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Huh. Well. Unexpected news is unexpected. Kit's getting a Costco bundle this fall and you know what that means: she's probably going to get cubed. See: Caroline and Samantha for precedent.

image hostimage host
I'm not sure what to make of this, honestly. On the one hand, I was always under the impression that Kit sold pretty well (as in top 3), possibly due to the short hair making her less of a threat to parents who wanted to get their kid a doll but not immediately realize that maybe, just maybe, giving a $115 doll to a 3 year old was a mistake. The shorter hair masks that, at least for a bit. (None of this is to say that shorter hair isn't awesome. Because it is. It's just that if I had a buck for each time some mom mentioned Kit's hair as a selling point for gifting her kid the doll, I'd be able to buy a couple of CYO dolls. Yes. It's said that often.) Oh, the sweater is the new item in this bundle.

The lovely lady at Lissie&Lilly does point out that if AG is throwing out past trends and just trying to catch more people's attention, that having Kit be the doll of choice in a Costco bundle makes sense. Unlike Caroline or even Sam at the point they did the bundle, Kit still has a pretty large collection at this point. If gifted with the bundle, a kid isn't going to feel cheated when they go online or in store and look at her section and think that's it?

On the other hand, I haven't been a fan of Kit's BF revamp, clothing wise except for *peeks* her new Meet and her blue dress. *shrug*

So I suppose it's possible she's not getting the cube, or if she is it won't be for awhile. Sam took a year or so. I guess it'll also depend on when/if we're getting a new BF character next year.

There's also a BF sale going on at AG where it's Buy 1, Get 1 50% off. New stuff (like ME's skating set) is included, as are books though I find that unless they're on clearance, AG books are cheaper literally anywhere else.

Oh, and there are 20% off coupons floating around. I got my catalog but not a coupon to be seen. Shocked. I am ever so shocked. /sarcasm

Let's see. Yesterday Loki escaped and was apparently out for hours before he blew his own cover and came down the hall singing. When I eventually tried to take him back upstairs, we were fine until the last few steps when he freaked out and did the rabbit kick to the chest. So much blood. And pain. Ozma and Loki met, officially, and both hissed like crazy. Not sure if they'd ever get along if given enough time or if Ozzie just isn't interested in other animals. My brother swears he's coming to get the kittens this week after the storm passes, so we'll see.

Gotta go spend the next forever and a day updating the laptop, just in case. Also, doing laundry. Could be worse- I could have dish duty, but I'm letting Mums have that joy.

Oh, and gotta haul the trash out. I did take a walk earlier this morning and it was eerily quiet.
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 photo byebyecaroline_zpsxli1cut1.png

And so it has begun. Today, this day of joy (May the Fourth), marks the day that Caroline Abbott begins her shuffle to the archive of DOOM.

If I hadn't had the whole year thus far to get used to it, I'd probably be very whiplashed about the whole thing, but I have and I think I've snagged most of her stuff that I want and have the room for (RIP, Parlor. RIP) and at this point it's down to deciding on whether I'd want her in the future and thus should just buy her soon or if I learned my lesson with Lyssie.

Oddly enough, Caroline's reign feels even shorter than the NOLA girls though I don't really know why. Maybe since there were two of them it somehow felt a little longer, maybe it's because Caroline actually gave the impression of being somewhat popular and the NOLA girls never did. I don't know.

In any case, I will be sorry to see Miss Abbott go. If you still haven't read her books, I suggest rectifying this mistake quickly, whether this means you pick up the BeForever versions or go with the 'Classic' books since her illustrations are usually lovely. She's a strong willed girl who loves her family (definitely a Daddy's girl) and makes sacrifices without being over the top about it. She gets nervous when presented with danger and she has moments she jumps in and others where she has to think about it.

Her grandmother and her mother are made of steel and are awesome and her father, well, he's the damsel in distress and it's kind of awesome. :P Her mysteries aren't bad either and overall, I definitely think she's one of the better written characters.

Any mold other than classic, Mattel, and she'd have been here years ago trying to con me into her ship or something.
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AG rAGnarok officially kicks off today with the archival/retirement announcement of the best friends line.

Ivy, Ruthie, and the NOLA ladies, Cecile & Marie-Grace, are all being sent off to the archive this summer. I'd imagine that even if they linger, they'll be yanked from stores, catalogs, and online by the time BeForever begins on/around August 28.

Pics or it didn't happen? )

And with that my collection now contains exactly one doll not archived/retired/or set to be one of those. And she's been customized...

