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June Release: Part the END )

I think this concludes the June release, aside from the Bitty Baby stuff that isn't nifty enough to include because no one caaaaaaaaaaaares.

Other things of AG note, if one is interested. When the site updated, they also made it possible to pay for things with Paypal and Amazon pay, if those do anything for you. (That sound you hear is my wallet screaming in agony.) Apparently that was either a glitch or them testing something they haven't decided (yet) to go through with. Bad idea, AG. Bad idea. It makes you look incompetent again and also, people really love paying with Paypal. Plus your other sites accept it so clearly you can, you're just... not. Also, work sells AG gift cards now.

What else, what else. Oh, yeah. They've discontinued the Lindsey head at the doll hospital and the fandom implosion over that was a sight to see. I dipped a toe in because I wanted to and then I ducked out when people kept fucking comparing cars to AG.
For the record, I come down on the side of this being a bad idea. I get why they'd do it (I mean, sort of. I can come up with a variety of reasons why they'd stop) but I think it's a bad idea. The only way I can sort of look the other way is if whoever actually manufactured the wigs went under and AG can't get them anymore. Which isn't the reason they gave, alas. But a big reason a LOT of people are willing to pony up the bucks for AG is that they're basically Satisfaction Guaranteed Forever. Screw up your doll a decade after you got her? No prob, the Doll Hospital can fix it... for a price. If it's something that AG borked, they'll pay for it.
Lindsey being the first to be discontinued is particularly troubling because she's got a shitton of known issues, from her wig being dry as hell to the doll vinyl being produced only in the grey/green years which means a good chunk of the Lindseys running around look sick as hell. This is a KNOWN issue and something that someone might not notice as a kid (especially as this is a thing that gets worse over time) but as an adult, as they break out the old doll to hand 'er over to their own kid? Yeah, they might take notice.
The car comparisons came up when the person right after me said something about not expecting their car company to continue to make parts for their 15 year old car and some other jackass chimed in on that, too. No shit, guys. You aren't even comparing apples to oranges, you're comparing dolls to cars. The dolls, btw, were marketed for years with a "We'll always have your back!" kind of thing. Cars, not so much. But no, you go on and make your stupid comparisons. I'll just mentally note you're both tools and hope you find all LEGOs the hard way.

There was something else but I've forgotten it so hopefully it wasn't anything important.
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Okay, we're chopping this release up into easy to post bits. Also, fair warning, but when AG updated their site, they also changed how their pictures load so yeah, I'm not editing things because it's taken this long just to do this much. Onward.
First up, Gabby!
She didn't get much. )

That leads us to Tenney and Logan.
Between them, they get as much stuff as Gabby did. Who's the GOTY again? )

Let's wander over to the Wellies, shall we? I will never understand how AG can continue to use free shipping on the Wellies but ignore it on everything else on their site aside from gift cards. Technically, I guess it's because the Wellies are available at other retailers (B&N, Kohl's, TRU, and I swear Target was mentioned?) but Gabby, Logan, and Tenney are all available at Kohl's and TRU, and Amazon's got Melody, Julie, ME, and Z so....
Anyway, I digress.

WellieWishers wish the best for youuuuuuu... )

Holymotherofgod, this release just never ends. I'm going to go with the new Truly Me Dolls and then we're gonna take a break. Mine will be to the tune of a strawberry daiquiri, but you may go with something else entirely.

New dolls, new dolls comin' through. )
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...kay. AG fandom, if you cannae tell the difference betwixt the Sonali and Josefina mold, no matter the skintone, you really shouldn't get all huffy about anything anyone does. Cuz no. At this point in time, if you're being all hardcore about things and still can't tell the difference and don't have facial blindness then you don't get to be hardcore, dammit.

Seriously. :P

Anyway, this comes up because pictures of the new AG custom options have leaked. Well, a catalog mentioning it leaked. And one of the options is, duh, a light Sonali mold and some people could not tell the difference, even when they zoomed in. Which is fine for casual fans or my loves here because I don't think you lot are freakin' hardcore, will cut a bitch over anything AG. But elsewhere in the world? Mmhmm.

Sooooooooo... without further ado:
Pictures! )

I hope there's a website doll maker thing that's actually got most of the variations entered into it so I can lose a week playing around with it.

I will say that I don't see myself really doing this more than once, but should the funds allow, I would likely make at least one custom simply because SCIENCE. Er, I mean because you get more than just the doll for the price. So we'll see how it goes because uh, I have a mighty need.

