Jan. 10th, 2014 07:31 pm
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Made taco cupcakes. (Sounds gross but they're tacos in the shape of cupcakes) I made three variations: one batch with tortilla chips broken up inside, one with cheese from a jar (mmm. nacho-y!), and one without either. I was worried the gooey cheese would threaten the structural integrity of the cupcake form however they all stayed together quite nicely, so the next time I make these (they were yummers! and cute!) I'm going to cheese 'em all. Mmm. Cheese.

Taking two to work with me tonight. I'll let you know how they reheat.

I made my AG order. Went with z's surprise (sorry, it's being shipped here first and then I'll send it along!), Kit's Summer Dress because Ruthie deserves a shiny, and Isabelle's jacket because it's pretty friggin' awesome and I will just pray that I have better luck than she who shall not be named. :P

Tomorrow I poke the Scentsy site to see what I can see.
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So at work the other day somehow the topic of booze came up and I was recommended RumChata based on my love of Kahlua.

Looked it up, found a recipe for RumChata cupcakes. Figured even if I didn't like the drink itself, the cupcakes sounded good. Yesterday I braved all manner of things and bought a bottle (and one of my Kahlua Especial Dark) but it was too late to make cupcakes.

So... I did today since the person who recommended the drink doesn't work with me next week.

Here's the thing. Or here are the things. Baking requires attention paid to measurements and timing, as well as a lot of luck. I get distracted and bored easily, not to mention I have had horrible baking luck ever since the year I made Mums a birthday cake and it fell flatter than a pancake. (Until then I was golden.)

Also, I hate using the mixers because the sound hurts my ears, so when I bake, I either have to do things seriously by hand (which isn't fun) or wait til Mums is willing to do the mixing.

This morning I did all the work by hand and my cupcakes are fabulous. They're like not-so little coffee cakes with mountain of frosting if that's your thing. And they really do taste better when sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Ohmyglob, so good.

I am now very, very sleepy.
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Tis winter (though you'd never know by stepping outside. Seriously, coastal Carolina, the entire month of November was freezing but December is beach weather?) so that means I venture into the kitchen and attempt... things.

First I made the Fudge Kit I bought at work. It was okay on the first day and super yummy on day three. It was also really easy to make, so if you come across the Carnation Famous Fudge kit, it's probably worth the money if you don't want a ton of fudge, you don't want to spend a fortune, and you can wait at least 24 hours before biting into anything beyond maybe one piece. It also comes with the pan (cardboard but that just means you don't have to worry about retrieving it at the end of the day/night) so for $4.99? Definitely worth the price. (It was on sale.)

That prompted me to make my absolute favorite fudge recipe. It's the Fantasy Fudge recipe that used to be on the back of the Kraft Marshmallow Creme jar but then they tweaked it, so... make at your own risk?

However, the Internet is our friend.
Recipe under the cut. )

Sometime in middle school I realized a few things about fudge. One, it's delicious. I remember sneaking downstairs to the fridge and snitching some from the pan Mom would make for Dad every year.
Two, Mom hated to make it. She told me so herself when I begged her to make a second batch one year.
Three, I make a damn fine fudge if I don't make it when it's too hot/humid here. I think it was decided that since I liked making it, loved eating it, and could handle the stirring, I would be the maker of the fudge.

I've tried a variety of recipes over the years and this is the best one I've tried. It's stupidly simple and endlessly adaptable. If you can focus on one task for fifteen minutes or so, you can make this. The hardest part is mixing the marshmallow into the chocolate mixture, and that's only because you've just spent the last six minutes stirring the mixture from one stage to another. Yet every year I forget that it's not that much of a pain to make and by the time it's fudge making time again, I've built it up to this horrible task. I'm going to guess one of the past recipes really was hard to make or I've gotten better at focusing on the task at hand.

That said, I make it on the stove so I can't comment on the microwave instructions.

The boy handed over a piece of fudge that he proclaimed the family fudge and I was asleep, so I put it by the bed and went back to bed. Ate it this morning. Yeah. Mine is tastier.

