Dec. 13th, 2010 09:30 am
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Sometime yesterday morning/early afternoon, my eye started to hurt. Not all the time or anything, and it was so vague that I mostly thought it was my head starting to hurt right above my eye. Not so. It's my right eye and I keep expecting some bionic part to come out and play anytime I blink. I went to bed shortly after I discovered it was my eye bothering me. I thought the sleep would make it go away.

No. It didn't increase or anything. It's just that when I blink, it hurts. This morning at work I nearly stabbed a customer when they wouldn't hurry the fuck up because my eye was annoying me and this whole not blinking thing was NOT working out and I was getting that crawl out of my skin feeling.

I resisted. Even when I had to wrestle a damn Christmas tree back into its box. It bit me. A lot. I think I'm allergic to the tree, honestly.

Yesterday still sucked. And shit. I just remembered what I'm supposed to have done today. (CD for someone.)

G'ah. I'm cold and I still haven't heard my favorite holiday song yet. :(

^-- From Sat.

Today I add that my teeth hurt. I blame the cold and the fact that my wisdom teeth are horrible, horrible things and that I should have done something about them this year. But I didn't. So when I'm miserable, I have no one else to blame for that.

I had a list of things to do today. I got some of it done. Some of it can/will still be done. But things have not been going my way. The other day we set up our Christmas lights. The year we had No Tree we put up lights all throughout the downstairs of the house. It was so pretty that we kept the tradition up even though now we have trees. (Not real ones, sadly) The other day the boy helped Widget and I put up the lights in the living room. It was lovely until this morning when I plugged them in and saw that a fourth of the main strand had died. WTH, lights. WTH. So I asked Mums to fix it if she could. I wake up this afternoon and my brother pulls down the stand of lights. Fair enough except... I can't suss out how we had it hung up originally and by the time I officially give up fixing them, half the freakin' strand was dead. I don't begin to understand how that happened. Replacement lights, stat!

Anyway. I couldn't put up the tree until the light situation was fixed. And the headboard my brother was supposed to take upstairs a WEEK ago was moved. And the piece of exercise equipment no one uses was moved. And someone vacuumed. I've been waiting a week for these things (lights aside) to happen. Finally I had the Widget help me moved the headboard to the hearth (our fireplace doesn't work anyway) and I waited for it to be moved upstairs. No. Someone moved it even further back and then acted like it was supposed to be there. *rubs forehead in pain because facepalming would be a BAD IDEA*
I did the other stuff and now the Widget is vacuuming and the damn thing still won't get put up before 8pm.

And my teeth still hurt. DAMMIT.

That aside, TRU briefly had most of the Gloom Beach dolls online but I only ordered Cleo. I briefly debated using up most of my emergency dolly fund on them but decided to hope for the best and snag the one I wanted to see most. Also, I really cannot see my mother buying that version of Cleo if she had a choice. So... logic.
^--- Yesterday.

Yesterday (I think), Kanani's, the Girl of the Year for 2011, book covers leaked. Or I saw them and they leaked Sat. Don't care. She looks adorable and if you want to punish your liver, you'll want to take a shot each time someone says that.
Happy St. Lucia Day! )
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Note to self: Next time you're in a pissy mood, just make yourself a milkshake. Small or medium works best. Then sit back and enjoy the lack of wanting to murder everyone around you.

hey, slow it down )

The Last Unicorn may have followed me home when I was out this afternoon. *whistles innocently*

For whatever reason, I actually love the hell out of this song. Go figure. Usually I don't give much of a damn about any given A.I. winner/runner-up, but hey. There are exceptions, usually on a song-by-song basis.

Rude. I had no intention of watching Parenthood until Lauren Graham joined the cast. Then I find out that Mae Whitman will be her daughter on the show and dude, I'm sold right there. Because what I needed was another TV show. :P


Dec. 8th, 2009 10:02 am
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GOD I hate it when people don't give me ideas for presents. It's one thing if I don't ask you. But when I do and you're given time to think (because I truly understand the deer in headlights moment when initially asked) and then you don't say a friggin' word? Grrr!

I like buying people presents. I like the thrill of the hunt sometimes. But I also like guides so that I don't buy you your third copy of your least favorite season of your favorite show because everyone always buys the first season.

