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Mar. 5th, 2014 04:32 pm
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Over the weekend my boxes of goodness came in. At the same time! From Amazon we received GothiePie (Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie with black streaks in her hair. She's a Target exclusive but that's never stopped Amazon) and Thor & Loki's Excellent Adventure (Thor The Dark World). AG was the first of my free shipping orders. Other than quickly peeking to make sure everything that should have been there was, I ignored them until Monday.
And then my day was upended by needing to resume cleaning so... nothing much was done until Cass brought by my small shopping bag of AG goodness from the Atlanta store. I'd asked her to pick up the store exclusive pajamas, store exclusive shorts, and the PWP if it didn't suck. While she was there I asked for a second of Isabelle's white leotards but they were out and while they would have shipped it to me for free, I would have had to pay tax and since I'm going to make another FS order anyway... it was wiser to just wait.

After Cass left (we spent most of the time oohing and ahhhing over the shiny things she picked up) I got to work deciding how to divvy up clothes. Unfortunately for picture taking, it's been rainy all week (but that's my only complaint and pics can usually wait) and then my camera told me, "You should buy batteries, dumbass" and died. So you get crappily lit photos of three outfits that will tide you over til I remember to buy batteries. :P

To refresh your memory, the box of goodies from AG contained three historical outfits (which are still awaiting a doll to wear them) and most of Isabelle's Mix n Match stuff. Her leg warmers didn't show up until yesterday so they aren't on anyone yet.

I decided to make three outfits based on the stuff I had on hand. Ivy is, if memory serves, wearing the purple leotard and sparkly sequined skirt, Sonali is wearing the white leo and tutu, and that leaves...

 photo coral1_zps0c433705.png
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I apologise in advance for the wonky color of these photos. The day I took them it was overcast and then the next however many days it rained and by the time it was sunny, I'd moved on. :P

You might recall I gushed about my last AG order and promised pics. Well, I eventually deliver. Maybe? I tried anyway.

 photo teaser_zpscc6590c0.png
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I love them all. :D
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I'm cold. Have a picture of my various interests at the moment.
(Hey, cutest Kanani in all the damn world!) Lagoona, Applejack, and Fluttershy also say hey.

And that's my Elefante from last Christmas. He's adorable, he is.

Oh, and the newest Scarpetta novel? Doesn't suck. HUZZAH. To properly sum it up though: I liked Benton better when he was dead. Mom wants to bargain that down to before he died, but I'm currently too cold to bargain.
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Soooo.... in a move that surprised no one, I bought Kanani upon returning home from work. I'm now doing the "stupid holiday, hurry up and send her NOW" dance. I also snagged the new sweetheart/valentines pajamas and Rebecca's new lace dress. The pajamas are for Kanani (if they don't suit her I do plan on getting her pajamas) and Rebecca's dress is for Sam/Nellie/Ruthie. Nellie gets first crack at it, then Sam, and finally Ruthie.

The other stuff I want is waiting for holiday pay (I'll get two holidays on the next check, I think) or possible codes. If they don't appear before payday the second, I will probably snag two of the historical outfits because I'm on a roll. Or something.

NYE at work is always... different. On the one hand, if I'm not at work, I tend to sleep through the official ringing in of the new year. On the other hand, I'm working and the people who show up? Yeah. They tend to be drunk. Luckily almost no one bought alcohol last night. Probably because they realized Bad Things could happen. (Like me saying no.)

Who's awesome? [ profile] zallia is awesome. *curtsies*

I have no resolutions this year.
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Kanani's Catalog is out. Sort of.

It's cold so I may lose interest in this fairly quickly, but until then, let's babble. So. Kanani is the bastard lovechild (redundant, I know) of Jess and Marisol, with Lanie's and Mia's eyes and Kailey's aquatic sensibilities. And she's got a dog like Nicki and Lindsey. Good freakin' lord, she's almost as divisive as Lanie was.

Anyway. Kanani is Hawaiian. Or she's supposed to be. The big stink is that when you think Hawaii, you probably do not think people who look like this doll. I can't really blame people for being upset over the repeated whitewashing of the GOTY line. With that said, I'm going to buy Kanani unless someone gets their hands on her early and she's not medium skinned after all. I suspect she's one of those dolls who looks kind of meh or cutely meh in official photography, but is absolutely adorable in person. As of right now, I plan on ordering her the moment she is available.

In addition to Kanani, I'll be ordering her accessories because her dog is adorable. I'll probably be skipping her beach outfit set, although this is one of those things that may change as the year progresses since it's purple... and I am weak. Ditto on the seal, though it's not purple, but a whole dollar goes to the NWF. Wow. [/sarcasm] It's cute, we'll see.Won't be blowing $115 on the Shave Ice Stand, no matter how cute the idea is. Will probably buy her Aloha Outfit because, well, who doesn't need more t-shirts and jeans, even if they are capris? I'm thinking no to the Lu'au set because that shade of pink hurts my eyes. Her pajamas are going to come to live with her, too. I like her chair and ottoman set, but I don't think I can justify that price for it and I'm doubting it will go on sale anytime so... sadness.

Overall, she and Lanie both interest me about the same amount, it's just that while I do have Jess, I don't have Marisol and Kanani might help eliminate the want for her. I already have blonds so thus Lanie did not come home with me. Ultimately a small portion of Lanie's stuff did. Her pajamas, her accessories (bunny! laptop!), and her nature outfit all came home.

But Impy, you cry, how will you be pulling this off? Duh. I get paid tonight (I should be, anyway) and my aunt and uncle very thoughtfully sent me Christmas money so if I'm so inclined, I could go BIG for my belated gift. Or I could be sensible. But I like the fact that I have the option to go big.

Then there's the new historical stuff.
Kaya, Josefina, Addy, Rebecca, Kit, Molly, and Julie get stuff. I do not particularly want Kaya's or Kit's, although Ruthie may change my mind on Kit's. Josefina's will probably wait, but I'm wanting the others. At the moment I'm thinking going for Rebecca's and one of the other's, but again, I might go big.

Need to find food. Oh, and they'll be doing a new mini each month, starting with Samantha. "But wait, the minis are already out!" you say. No. These are limited edition ones dressed in their holiday outfits. Huzzah?
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Okay, I think this really only applies to one or two people here but hey. This morning pictures of the new American Girl of the Year leaked. Sometime around 7am, the person who posted the pictures yanked them and by pure luck (or the fact that I was sharing them with Cass, whichever) I still had them on my computer. So I uploaded them and shared with people who do not suck. I meant to also share them here. BEHOLD:

Kanani )

Thoughts later.


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