And on a less sugary note, I tried my hand at the "totally Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Knock-Off Recipe!" from the Top Secret Recipe 2 book. (I'm too lazy to look up the actual name of the book.)

It's been so long since I had the real thing that I have no frame of reference for how well they stack up, but Mums made some Saturday. They were pretty yummy (the second batch moreso than the first due to a timing issue) but didn't taste all that much like the Real Thing. Mine were even tastier, which is funny since baking is my kryptonite. (I get so bored and easily distracted.) I'm not sure how close they are to the real ones, but good lord, I just want to eat all 12. SO GOOD.

Mmm. Cheese. )

So yummy. And they're the perfect thing to eat while reading about crazy Margo trying to kill the Wakefields. Woo!

Book reccs.

Dec. 8th, 2012 01:06 pm
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Things I have learned today:
Walgreens Nice Iced Ginger cookies taste horrible. I'm giving the rest of the package to Mums. Maybe she or the Widget will like them. (So why did I eat three cookies before making this decision?)

The Fudge Kit I bought at work was less work than my usual fudge recipe (it's like they shrunk that one down, honestly) but the bits that were left in the pan don't taste as yummy as my usual recipe. I'm thinking my initial "there isn't enough sugar or butter in this. My arteries aren't screaming for mercy!" reaction may be correct, but it's still setting. As it is, I'm pretty sure I'm going to wind up buying the ingredients for my fudge and killing my arm to make it. Mmm. Fudge.

The humidity around here is making my ornaments take forever to dry. But I know they will. Eventually. One day. (I knew this already but hey.)

In SV land, I find it's not the holidays until I have read The Evil Twin, The Return of the Evil Twin, and Magic Christmas. Some years I read the mini series leading up to Evil Twin but most years I don't. I always try to leave one of these three for Christmas Eve reading because as twisted as I am, that's what makes the holiday. That and a Psych holiday special, a viewing of The Family Stone and enough jam thumbprints to kill a person. Usually I try to make it Evil Twin or Magic Christmas as The Return is more of a New Year's story.

I'm pretty sure most SV fans have read The Evil Twin, but let's take a moment to discuss The Magic Christmas. Maybe this will be the year I learn what it's a rip-off of?

Liz and Jessica are given dolls by their grandparents. Neither is all that thrilled because they're 12 and too old for such weird dolls. Each doll comes with a poem, and despite the fight the twins are engaged in come Christmas (always and forever, man) they come up with the same answer at the same time. When they do, the dolls come alive and hobble off to return to the realm. The twins follow and are sucked into a strange land, each with the doll turned young prince who is essentially their twin but in prince form.

Mermaids, unicorns, flying leaves, and an evil wizard all play big roles in the book and things are just so completely over the top and fabulous that I have to love it. There's a cameo by Amanda and Samantha from the Wakefield Saga (ee!) and the twins learn the true meaning of Christmas. Or twinhood.

And Lila ends up with an even uglier doll.

In the grand hierarchy of holiday SV books, I figure this one is right after Evil Twin and above Return.

We also enjoy Big for Christmas, where the ripoff is obvious in the title alone. A Christmas Without Elizabeth is... special (I'd rather know how the Valley would be different without Jessica), and The Year Without Christmas is Jessica being her shallow best.

We don't know why we are suddenly we but there you go.

Fudge should be set. Wish me luck.


Mar. 27th, 2012 01:02 pm
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Self, you are tired. It's why you have left your To Do list for tomorrow. GO TO BED. Um... anyway. Before we get to that, I made dinner yesterday. Specifically this Bacon & Potato Chowder. It was... different. You know how you're all excited about making something and you buy the ingredients for it and you are sure this is going to be the Best Thing Ever? And then you start to make it and you're still sure it'll be yummy, even if it's not the Best Thing Ever, and by the time it's ready to eat you've downgraded it to "Oh god, what have I done?!" so there's no way you're actually going to be able to properly taste it. Yeah. I had that problem.

