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Okay, we're chopping this release up into easy to post bits. Also, fair warning, but when AG updated their site, they also changed how their pictures load so yeah, I'm not editing things because it's taken this long just to do this much. Onward.
First up, Gabby!
She didn't get much. )

That leads us to Tenney and Logan.
Between them, they get as much stuff as Gabby did. Who's the GOTY again? )

Let's wander over to the Wellies, shall we? I will never understand how AG can continue to use free shipping on the Wellies but ignore it on everything else on their site aside from gift cards. Technically, I guess it's because the Wellies are available at other retailers (B&N, Kohl's, TRU, and I swear Target was mentioned?) but Gabby, Logan, and Tenney are all available at Kohl's and TRU, and Amazon's got Melody, Julie, ME, and Z so....
Anyway, I digress.

WellieWishers wish the best for youuuuuuu... )

Holymotherofgod, this release just never ends. I'm going to go with the new Truly Me Dolls and then we're gonna take a break. Mine will be to the tune of a strawberry daiquiri, but you may go with something else entirely.

New dolls, new dolls comin' through. )
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Well hello, Gabby. (It's Gabby in the books and thus it shall be Gabby 'round here.) Welcome to the AG lineup, ignore the jerks as there are plenty.

Gabby! )

Annnnnnnnnd I'm gonna need some food and possibly some sleep before I can even begin to work myself up to being ready to discuss the mix and match options they just unleashed. Gods, my eyes. I... I don't understand. I keep trying and my brain just keeps screaming nonononononoooooooooo and then I have to toggle on over to the new PJs and soothe myself because those are cute. I think. Oh, god, my eyes need to be cleansed.
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I've been sitting on this for a few days because I wanted at least one non-AG post somewhere and now I've had two! Also, I was hoping that if I waited, more pictures would appear. Alas, they haven't as of yet, but if history has proven anything, it's that as soon as I post something, new stuff appears. :P

Anyway, Gabriela's promo pictures have started to leak. Unfortunately no one kept the AG code on them so that it would be easy to find the others (dammit) and I'm not masochistic enough to go poking around the site... again. I might've already done so, but you can prove very little. ;)

Anyway, here's Gabi:
Gabi? Gabby? How are we shortening this? )

Overall, take my money, AG. Just take it. Don't even be gentle about it, just take the money.

That said, holy crapmuffins are people already being extra special about her.
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Gabriela's book cover appeared. )
So... GOTY 2017 confirmed. The question is whether she'll be a straight up re-release of #46 with an updo or if there's going to be some difference like new eyebrows/lipgloss/something. Rumors still seem to indicate that this is going to be the final year for the GOTY line, but AG's current ... thing seems to be unpredictability so who knows.

For the first time in, I dunno, forever? I got to share the GOTY with Cass and didn't have to field the "so... not black?" conversation. The fact that last year or the year before, Cass fell in love with 46 but never got her doesn't hurt. But the amount of happy "eeeeeeeeeeeee!" this morning was enough to make my cynical heart happy. I will have issues with AG over Gabriela (I already do, what with them cutting her with Tenney) but I will buy the ever loving hell out of her, even if they pull a surprise move and she's not a Sonali mold. (I mean, she's gonna be, but since I love the mold it's not a hardship for me.)

AG's doing a reveal of something tomorrow and it could be Gabby. It could be something else entirely.

Lissie and Lilly has an updated list of upcoming products and the various bits of info about them, if that's your thing.

I had an entirely different post planned but then squee happened and also I don't feel so hot so the thought of prodding my brain didn't really appeal.

ETA: Since today's Daily Deal (which might be the last of them unless you shop in store) is free shipping on any Lea thing, I went ahead and used my rewards to buy her Celebration dress. I waffled back and forth forever on it because I remember how popular Kanani's fancy dress was and that damn thing lingered forever, despite it being the one thing in the collection collectors and kids agreed on. But I figure that for $10 off and no shipping, it was worth it. And if it lingers, well, the community is welcome because I did my part. :p
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Today we'll go over Lea's stuff.
Pictures ahoy! )
 photo DGT31_Lea_Fruit_Stand_13_zpske59dzxx.jpg

In case you're wondering, they didn't add a lot aside from Lea's stuff. Some new Truly Me medical accessories (crutches and a diabetes set), a couple of Valentine's things (a dress and a shirt), and the BeForever minis that leaked a little while ago. They also seem to be re-releasing minis for Kirsten, Felicity, and Molly.

Alas, I've literally fallen asleep numerous times typing this all up, so you're getting limited commentary (for now) and tomorrow we'll go over the non-Lea things a little more in depth. Probably.

Oh, and Melody's tragic event IS the bombing, [ profile] luxken27. Keep it classy, AG.


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