can continue to use free shipping on the Wellies but ignore it on everything else on their site aside from gift cards. Technically, I guess it's because the Wellies are available at other retailers (B&N, Kohl's, TRU, and I swear Target was mentioned?) but Gabby, Logan, and Tenney are all available at Kohl's and TRU, and Amazon's got Melody, Julie, ME, and Z so....
Anyway, I digress.

WellieWishers wish the best for youuuuuuu... )

Holymotherofgod, this release just never ends. I'm going to go with the new Truly Me Dolls and then we're gonna take a break. Mine will be to the tune of a strawberry daiquiri, but you may go with something else entirely.

New dolls, new dolls comin' through. )
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2017-06-25 12:55 pm


Grr. I prefer to do my swimming alone or with Mums and it's why I go at the earliest the pool is open. It's also why I avoid it on holidays and most Saturdays. Sadly, a family has moved in on my Sunday pool time. This is the second week in a row they've shown up after me and today the dad replied to something one of the kids said with a "yep, every Sunday morning!" Couldn't you guys do the sunscreen at home and give me the extra half an hour of peace? (What's the point in putting it on after you get there and three seconds before you jump in the pool?) I shall not complain too much since the mom broke out the skimmer and got rid of a bunch of the bugs the storm (and the pool guy) left in the water.

It wasn't too bad, just not the alone time I craved. You'd think I'd be good on alone time considering work was just meeeeeeeeee and a good chunk of it was really just me and not a single customer, but no. I wanted that chlorinated alone time, I guess.

Anyway, I have a whole list of things I should do this weekend but what I'm going to do right now is head on up to bed and read a magazine and doze off. If I time this right, I'll be back to do the AG post (or one of them) later this evening.
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2017-06-24 08:51 am
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Procrastination has its benefits

...kay. AG fandom, if you cannae tell the difference betwixt the Sonali and Josefina mold, no matter the skintone, you really shouldn't get all huffy about anything anyone does. Cuz no. At this point in time, if you're being all hardcore about things and still can't tell the difference and don't have facial blindness then you don't get to be hardcore, dammit.

Seriously. :P

Anyway, this comes up because pictures of the new AG custom options have leaked. Well, a catalog mentioning it leaked. And one of the options is, duh, a light Sonali mold and some people could not tell the difference, even when they zoomed in. Which is fine for casual fans or my loves here because I don't think you lot are freakin' hardcore, will cut a bitch over anything AG. But elsewhere in the world? Mmhmm.

Sooooooooo... without further ado:
Pictures! )

I hope there's a website doll maker thing that's actually got most of the variations entered into it so I can lose a week playing around with it.

I will say that I don't see myself really doing this more than once, but should the funds allow, I would likely make at least one custom simply because SCIENCE. Er, I mean because you get more than just the doll for the price. So we'll see how it goes because uh, I have a mighty need.

And I will be the asshole in the corner laughing at everyone turning purple over the various customs other people are planning. Seriously, the wank has already begun and this thing hasn't even launched yet.
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2017-06-22 07:49 am

The fandom streams have crossed

Yeah, the AG post is going to have to wait til I'm not dead, but here's a teaser. There's a new hotel playset (with a bunch of little ones to tie into it) and all I can think of is Karen Brewer forcing everyone to play Let's All Come In.

Well, that and a massive amount of Zach and Cody flashbacks from when Widget was younger. It's a strange, strange mix.

Oh, and apparently Z didn't get anything this go round that I can find. :( I know she's new and all but still.
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2017-06-21 12:21 pm

Little bits

Tomorrow is a big AG release (think their fall stuff, as well as new stuff for Z, Tenney, Gabby, and Logan) and so naturally they updated their site today. o_O If you've got an account with them, you're going to need to set a new password and make sure to triple check your address on file. Oh, and add your payment info again, but they warn you about that. Depending on how I feel, we may cover the new releases tomorrow. We may wait a few days. I do know there are supposed to be 3 new Truly Me dolls (one is pretty much Gabby with longer hair) and all three are brunettes, and there's a new hotel set up. Ooh. Ahh.

I feel like someone slugged me in the face so I'm about to go read a bit before snoozing.

Oh, and this week's PLL and the finale preview have made me sad. Spoilers for who killed Charlotte. )
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2017-06-20 10:42 am

She could hold back a glacier

In the past week I have washed pretty much every dish I think anyone in the house has used in the last freakin' year. At the moment I have maybe... six dishes still up in the air and two of those are the crock pot and its lid, which I didn't even realize was dirty until I peeked in it yesterday. o_O I don't remember the last time anyone used it! I'm guessing it was a meal I didn't partake in for whatever reason but still. So it's doing the heat and clean itself kind of thing. Hopefully it'll work.

I'm so tired of cleaning but every time I find myself with more than ten minutes of downtime, I gravitate towards finding something to clean or mess with. I clean instead of grieve. I thought when this happened with Dad it was because I was worried people would appear at the house and be horrified. Yeah, nope. It's how I process grief, or work around it or something. At least it's useful.

But I also bitch. The boy and the mop. )

Annnnnnnnd now I'm exhausted. This whole sleeping for four hours, max, thing has to stop. I'm not good with it. But I can't sleep yet because I must wait out the crock pot since we're in the cool down portion.

On the plus side, for maybe the next couple of hours parts of the house look amazing. Seriously, the kitchen is glorious and so is the front hall. I'm more proud of the kitchen because the hall is because I cheated and hid the books Mom and I got from the boy's ex when they wouldn't accept "no, really, we shouldn't, we don't have the room." Gotta find room for them on an actual shelf orrrrrrrr give them away. After reading, obviously.

Back I go to sorting old mail, I believe. Thrills and chills!

Wait! It's officially summer so that means the Summer Mini Challenge is up and running! If you write or want to write at all, I highly recommend this. I'm eying at least one of the tables and I just looked at the post like thirty seconds ago. Yup, when I'm not falling asleep where I sit, I'm signing up.