Mar. 10th, 2009 09:17 am
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I promised pictures, yes? Yes, yes I did. So I will combine them and you can pick doll goodness or book goodness, or if neither interests you [shock! amazement!] you only have to worry about skipping one post and not two. Or twelve.

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For all the love I have for books, I'm the sort who leaves them in stacks until I either knock them over, the cat does, or I'm finally struck by how awful it is to have your bookcase looking like someone mauled it. I meant to take a picture of the bookcases before I touched them, but I spent so long trying to get the damn light to stay on [the switches in the house are EVIL] that by the time I had light [I can see!] I just plunged into the books and didn't remember until I'd sorted through the Sweet Valley stuff and started on the misc shelf. So you missed the complete feel of anarchy. I'm sorry. The SV shelf tends to be the most easily disturbed due to the side project and the fact that I keep trying to find out which ones I need in which form [...shut up!] so.. yes. I'm sorry you missed that one.

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Oh, and the bottom of the bookcase closest to my room? Yeah, that's the section of 80's love [Sleepover Friends!] that the cats peed on and I refuse to get rid of even though it's a wall of books where only the first six or so SOF books aren't ruined. But I did write down the ones that were ruined so I can replace them and not think, "wait, I own these." Yeah, you do, but they're dead to you.

And then I realized I still had a ton left in my room. The birthday pile from last year, the BSC books I'd rescued from the garage, the books I pick up at random because they're awesome... the SVH books I've left around for whatever reason. This is the never ending quest, I guess.

New Tori Album Cover


Feb. 22nd, 2009 02:03 pm
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It's been awhile, so you may need a refresher course.

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Dec. 31st, 2008 08:44 am
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I must confess that Milch was the doll I was most waiting for. Because she was so preeeeeeeetty in promo land and she didn't seem like she'd be that easy to screw up between promo and reality. Luckily she wasn't. Yay!

Milch! )

I'm just a little slow is all.
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It's a good thing I left a loophole for today in order to share pictures, because while I did take them yesterday, I ran out of time to do much else. Mostly because I'm exhausted. I hate being sick, and having two colds back-to-back, one of them spanning over Christmas is just cruel. CRUEL I tell you.

Anyway, Adsilitia and Milch arrived just before Christmas, and for half a second I seriously thought of waiting to open them on Christmas, but I decided that Milch might actually look cute near the tree. Naturally I didn't even try it once I opened her, but I did think about it. That has to count for something, right?

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Yesterday was apparently mail day. I got my SVH tote bag, my SVH books from PBS, and my August Pullip and DAL. I... am a horrible person, as I immediately picked Pink Chan as my favorite. It's entirely possible that poor C will be that much cuter out of her box, but as it is, she's not looking her best. Oddly, Mom adores her as is. She thinks Pink is too much. Well, duh. My re-mint goodness was the apple pie set. :D So perfect for fall!

Assuming my room isn't smooshed by one of the live oaks in the back yard this weekend, and that we aren't all swept to sea, and oh, yeah, we have power, I'll share pictures then. :p Which is my way of saying that everything I keep hearing says that Hanna-without-a-second-h will bitchslap us Friday night sometime. Last I checked it was somewhere after 8pm, but... no other details. I say thee, SCORE. I'm not going to work in a hurricane, and anyone who believes I should is obviously insane. There are a lot of places [not really] one could want to spend their time during a storm, but I wouldn't want to be at work when one hit. Too many windows. Too much junk to fly around. Also? It's work.

Anyway. PINK!

because we care. )

Please excuse the lack of super-awesome. Because she is, but I'm not exactly awake enough to do her justice. [/excuses, excuses, excuses]
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Yesterday I slacked off. I know, I know. You knew it would happen and it did. Psychic freaks. Anyway, I did try to photograph the wonder that is Jolie. It worked better in my head than in reality. I plan on trying again today, but I also plan on working on NaNo, so we'll see what happens.

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DALs are the odd JP doll that I think I would like any of them if gifted, but I won't actively seek them all out. Which you might have gathered by the fact that I have four. The minis I seek out and buy multiples. Pullips require a bond, and the boys, well, they require a miracle, although I do regret not snagging a couple, which I might rectify over the holidays... [Butler and Cavalie]

So. Jolie needs a name and while Mom is right, she's totally a meaner version of Weekender's Tish, I already have a Tish. The only name rattling around in my head is Josephine, but that's because a certain Tori song keeps popping up in various forms.