And I will be the asshole in the corner laughing at everyone turning purple over the various customs other people are planning. Seriously, the wank has already begun and this thing hasn't even launched yet.
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In fluffier news, we have some AG chatter because why not. The new Z special is up on Amazon though I haven't watched more than the trailer. Which, btw, was painful so my hopes for this thing aren't high at this point. Hopefully this means I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, the ever knowledgeable source on FB had this to say:
Samantha and Addy are leaving.. but Nanea's coming and her clothes are awesome. Hibiscus dress with a train, hula outfit, fishing pole with fish.. cant wait

Her (Nanea) big item is her grandparents grocery store

I've heard that Addy might be getting shuffled to online only instead of completely archived but the news of Addy and Sam being shuffled off together isn't really new. I can't say I'm surprised either, honestly. It's why I used my reward certificate to buy Sam stuff. Addy's been allegedly on the chopping block since Cecile was in the works and Sam 2.0 apparently didn't pan out as well as AG hoped. (There are reasons, AG. Not the least of which is that you should've kept her in the archives til at least next year. Just sayin', ten years would've been smarter.)
A quick perusal of their pages tells me that I am missing:
both Addy and new!Samantha dolls
Addy's new accessories which I'm pretty meh on, honestly
Addy's new bedding but it's bundled with the bed that I already own so nope
Samantha's new accessories which are on my short list to buy
her new bed and bedding which nope, if I'm buying Sam's bed, it's gonna be the one I grew up wanting.
New!Jip which is also a hard pass for me
her bike, and while it's cute and on sale I'm going to pass once more
Plus the minis but again, eh.

I'm not sure whether I'll cave and buy either doll. It's a space and money issue as well as the fact that I own a Samantha already and while they're different and I not so kind of wanted a newer Sam, I'd rather have Nanea. (And as irrational as it is, I feel like my Sam would be sad and feel replaced.) Addy is one where I always come back to feeling like Cass has a "she's mine and just mine!" kind of hold on her. Dunno if that's true or not because I never remember to ask, and I'm not sure she'd tell me if she didn't want me to blow my money anyway. *shrug* I remain on the fence.

Oh, and AG's doing some new non-fiction "A Girl Named" books and one of them is covering Hillary Clinton. People, predictably, have lost their minds and fights have broken out. To which I say: bitches, please. Regardless of your personal feelings on the woman, she is an important historical figure and one AG was/is going to have to cover at some point. If you don't like her, don't buy or read the book. It's that simple.
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Ahhh, finally getting off my ass and assembling this. I've had part of this review done for awhile and the rest, well... I'm lazy.

AG reviews! )
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Okay, let's try this again with the actual factual name. :p Yesterday, Ivy's movie Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance came out on Amazon. It's pretty heavily based on Good Luck, Ivy! with some tweaks here and there but it is definitely an Ivy movie. Julie's there but more of a special guest star kind of thing.
Of the three Amazon offerings, Ivy & Julie is definitely the movie with the least changes made to the characters/source material. Both of Ivy's siblings are there, neither parent mysteriously disappears, and her grandparents (both) have a sizeable role in her life, much like the books. Ahem, Melody. Honestly, with both Ivy and Maryellen getting to keep their stories basically as-is, it makes the change for Melody that much more baffling.
Oh, btw, if you were interested in getting to meet Julie's family: don't bother. Tracy (her sister) and her father are both mentioned and seen at the very end, but they don't have any lines, and we get a glimpse of the back of Julie's mom's head at the very, very end of the movie when everyone sits down for dinner. The vaguely Parent Trap -esque vibes from the trailer are a bit of editing magic. Julie's not trying to get her parents back together, she's just trying to get her sister and father to stop fighting. Or her sister to stop being mad at their dad, anyway.

So if my favorite thing about the Melody and Maryellen movies was the mother/daughter moments, my favorite thing about Ivy & Julie is the best friendship. There are no stupid arguments between the two that must be solved before the end of the movie. Instead, you get what it's like when you have a friend whose family is pretty much your own and what it's like to see them again after a life change (in Julie's case, the divorce) and the way you slip in and out of one another's lives and how important friendship is. When Ivy's family doesn't get her, Julie does. They don't fight over who has the bigger problem (Ivy's meet/family dinner snafu or Julie's family drama) but simply help one another without it being a Big Deal.
Of the three movies, this is the one I would maim someone for it to be an on-going series.