I'm ticked that Ivy got the short end of the stick since she was introduced but I do hope that maybe they'll take the time to do something for an Asian Historical instead of being able to point to Ivy and say, "Look. Done."

The interesting thing about this archival is that none of these dolls has been around for even ten years. Ivy is the oldest in that she was introduced in 2007. Ruthie came out in 2008 just before Samantha was archived, and the NOLA girls appeared in 2011.

This also wipes out the grey eyes in the line with Ruthie, and MG's eyes are unique as well.

I do hope we'll be getting another doll one day soon with MG's mold as I think it's adorable and works very well outside of her Meet hairdo.

Cecile, you shall likely forever remain one of the two dolls whose Meet outfits I find beautiful on their own. Stay strong, my CeCe. I love you dearly.

New stuff (likely not much) coming Thursday.
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 photo buhbyemolls_zps7c77c69c.png

We gather here to say goodbye to Miss Molly McIntire. She pulled off the biggest upset in history* not just by selling out before Emily (everyone always pegs the best friend to go first) but before Saige.

The downside is that when I told Mums this, she said, "Wow, it's too bad you never managed to get her." annnnnnnnnd I had to cop to buying her in Atlanta back in October. "But, Mom, she followed me home!" :p

Well played, Molly. Well played. I expected/hoped you'd sell out by Christmas, but I honestly thought Saige would sell out first.

*- Maybe not actual history, but really, it's pretty impressive when you consider she's older than everyone else in the lineup and was pegged by quite a few people as likely to hang around until they quietly had to pull her come January 1st.

From Monday

Jul. 3rd, 2013 06:35 pm
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Ugh, I feel like crap. Possibly like crap warmed over? Is that worse? I think it is. I'm not sure what the problem is though. Just a general meh but less mental and decidedly more physical.

Not helped by the computer testing my nerves. x_x

So I'm going to ignore anything I originally had planned and do a quick little tribute to Molly McIntire and then head to bed for a bit. I feel bad that I panicked over Sam, cried over Kirsten, and "IN YOUR FACE!"'d over Felicity and so far Molly's gotten nothing.

Here's to you, Olly Molly.

 photo slide1_zpsd58f5a8f.jpg

  When I came into the AG world, there were four dolls. Kirsten, Samantha, the newly introduced Felicity, and Molly. Molly and I had three very important things in common:

Glasses. I'd just gotten mine and was actually pretty excited about them once the headaches wore off. I thought I looked better with them than I did without, which I realize makes me one of the few kids to actually need glasses to feel this way. Molly sure didn't. Still, she is the only AG character to need glasses and be dollified. Not a single once since their launch. How sad is that? They've sold loads of different glasses over the years, and I've bought quite a few and will continue to do so, but none specifically for a character aside from Molly.

We have grey eyes. Hers are a clear grey and mine are blue-ish with aspirations of green occasionally and violet at least once, but grey all the same. It wasn't until Ruthie that we got another character with grey eyes and even then I think these are the only two still available with grey eyes. They apparently silver pretty easily? This is a big reason why adult me has fallen for Molly.

Finally, we have suffered through some serious hair envy over the years. I went from stick straight bright blonde hair to dirty blonde, curly/wavy hair that did and does whatever it feels like. It would snarl and cuts would be made and tears cried. Molly's search for perfect hair made her sick and cost her the role of her dreams. I feel your pain, McIntire. I feel your pain.

Otherwise I didn't really give a ton of thought to Molly. I liked some of her stuff (her trunk, to this day, remains my favorite. One day when the ebay prices settle, I might go after it again.) and wasn't super fond of other bits. I never found her all that bratty as a kid and as an adult I still don't. It's one of the things I really like about her. Molly isn't perfect. She's got some pretty obvious flaws and with those flaws she's pretty realistic.

We begin the series with her father having gone off to war as a doctor. Molly isn't thrilled by this but she's coping the best she can. Then her mother goes off to work and leaves her in the care of a neighbor who isn't necessarily Molly's favorite person on earth. She handles this. It's not until turnips are introduced that people get snitty with her. "Just eat the damn turnips!" they say. Like it's so easy. Aren't there foods you lot hate? Maybe it's because I was (and still kind of am) a really picky eater, but there are things I would have still been there the next morning if you were waiting on me to eat. Onions in any form, really. Tomatoes and peaches would have had disastrous results. Most nuts. For a long time eggs as eggs and not an ingredient. Everyone has something they truly would prefer not to eat. And plus we get a cute little scene with Molly and her mother out of this, so really, leave Molly alone.
  Then there's the matter of Molly being a bit of a mean girl towards perfect Alison who... isn't so perfect. Molly's insecure and has a habit of acting realistically when someone she views as perfect but a little out of touch suggests something. She runs the other way, sure she can come up with her own super awesome idea. When it fails, Molly sucks it up and joins in because it's the war effort that's important.