Now, if I'm super brave, you can see how the dolls lie around without me paying ooey gooey gobs of attention to them. But I'm not sure I'm that brave. I might sort them according to friends/alliances/couples/hair color... Or not at all.
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someone's been reading T.S.'s livejournal...

Someone is Liisa.

Liisa is several different kinds of cute, though her head doing a 360 when she puts her hand to her cheek? A little weird. She's my valentine's gift to myself and also the last of the Pullips I'm buying that aren't pre-order or some funtastical price. Or, you know that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

She's adorable! *dies* Why exactly did I wait so long for an Arietta? Oh, yeah, cuz I'm an eeediot.

Liisa kindly provided by [ profile] pullipstyle, and arrived in two days. Pay Tuesday, she arrives Thursday. Dangerous! Also, on sale. So you can imagine all kinds of love. So much that you should be able to see little hearts everywhere.

If for some odd reason you follow the very loose Pullip storyline and wonder where the blue hell she fits in, I dunno. I still haven't figured out the specifics for Frankie [Cornice] or what the hell to call Squall. But Liisa was named easily since Mom decided she must be an Alice friend and then wanted to call her Allison, then Alyssa, then Alicia, then Alicia [as in Silverstone] and that lead to Liisa, a friend of hers. Somehow. Annnnnnd that's the evolution of the random naming process around here. If only it worked for Squall. *sigh*

Which reminds me, coming soon: Valentine's Day HORROR. Or something.

Two more nights of work. Two more.

Liisa! So cute. Muuuuuuch cuter than crappy photos. But why, oh why, is she stalking T.S.?
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Riletto arrived yesterday, just as I predicted. [of course she'd show up on the one day I couldn't really devote any time to adoring her properly. Yeah, like I let that stop me. She's adorable if you ignore the world's worst fringe/bangs. It's just... so terribly wrong. If I didn't adore the color of the wig, I'd seriously consider just buying her the wig selection I've been pondering. But it's so pretty! And if you ignore the bangs from HELL, so soft. I think she's gonna be the hat girl of the bunch.

She's Annie's twin, in case you pondered. She's the older of the two and I'm thinking it's possible she's quite lazy. I'm not sure yet. I shouldn't judge her on her PJs alone. Cute socks!

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Hrmm. I'm gonna guess no one saw Merry, but I don't know where I stashed the pictures so she'll wait until tomorrow or kill me in my sleep.
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Who could it be now? )

Surprisingly tired now. I ponder why.
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She's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

And she brought along enough hair to donate to two other dolls and still have plenty for herself. You are supposed to comment on the hair when you get a Squall, right? Well, there you go. She's loverly, but now I'm going to have to figure out how to do her hair so she's not drowning in it all the time.

She's mine! :D
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The other day was Alice's birthday. Tuesday, to be exact.

It's her party and she'll pout if she wants to.

Lookit who showed up yesterday. Apparently she believes in being fashionably late.


Oct. 21st, 2005 01:15 pm
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Guess who's here?
mary had a little lamb... )

I need a name. Unlike Rovam who will be Lor when she arrives, I never really settled on a name for her. I keep coming back to Rory or maybe Lorelai, but that's probably due to lots of Gilmore Girls lately. Mom suggested Mary for the obvious reason.

Come on, I know you lot are creative.

Thankies muchly, [ profile] pullipstyle!
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Guess who's here? )

Nameless Prince. Woo. Who, btw, needs a name. I can't just keep calling him that, as amusing as it may be to me. Hrmm.

Anyway. I don't think this will be the start of a rabid Namu love. I like Serpent, in fact, I find myself staring at him quite frequently, so I assume it's dolly love. And he fits in nicely thus far, so I'm really happy with him. But I'm also happy that I got the one I wanted and that he's not inspiring me to buy more of his kind. Unlike Alice, who appeared and then ten seconds later made a wishlist for me to get cracking on. D'oh.

And now I'm off to take one of the prettyones off the "to be paid for later" list and put her on the "just gotta kill time" list. Yay.
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I'm coming back from the dead... )
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ooooooh, new )

And how I learned that London was going to hell in a handbasket [also known as why I fear for the brain power behind walgreens management]:

manager who refuses to introduce himself: so how was your night?
me: ...well, I'm still here.