I also enjoyed Ivy's mother's role. She didn't exist solely to be there for Ivy, you got to see interactions between Ivy's parents when Ivy wasn't in the hallway listening in. Instead of just being spread too thin due to law school, she talked to Ivy about why it was important to do something simply because you felt you had to... and it was just nifty. Also, there's the added bonus of the family not wanting to lose their Chinese roots unlike a lot of their neighbors.

But because we can't have anything nice in the AG fandom without people vexing me, half the damn comments in the movie thread are people complaining that they don't have Amazon Prime and cannot watch it and why won't they release it on DVD and why is it only 43 minutes long and NYARGH.
A) That movie runtime is about average for your Disney Channel/Nick movie. It's an hour runtime once you throw in commercials. It's also about average for animated things (ahoy, MH/EAH) that do get DVD releases so it's possible.
B) Do you guys not know how exclusives work? I mean, damn. Anyway, you know what you can do? Free Trial. You get 30 days, regardless of whether you do the Prime trial or the Amazon Video trial. Hell, if you're super into Amazon's video stuff, just go with their video service and it's 8.99. You guys buy AG shit. $9 a month is a freakin' steal.

My AG box arrived yesterday and I opened it this morning after work. Soooooooo... I bought the five outfits (Melody's coat, PJs, holiday dress, the blue Ombre ballet outfit and the Merry Magenta outfit on clearance) and a doll. Because 20% off and free shipping.
I did not choose Logan because it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I saw a single custom, let alone one with a gender flip (I liked it). I decided that maybe I'll pick him out in person or wait until I hoard some wigs or something. The timing felt off, basically.
Cass was pretty adamant that we pick our Gabby's together. I debated Melody for a bit and for whatever reason decided to wait on her. Then I thought of the TM line and pondered. Did I want a Jess mold? I considered not!Ivy (both with bangs and without) and decided that if I wound up with Z (as in SuZie), she might fill that need. Did I go for 62? (Sonali mold, medium skin, amber eyes) She's stunning and so many pictures of her lately! And then somehow not!Josefina jumped into my cart and said let's go. I waffled back and forth between 62/66 for awhile but ultimately decided that I would very quickly hit Sonali mold overload with Gabby and possibly Melody.
And then I worried, after hitting Order, whether I'd get a perma-undied doll. With a tail.
But no! She's lovely. Like stupidly pretty. The kind where you just sit there and think "ooooooooooo" like a little kid. I do wish her hair was a smidge longer but I also haven't done anything with it beyond take it out of the hairnet and admire.
I will say her Starfleet uniform is really crappy. I never truly wanted a whole bunch beyond a "ha, Starfleet!" laugh idea but ugh. The netting on the neck got snagged with the hairnet and it's just a scratchy, weird feeling. The outfit is also very, very blah in person. There is a reason they take great pains to show it with the totally 80's tastic accessories all the time. It's just super plain and weird alone. :/

Also a little disappointing, the Merry Magenta outfit. Mostly the purse and shoes. The shoes are kinda hideous in person and the chain for the purse is clunky. Honestly, the purse is something you'd cobble together as a kid from bits and pieces you found around the house.
Other quick impressions: Somehow I didn't realize the Ombre Ballet leo was attached to the tutu but the colors are so pretty that I keep getting distracted. It does shed glitter though, so beware.
Melody's coat is niiiiiiiice. Melody's dress is also pretty nice. I'm glad I was warned the scratchy material of the dress, but it's lined and it's one of those pieces that feels historical somehow. I enjoy. The headband/ribbon however... we're gonna have words later. The PJs are super cute and working pockets. :D
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So now that it's March, it's totally the perfect time to share pictures of the Army in their holiday gear, right? Right, right, of course. Naturally my camera's batteries were dying and it took a lot of conning my camera into thinking the batteries were new to finish this. I'd known I was going to need batteries but thought I still had a full pack in my room but they disappeared. No idea if I used them or if Widget borrowed them or what. Sigh. Anyway, without further excuse, here we go.