I think, as I've grown up, I've come to love Molly more than I probably ever would as a kid. Kids are like Molly in that they'd want the brunette with prettier stuff and curly hair. :P Me? I want to stick up for the character that gets crap for every move she makes.

Also, Molly is how I'd get Mums to look at the catalogs with me and without her, I'm doomed. Though she did seem to enjoy Caroline so we'll see.

One day soon, Miss Molly, you'll join the army here.

Oh, and Molly also has an incredibly good mystery book (not to mention an incredibly bad one) that details what life was like after her father returns home and it's not all sunshine and roses and I love it for that reason alone.
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Going to bed for awhile, but if you're so inclined, AG has finally made the Official Archival Announcement for Molly and Emily.

Remember these simple tips if you're getting sucked in OR you know someone who is:
Newest stuff, accessories, furniture if you want it, and last of all, the dolls. The best friend will be harder to come by on the secondary market (especially in Molly and Emily's case) so plan accordingly.

Why to the order? Newer stuff will be harder to find on ebay later on because, especially in the case of her new pajamas, it won't have been in production for damn near 20 years.
  Accessories tend to get overly inflated prices because someone always loses a fiddly bit or something.
  Furniture is a bitch to ship, so getting it right from the source is usually a better (and cheaper) idea.
  Usually the dolls are last to sell out, frequently going on backorder. Nellie didn't (which is why I advise snagging Em before Molly if that's your thing) but Elizabeth did.

Oh, and it appears that if you want her tea set you should snag that first.

New stuff was released (including Saige's Paula Deen outfit) and my interest is pretty low so don't be waiting on a complete round-up of that. :P

Now to acquire an original set of Molly books (with the original illustrations) as well as the older but not original illustrations. Those plus Molly herself, Molly's Meet Accessories, and Emily's Meet Accessories are all I'm missing. The part of Em will be played by Saige Paints the Sky Red ...With Blood later in the year.
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It's that time of year again, when a not so young company's fancy turns to... archival. Fuck you, Mattel. This time you take out Felicity and I am left completely conflicted!

First there's the freakish feeling of "IN YOUR FACE!" to everyone who was so sure it was Molly. Granted, it's not likely my reasoning is the same as the company's, but the result is still the same. All those collectors were running around gathering up as much of Molly's stuff as they could, figuring that Molly was next due to the fact that she was the last of the original three still standing.

Fair enough, but I'm betting her wartime ties bought her a little extra time. Anyway, my scenario had Mattel's execs figure that if they just archived Felicity/Lizbeth, they'd get twice the money. :P

And it worked.

Except... not so much for me. Once I figured out the dastardly plan, I alternated between Lyssie stuff and Molly stuff. Turns out that all the stuff I still want of Felicity's? Pretty much all of it is already retired. Of the remaining things, I still want:
Felicity and her accessories
Felicity or Elizabeth's bed (ebay strikes again!)
Felicity's cloak (thank you, ebay!)
Felicity's night shift & mules
and maaaaaaaaaaaybe Elizabeth's holiday gown. Maybe. But I think I'd rather hold out for someone's handmade awesomeness.

Sadly, this means my hopes of snagging her summer gown have just plummeted something awful. Then again, I just got fairly lucky snagging Samantha's middy dress the other day so stranger things have happened.

I spent most of the morning trying to decide what to do. I want the doll. Duh. I have always loved Felicity's bed, but I think Elizabeth's bedding is prettier, partly because red doesn't do much for me. But I found a pretty cheap Felicity bed (all things considered) BIN on ebay and a cheaper than retail and definitely cheaper than retail + shipping Lizbeth bed... So I went with Lizbeth's. After hours of waffling. At first I was shrieking, "DOLL, you idiot! Buy the damn doll!"

Sometime around lunch (when I realized that the bottle of sketti sauce I bought this morning had been opened in the store. o_O; ) I realized that technically, if it came down to it, I could buy both with this paycheck because DUH. Still have money left over from earlier in the summer for just this reason.

And now I sleep. Hopefully.


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