He takes a moment then chuckles as he thinks this is either amusing or he wishes to humor me. I'm not sure which. Anyway, as I'm ringing his energy drink up, he begins to speak again.
him: well, I'm sure your day is going better than the people in London.
me: *blank stare* er, why?
him: don't you know? haven't you heard?
me: ...
him: explains, briefly, about the chaos.
me: *thinking* we don't get the news here, pal. it wouldn't have hit the papers, so even if I had been able to sit and read through today's paper I wouldn't know. How the hell would I know about this?

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What lies beneath? )

We'll gush about Annie first and probably Oren tomorrow. Anne is my first purchase from [ profile] pullipstyle and as such, whorage to [ profile] pullipstyle. ;) It's nice getting your dolly crack exactly when you're told it should arrive and that's within a few days. :D Plus, as Icy and Oren will show you, I got a nifty Pullip postcard that will go up on the bookcase o-Pullips. *happy dance* I love little things like that. and the best bit? Really, really nice. I don't know if that can ever be stressed enough. Now I just kick myself for not ordering from them earlier. :p

As for the doll, somehow she gives the impression of being smaller than the other girls. I don't know why or how, but she does. I wonder if it'll be the same way when I redress her? She's adorable though. Smitten! Oddly enough, she's also the youngest of my dolls [newest] and the oldest [in terms of production]... Which is amusing. However, if the sneaky [ profile] pullipstyle has their way, someone else will claim that honor shortly.

Hurry up payday. I have to pay off Paja!

Oh, and I feel like I'm on fire, but apparently I'm freezing to the touch. o_O
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and we'll all float on... )

Name, rank, and serial number )

Cosmic thoughts.
  Mercu [Bee] has some serious makeup going on, man. That purple in the corner of her eye is actually freaking me out a little. But I think once I get used to it, it'll be one of the things I love best about her. As it is, I love the color of her eyes. They're gorgeous. Look up there. Do you see that? Gorgeous. Oh yes.
  We love her choker, her holster for her little space gun, the stars on her boots ... lots of things. Her hair is thick and long and both Cosmics have hair that reminds me of those crayons/gel pens you buy to write specifically on dark paper. Tis wonderful.

  Jupi is probably going to be my favorite once payday hits and I buy her [and Tish] some hair clips. It's odd. She's got a lot of hair, but it's really thin. I don't know if it's just Andromeda, or if all Jupis have this issue.
  I like her eye color, though I do agree it's a bit of an odd choice considering her hair color. Still, it stands out and is something I think I love about her. I love how she looks easily miffed [hence her personality], and she has the most awesome boots ever. If she had the cool little stars on her boots, I'd say she was perfect. I don't really understand why people didn't like her as much, and I'm going to feel superior to those who are now jumping on the Jupi bandwagon. Hair color wise, she has the weirdest. It's actually a shade of purple in person, but it seems to photograph a shade of pink. So odd.


Apr. 18th, 2005 02:31 pm
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Kay. I suspect I'm coming down with a cold again. Ugh. Not pleasant. But I need to whore Afternoon out, so I'm going to do that before I pass out, kay?

Afternoon in the afternoon. )
Wow. I'm either really weak, or the cat gained weight.
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If I'm ever dating someone and you hear me say, "-name here- said I couldn't spend more than" or "-name- said I couldn't buy -item I want-" or any variation thereof, I want you to smack me and tell me to break up with whoever it is, or call them on the BS. I'm trusting you all to do this. Trusting you.

Do not betray the trust.

Annnnnd now, thank you, [ profile] cheerlessbeauty/Heidi! My books came today and I was so surprised. You found the Elizabeth books! *hugs* Have I told you lately I love you? :D

Pullip Theatre Presents, Waiting for Fanatica )

Tired. Cold.
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Is it wrong that my main reason for wanting to join the monochrome thing over at PP is because I want to title it monochrome delirious? I don't really think I have any clothes or fabric things to happily pull the effect off, which is what's keeping me from going forth in search of my bliss.

Yes, sometimes I talk funny. The voices all scream to be heard and it's a smoosh-for-all in what comes out.

That said, meet Isa!
That'd be ChinaChina who beat me up when I started calling her CiCi for short )
Isa's personality is slow in coming, but hopefully won't be as slow as, you know, Pishy Tanda.

Brother got fired from his job, saw that one coming. Hopefully he'll find a new job soon, or win the lottery. Though the lotto might be a bad, bad idea.

I'm off to attempt taxes.


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