Note, I did divvy the group up because otherwise you'd see no one or I'd have fallen over. Also, the cat did 'help' so there's that. :p

Pictures of dolls and the cat. )

I did put the new stuff on for the most part but like I said, no batteries. WOE. Might edit the initial reviews with more thoughts and then take pictures when the batteries charge (assuming they do. It's been awhile...)
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*stretches* Get comfy, folks, because this is gonna be a long one. Or two. We'll see. First up, news from the AG front because honestly, let's try and contain things as much as possible. If, like me, you actually wanted Gabby's Rehearsal Outfit, you're currently SOL because it's on backorder til August. Rumor has it that it's due to the shoddy new packaging and the number of complaints/returns due to holes in the outfit. I'd imagine her PJs might also get new packaging because their reviews are abysmal. On the one hand, I'm happy if we're getting new non-sewn in packaging and that AG is learning the error of their ways. On the other hand, Gabby's collection isn't exactly big enough at the moment to withstand possibly the most popular item (and it is) being on serious backorder.

Other news: if you were looking into getting Tenney or nu!Lyssie, make damn sure you check their lips really carefully as I've seen numerous posts about the lip paint rubbing off. And these aren't from the homes with kids or overzealous snugglers or cats who knock things over. We're talking the lips just chip off.

Finally, American Girl, I have some free advice for you. If you want to make more money/more sales, stop cutting corners on the product and simply offer free shipping all the damn time. Seriously. Free shipping. Always. Either on new products, no matter how much someone spends, or offer free shipping at a certain price point. The Wellies have had free shipping since they launched and they've made you so much money I suspect someone's got to be getting their Scrooge McDuck on at this point and part of that is due, yes, to having them available at other retailers, but the free shipping helps! If you give people time to spend their money elsewhere, they will. Don't let them overthink a non-essential purchase... and you're a toy company so all purchases are non-essential. Free shipping. You'll be swimming in money, even from those who vowed never to purchase again. Because free shipping is magic. Just look at your sales before you moved to targeted codes. Anytime free shipping leaked from a catalog code, people went nuts.

Wellies, Bitty Baby, Truly Me, BeForever So many pictures. )
End Part 1
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Oh, look. AG is trying to distract everyone from their FB kerfluffle where they capped the tail picture fiasco off by calling their customer a liar:
The photos that have been circulated suggesting otherwise are either altered or not of American Girl dolls.

Bonus points are awarded because the customer in question? Was given the doll by her husband for Valentine's Day, she's a new mother, and she named her new baby Ivy... y'know, like Ivy Ling, Julie's best friend. Good job, AG! Asshats.

Anyway, their original distraction was the news of Ivy getting a movie next month (March 24, I think?) on Amazon. I mean, technically I think it's being considered a Julie movie, but it's Ivy's Meet book in movie form so... really. Ivy gets a movie.

 photo 175410_ed41b293f9d147a09869853dfbcf1544mv2_d_1200_1200_s_2_zpsnzwpyeug.jpg
Based in 1976 San Francisco, Ivy Ling is a 10-year-old Chinese-American girl who struggles with finding a balance between her two cultural identities: Chinese and American. With the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Vietnam War so recent, embracing her heritage doesn't feel appealing to young Ivy. All she wishes is to be like her all-American best friend, Julie Albright. But, when Ivy's All-City Gymnastics Tournament and her family's big Chinese New Year dinner land on the same day, she must decide between the two. - An American Girl Story- Ivy & Julie: A Happy Balance.

But that didn't really work (calling people liars generally goes over badly for some reason) so here we are with new doll alert!
 photo slide8_zps8ew2iymh.jpg
AG's site.
More pictures under the cut. )
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In my ongoing determination to forget that yesterday was the day my dad had his stroke that ultimately killed him (well, I mean it didn't help that the hospital didn't seem to notice or care that he wasn't eating anything even after Mums brought it up but I digress), we shall turn our focus to new BeForever goodies. Because I like shiny things and I like some of the shiny things we'll be seeing next week.

Julie is clearly the Samantha of today. )
In any case, overall I don't think there's anything I hate and a couple of things I ♥ annnnnnnnd nothing I would say no to if being gifted with it, y'know? So at this point I'm going to consider this leg of the release a success.

AG article with the newish President of AG.
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Huh. All I had to do to get Logan to leak was post about him? Damn, I wish I knew how my superpowers worked so I could use them for good evil properly! Anyway. Uh, Logan leaked, guys. He also seems to be vanishing off the 'net as fast as he appeared, so you get watermarked images because that's what I found.
Pics ahoy! )

Annnnnnnnnd now we're at the part where I might get in trouble. On the one hand, I have no interest in a boy AG. I just don't, never have, likely never will. The closest I came was when Widget was into playing with my dolls and I thought well, maybe... only I liked having AG be just girls. I still like that. Don't gimme the "but there's a Bitty twin boy!" stuff because BTs are not a thing anymore and also it's different. It would be different if they had a boy Wellie, btw.