Thing is, it's pretty yummy. But it tastes a lot like Ham & Cheese casserole, which is probably my favorite meal ever. It's the meal you keep eating long after you're full because ohmygod, no one ever makes it and you must hoard all the nums because no one else is allowed to have it! (Wait, that's just me? Oh, okay.) The chowder is sort of like the casserole and cream of potato soup had a lovechild. They say it's yummier the next day, and this is certainly true of the casserole, but I'm worried since the soup is pretty much foul after the first heating.

And obviously since this is a slow cooker recipe, it made enough to feed an army. The other problem was that the potatoes you add to the mix didn't fully cook. But it wasn't like it was just the larger ones I didn't manage to slice down. Noooo, many of those were fine. It was the smaller ones, too. So you'd take your third bite and pray (if you were me) "No onions, no non-canned potatoes!" and one should not require that much prayer for dinner. I obviously do not have the touch when it comes to potatoes in the crock pot. Woe.

And to end on a happier note:
Ivy in her new dress. )
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So yesterday I made banana bread. I'm not sure why other than I wanted some and Mom was going to make some at the beginning of the month but then didn't. Anyway, Mondays are apparently becoming my "MAKE SOMETHING" days... so I made something.

pics or it didn't happen )
Anyway, the adventure in baking turned out well. I want another piece.

Sadly, I think today's adventure in heating up left-overs might make me ill. You know when you're pretty sure that something is fine, but you're not 100% positive? So you eat it anyway because there's nothing else but half a loaf of banana bread to eat otherwise... and about 2/3 of the way through you go from being quite happy with this decision to wondering if, perhaps, you have made a grave error. I'm hoping this is merely paranoia.
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Yesterday I finally got around to making the chicken enchiladas I'd somehow convinced myself would be the tastiest things ever, despite the fact that the recipe was coming off a soup can. I've been wanting to make these since I found the recipe in some magazine sometime over the summer, but I haven't had the inclination to go to the store and buy the ingredients and I've been putting off cooking because I am a lazy, lazy girl. When I first try a recipe I like to have time to make sure I'm not rushing it, and that basically means I have to wait for a Monday to come around because Sundays I'm usually a zombie by dinner time. I did, once or twice, consider it as a lunch idea, but never actually went through with it.

Anyway, braved two stores looking for the ingredients at a decent price. It's weird how they still remember me at one store for all the shopping I did while Mums was in the hospital, but I suppose it makes sense. Had a bit of a chat with the woman who used to ring me up most of the time back then. Had some wine, took a nap (or tried. It didn't work out so well) before dinner, woke up a little later than I intended and then couldn't get moving properly because my brain was all "you still have a headache. Go back to bed." and tummy countered with, "No. I will not be denied this time. You promised other people, too." So. Went downstairs where the Widget backsassed me. :(

I made my food and cleaned 80% of the dishes as I went. Granted, I left the hardest dishes but still. It's better than usual/some people. Anyway, while I waited I began to worry that I would hate the end result. I needn't have worried. SO. Good. And even better as leftovers. :D

Also managed to go to Book Exchange so I could make my offering to the kitty. Naturally, since I only had ten bucks, I found a whole bunch of books I wanted. Figures, eh? I narrowed it down, bummed a buck from Mums, and found that I had an extra two bucks in my pocket. That meant I could run back and grab the Final Friends book I was positive I didn't own. I checked this morning and it turns out I didn't have the other one either, so I'll have to go back when I can scrounge up another three bucks in cash.

There are few things that make me happier than new books. Now if only they'd get the MH book on the shelf at the library, I could read it and see if my head exploded. (Figures they had every other Lisi Harrison book but the MH book yesterday at the BE.)
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Ha! Called it! I totally knew ... was gay. )

So, last week's Gossip Girl? Meh. Good effort, but not enough to truly hook me. This week's? Hot damn!

The bananas didn't fare so well, but the oatmeal rum cookies? I could die of joy. I'm off to hide the rum.

...apparently I finally snagged an early review copy of a book. Only, the note is dated a month ago and... uh, no book. That's utterly fantastic.


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