So. If I have your wishlist and it needs to be updated, I'd probably update it if I were you. If I don't have your list and you want to see if I'll buy you an Epiphany present or something (let's be honest, I do not run on time) that's why the good internet gods created comments. Yush.

Moving along. [ profile] zallia wanted to see the AG shtuff. Sadly, we seem to have moved to some place where it rains only when I look at a camera and think of using it, so... I have nothing new to share, exactly. Just pictures that I don't think I forced on you before. That counts, right?

Jess thinks so. )

Lizbeth demands a do-over. )

misc extras )

And that was stuff.


Sep. 4th, 2009 12:17 pm
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I have survived another Thursday at work. I hate Thursdays when it's truck and cigs. It's just too much. This should be the last week of that setup for awhile. Next week will apparently be cigs, early breaks, and truck unloading. Bother. BOTHER.

Ah well. Ticked off to hear that apparently at least some jackass at work believes the overnight shift does nothing. That really did hurt my feelings and make me want to kick someone in the goddamned kneecaps. Reason prevailed and pointed out that if big boss-man doesn't agree, that's pretty much all that matters. So. Breathe again, self. Breathe.

A whole ton of new AG stuff was released. 21 "new" or revised dolls. Not a single red or orangish red in the bunch. Fuck your strawberry blonde. I wants red that a toddler can point to and say, "Red!" Not a red that would make said toddler cry because why would you ask a question to which there was no answer? Who would do that crap?

Anyway. I love at least the idea of a couple of them, but I'm all full up on crazy at the moment, so I can eye clothes and shtuff. Of which much of the new stuffs does nothing for me. Yay?

Random things that annoy me:

- White women telling everyone else on the planet that they're being racially insensitive. This doesn't bother me all the time, but pretty much anytime lately I see it online, I want to smack someone even if I do agree with everything else they might say/how they said it. [Which is to say, I agree with everything but the fact that their paler than moi face is staring at me from their av/icon/sig/whatever.] It brings the rage and I don't know why other than... it does.
- I lied. I know exactly why it bothers me. Because in person, I can actually hear the logic and not just hear this patronizing voice in my head basically trying to spell things out in words of the largest size they can possibly think of and still not be called on trying too damn hard, all while telling someone else that their actions are wrong/perceived as being wrong, and will always be wrong. Even if this doesn't happen to be the case. Which happens a fair bit, actually.
- People who waltz around saying things like, "OMG! I totally knew this... but couldn't tell you guys cuz..." Because then some other jackass will come in and say they totally knew, too and at the end of the day it's just annoying as fuck.

Now. We return to things that make me happy.

toys. )

Hmm. I have nails. Alert the media!
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I was bored. So to counteract the lingering feeling of hate yesterday brought, I'll bore you senseless with my dolly love. MUHAHAHA!

I could do with a drink right about now )

How to assemble a doll bed in five easy steps. )

Really, step five is the most important of all.
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It came from Bob, the Desk, part 2!

Tales From Bob, the Desk, part 2 )

And that was Bob presents the American Girls and a pumpkin. Woo!
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So. I waffle on my AG love depending on that time of year, the position of the moon and stars, and how often they randomly send me a catalog. Whenever Mattel took over, they decided to stop sending them at regular intervals, and I can't say I blame them as I'll go years without buying anything, and the only time I ever went slightly crazy in terms of buying was when I bought my Girl of Today, her bed, and assorted outfits, and even that had problems. This is not the time for that story, however.
Anyway, when Cass presented her roadtrip idea, I was all set to tell her the same thing I always tell them. "No." Particularly with her leading with her Cabbage Patch idea. But then she said Atlanta [I was still saying no] and the AG store. To which I had to reconsider. Realistically, I have very little desire to return to NYC to hit their store, and Chicago will forever be tainted by that news story I read about the family who went to the store only to come home on the wrong train and it was this horribly gruesome account of the aftermath, and yet all I could think was, "Dude, what a way to ruin your kid's trip to the AG store. That place must be jinxed." And I've no desire to hit the LA store. Just... no.
Obviously, I went on the trip. This... is that story. Muhahaha!
Not Dial-up Friendly, even though I am dialup. Whee! )

That's just the AG section. Other pictures to come as I get less twitchy.


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