That aside, I... don't hate him. In fact, I'm tempted to buy him, rip the wig off and turn Logan into a girl who shall not be named Logan because the only girl Logan I knew was a royal witch. Truthfully, with a black wig, Logan looks pretty similar to a girl I know sooo... eh. The only thing making me pause on this plan is that actual, legit Native American AG fans are Not Happy about the Kaya mold being whitewashed and given to a boy for reasons I think I mentioned before? And I can't blame them because I agree. But I also want Logan for not Logan purposes.

And I do not agree with anyone who says the Marie Grace mold would work as a good boy!character. I saw exactly one custom that sort of worked but the more I saw of that one custom, the more I realized that no. No, I think the MG mold is the one AG mold that is not at all suited to being gender-swapped. I must admit, I thought for sure we'd wind up with boy Classic or boy Josefina before boy Kaya.

So am I a terrible person for wanting Logan, even if it's for nefarious purposes? I still have no interest in the Tenney doll but I want Logan and Gabby. But I think I'm going to have to figure out a wig option for Logan because I'm really picky on those... No, self, you are not a terrible person. I mean, you might be, but not for this. :P
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I should warn you that I woke up to my arm being asleep, my leg cramping, and basically I'm in a bit of a funk. So my opinions on things may be less sunny than the situation may actually warrant. You have been warned.
AG Truly Me stuffs. )
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Note to self: Yankee's Pumpkin Pie smells amazing but a little will go a long way if you're sitting right by it.

Or maybe this is only true if I'm in the midst of period hell. (My sense of smell goes into overdrive then. Not. Fun.) Because I am kind, I will spare the graphic details and just say that work is really lucky I didn't take my wakeup call as a sign and just call out.

Alas, now I have a huge headache. :( I'm not sure if it's because I have my hair up in a clip or what, but my brain is trying to scream loudly. Boo. And with the dog's occasional whining also blaring in my ears, it's not going away anytime soon. Boo.

Ooh, ooh, how about I distract myself with this?

Since it's pretty much almost Thanksgiving, that's the perfect time to show the AG Halloween pics, right? Right.

This year was both incredibly easy and a royal pain in my ass, so really not different from any other year, I suppose. I broke the group pictures up into subgroups because my army is quite huge and I'm not sure how it happened but I blame sales. And my love of the Josefina mold, I suppose.

Pictures, messy hair, good times. )
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Ugh. I've got to get better about tagging things consistently. I just blew 40 minutes looking for an entry that I never did actually find. Woe.

Soooooo... once upon a time I played AG dress up with my Felicity/Lizbeth collection and dressed everyone up in all the outfits I owned at the time. ( photobucket pics are here) I did manage to find, because past!me tagged it properly, the photo list of my collection at that point. I do need to update the second link but I've been debating revisiting the dress all the dolls in all the outfits idea. Any interest in any time period in particular?
I figure I've got a small window of time before I try and figure out Halloween costumes for them this year and going through the collection might also help with that.
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Since Cass won't be here for her after birthday weekend, I think I need to come up with a plan. I mean, sure, I'm still sort of on this weekend but still. Got to plan ahead!
I'm thinking that I should go through my AG stuff and update my lists of haves/wants because I don't fully remember the things I bought last year. Luckily (?), I haven't bought as much this year but I do know that when free shipping hits, I will have a list.

Until I can work up the desire to go digging through things, I think I'll peruse the site and see what's calling my name and what I should double check my closet for.
We go by character/line.

Addy: I'm pretty sure I have everything of Addy's that's still available already. I'm still not sure if I'll wind up with a BF Addy since I prefer her eyebrows and I do want to play with her hair... but Addy feels like she's Cass's and only hers, y'know? We have twins of so many dolls and enjoy it, but Addy feels different. Triple checking the new nightgown, but I'm 99.99999% you get the idea, sure I snagged it when the Addy retirement rumours began in earnest. Maybe the mini will find her way home, maybe not. I'm not a huge fan of the minis, but I do like that dress.
Next free shipping buys: new nightgown if I'm wrong about owning it. Maaaaaaaybe the mini.

Josefina: I'm debating her BF Meet, though it's more of a sale thing, I think, since if I wound up with a Josefina, she'd likely be wearing that. I do like her new outfits (festival and navidad) and I don't think I snagged her new nightgown. I do like her nighttime necessities and I don't think I ever caved and bought Nina. So maybe.
Next free shipping buys: Navidad outfit/Festival Outfit, maybe

Julie: Still want/need her summer skirt set and I think her rollerskates. I dig the NYE outfit and her purple coat, and should Nutmeg go on sale or I need that exact amount to hit free shipping, I'll snag the bunny. I also like the lunchbox set.
Next free shipping buys: Summer skirt set, maybe the NYE outfit.

Kaya: Mebbe the Deerskin outfit, mebbe the LE mini.
Next free shipping buys: maaaaaaaybe the LE mini

Kit: Her radio set is still pretty high on my list, her reporter set is something I don't think I ever bought (check on this, self) and I'm not sure whether I ever got the lunch set. I should probably check ebay for her BF Meet because I do think it's pretty, though it seems skimpy for the price AG is asking.
Next free shipping buys: maybe the reporter or lunch set

Maryellen: This is the part of the list where I get to the stuff I'm most likely to actually pull the trigger on for free shipping. Me's christmas dress, holiday cookie set, and punch set all call to me though I've heard the punch set is scaled very, very weirdly. Like the punch bowl is ridiculously small. I still like her LR set though that'll have to wait for a sale, and probably ditto to the hat/scarf/mittens combo. If the scarf in that set was a real one and not a velco mockery, I'd be more interested. And it turns out I have the crinoline (yay) so floofy dresses are a go.
Next free shipping buys: Me's christmas dress and cookie set.

Melody: Wants in general: Melody herself, her accessories, her pajamas, her Christmas dress and coat, and her travel essentials if they ever go on actual sale. I'm still fence sitting on the play outfit, though I've seen a lot of cute pictures.
Next free shipping buys: Christmas dress and coat, most likely

Rebecca: Man, that jacket for girls is snazzy. Why do you make these not in cute doll form, AG. Why. Anyway, I think the only thing on my definite want list from Rebecca's stuff at the moment is her Bedroom Accessories and that's a sale thing. Oh, and Bex herself.
Next free shipping buys: not free shipping, but sale - Bedroom Accessories

Samantha: If Cass stumbles across her at Costco, I think we all know I'll cave. If she doesn't, I probably won't. Stuff wise, her coat and her accessories, as well as her LE mini. I think I either own everything else or have no major interest in it. I wouldn't say no to the painting set, the hairstyling set, or her travel bag, but of those, only the hairstyling set is super likely and it's been on clearance for awhile now.
Next free shipping buys: coat and hairstyling set, maybe

Lea: Man, I've basically not been at all interested in her since she appeared. I still want that Celebration dress and I lowkey want the Bahia Outfit, but I'm kinda set on everything else.
Next free shipping buys: Celebration dress, maybe Bahia Outfit

So from the land of BeForever, I don't have a lot of immediate wants. Addy's nightgown needs to be double checked, Me's holiday goodies are wants, as are Melody's. Part of this is due to me having snatched things up previously and there not being a ton of new things put out in price points I want.
Lea kinda tanked for me, though I do think the doll is lovely.

Truly Me:
This is, btw, where most of my free shipping shopping will go.

Want Now:
Merry Magenta
Holiday Penguins PJs
Pretty Plaid Shirt
Indigo Bubble Dress
Playful Print Skirt
Hooded Denim Jacket
WS Cupcake Set for Dolls
BB Holiday dress for 2016

Skeleton Outfit
Enchanting Winter Outfit
Star Quilt Skirt
Purple Play Shorts
Side Cinch Tank
Kitten Sweater (for Saige as Mal)
Ombre Ballet Outfit
Spirit Squad Set (one day)
Sparkle Socks and Leggings
Bitty Baby Snuggly Bear

Double Check?
Golden Sparkle (need reviews, dammit)
Christmas Eve Set (we'll see)
Pretty Plie Ballet Outfit (I think I bought this, but did I really?)
Western Dress, pretty sure I have this

Huh. Not quite as bad as I feared. My complete lack of interest in Lea's stuff probably helped keep the overall list under control, and it doesn't hurt that a lot of the TM things are individual items and not sets.

I didn't include the Wellies because I'm pretty sure that at some point I'm going to hit the TRU and see if we have them. If we do, I'm hoping to not fall in love with everything but I know myself well enough to not make that promise.

I do hope that this year Cass, Jess, and I make it to one of the AG stores to see stuff in person. I'd really like to see Melody's stuff up close and see if my opinions change any.
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And we'll round out the new stuff with Truly Me. I might edit in the Bitty stuff later when I'm not tired of sitting here. If not, there's some cute stuff that I recommend looking into if only for an aww, unless you hate all things Bitty. (Reindeer costume!)

Truly Me release. )

This is kind of the flipside to my love of the June release, I guess. I'm kinda meh over a lot of this with a few loves sprinkled in. Nothing horrible, really, and a lot of things where I like the idea behind it, even if that particular item isn't for me.

I'm a little sad that this is pretty much the last they'll do til the store exclusive (which I assume is coming this fall) and then we end the year. That said, I never did buy anything from the June release so it's not like I'm not behind as it is. :P

ETA: Bitty )

Oh, and there's a new jacket for girls in their BeForever inspired line, and it goes with Rebecca. There's a Kit inspired shirt and a Josefina inspired shirt as well. The Kit one is super cute and the Josefina one is really pretty. I wish they'd do these in doll size, too.

And finally, I'll be updating the Beforever post with the catalog/Pinterest shots of the new BF stuff.
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*eyes clock* Yeah, I suspect this won't actually go up til Sunday. Still, maybe if I do a little work now, it'll be easier then. In any case, let's finally (FINALLY) give Melody some love.

 photo melodybundledollaccess_zpsiuy5jqah.png
Melody, man. Melody.

Sorry, Melody, for being such a slacker. )

And it's taken me so long to post this that the sale bundles are about to expire but what the heck. Let's include them anyway.
Bundle Savings Good Through August 29, 2016 )

Man, I kept you guys waiting on this and it's not even my best work. Shame, self. SHAME.

I think part of the problem is that while I like Melody a lot (character and doll), I'm at that point where I've got a crapton of stuff and I'm being extra choosy about what I add to the madness. Also, I'm not rolling in dough or space and that kinda cuts out a lot of Melody's stuff. Couple that with my lack of interest in her musical accessories (though I find them quite nifty!) and you've got a collection I'm mostly content to look at in other people's photos. Which is great for my wallet, but not good for Melody.
Still, there are some things I want enough to buy and will the moment I have the funds and a proper sale.
Wish list:
Melody (and her Meet Accessories)
Christmas Dress
Birthday Coat

To make up for sucking, let's look at some pretty Pinterest shots, shall we?
Catalog shots, I suspect. )
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New Stuff at AG time. Alas, Thursdays are always the day I'm exhausted so we'll be splitting this into at least two chunks. Today I bring you the Wellie Wishers and the Beforever goodies (excluding Melody).

We begin with the Wellies.

Wellie Wishers
Not a lot but the books are out today! )

And now BeForever. )

Sorry if this is a little disjointed but I'm kinda falling asleep while still being really excited for the new shinies. It's very weird, honestly.

I will say that I'm a little disappointed in the holiday dresses this year. Neither really seems holiday special enough. The "Magenta" one is a pretty party dress, but I always felt like that when done properly, the holiday dresses were somehow more special. Probably because they usually are. This year, however, I had to really debate whether I even consider the second holiday outfit to be a holiday outfit. (The gold sparkly number is meant to be it, in case you too were lost.) I think that if I'm going to scratch the holiday dress itch, I'll need to jump on Maryellen's and Melody's outfits this year. Not!Josefina and Not!Emily are both quite lovely and I quite like a lot of the Bitty offerings.

Now. I'm going to go admire the shinies and fall asleep. Thoughts? Opinions? Or are you holding out til part two happens? (Melody, I swear, we're gonna chat. Tomorrow.)

ETA: Catalog type shots. )
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Oh look. I finally did part two. I'm so proud of me. :P Anyway, I was going to include the new Bitty stuff but it's still far too fug for me to want to stare too long into the abyss. If you want to see it, it's pretty easy to find in the "What's New" section on the site. Just scroll down til you hit Bitties, really.

Wellie Wishers
This is gonna be an abbreviated section for a few reasons, not the least of which is because I kind of already went over some of this stuff before. (And yes, I was first and yes, that totally matters to you. :P )

So many pictures. )

I'm so lazy... and at this point I'm thinking maybe I should keep Emerson in her box til my birthday. Less than a week to go and I did make sure she's okay. (She's so cute!) Decisions...


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