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I have a million things I want to do, and probably should do, but sadly I am exhausted so they will have to wait. I'm hoping that I'll wake up sometime mid-afternoon and have time to work on my to-do list, but until then, have a mini-rant and some useless trivia. Huzzah!

  Work would have been pretty much perfect except that around 5:30 this morning, the guy who used to deliver our newspapers came by for the third time and he went off because the store was still closed. Dude, they were doing the floor. It takes time to dry. The first time we were outside because we couldn't get back in until one of the aisles dried. The second time the floor was still wet and the registers were down because hello, thunderstorm. Third time he just starts screaming what bullshit this is and he's directing his anger my way. And no one fucking said anything. Fuck you, floor cleaning dudes. But majorly fuck you, Syd Wilson, paper-douche. Really, you seemed to be under the impression that bitching at me with the fun words would somehow magically make it so that I would risk fucking up the floors just to sell you your cigarettes. Uh, no.

And had I thought about the fact that I could have probably reached them without needing to go behind the counter, I still wouldn't have because by this point I was ready to tell you to fuck off and never come back to the store when I was around.

Had you been nice and understanding, I would have called you back when I realized I could probably reach the cigs, or get someone who could, and then rung you up on a different register. But your screaming? Yeah. It rattled me. So the next time I see you, you'd better apologize. Or else I'm not ringing you up then, either.

Self: the next time you go looking for books Susan Wittig Albert wrote for Sweet Valley, just look here:
* Standing Out, Sweet Valley Twins #25, Bantam, 1989
* April Fool, Sweet Valley Twins #28, Bantam, 1989
* Princess Elizabeth, Sweet Valley Twins #30, Bantam, 1989
* Jessica On Stage, Sweet Valley Twins #32, Bantam, 1990
* Mary is Missing, Sweet Valley Twins #36, Bantam, 1990
* War Between the Twins, Sweet Valley Twins #37, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins Get Caught, Sweet Valley Twins #41, Bantam, 1990
* Elizabeth's First Kiss, Sweet Valley Twins #43, Bantam, 1990
* Mademoiselle Jessica, Sweet Valley Twins #46, Bantam, 1990
* Mandy Miller Fights Back, Sweet Valley Twins #48, Bantam, 1990
* The Twins' Little Sister, Sweet Valley Twins #49, Bantam, 1991
* Elizabeth the Impossible, Sweet Valley Twins #51, Bantam, 1991
* The Slime that Ate Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley Twins #53, Bantam, 1991
* Coco Crazy, Sweet Valley Twins #55, Bantam, 1991 (Actually: Brooke and her Rock Star Mom)
* Giovanna's Secret, Sweet Valley Twins #60, Bantam, 1991 (Ciao, Sweet Valley)

Some of those are pretty awesome. (Why yes. I am looking at you, Mary is Missing and Mandy Miller Fights Back) Now. If you'll excuse me, I have to go pass out as I attempt to finish Mourning Gloria.


Dec. 13th, 2010 09:30 am
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Sometime yesterday morning/early afternoon, my eye started to hurt. Not all the time or anything, and it was so vague that I mostly thought it was my head starting to hurt right above my eye. Not so. It's my right eye and I keep expecting some bionic part to come out and play anytime I blink. I went to bed shortly after I discovered it was my eye bothering me. I thought the sleep would make it go away.

No. It didn't increase or anything. It's just that when I blink, it hurts. This morning at work I nearly stabbed a customer when they wouldn't hurry the fuck up because my eye was annoying me and this whole not blinking thing was NOT working out and I was getting that crawl out of my skin feeling.

I resisted. Even when I had to wrestle a damn Christmas tree back into its box. It bit me. A lot. I think I'm allergic to the tree, honestly.

Yesterday still sucked. And shit. I just remembered what I'm supposed to have done today. (CD for someone.)

G'ah. I'm cold and I still haven't heard my favorite holiday song yet. :(

^-- From Sat.

Today I add that my teeth hurt. I blame the cold and the fact that my wisdom teeth are horrible, horrible things and that I should have done something about them this year. But I didn't. So when I'm miserable, I have no one else to blame for that.

I had a list of things to do today. I got some of it done. Some of it can/will still be done. But things have not been going my way. The other day we set up our Christmas lights. The year we had No Tree we put up lights all throughout the downstairs of the house. It was so pretty that we kept the tradition up even though now we have trees. (Not real ones, sadly) The other day the boy helped Widget and I put up the lights in the living room. It was lovely until this morning when I plugged them in and saw that a fourth of the main strand had died. WTH, lights. WTH. So I asked Mums to fix it if she could. I wake up this afternoon and my brother pulls down the stand of lights. Fair enough except... I can't suss out how we had it hung up originally and by the time I officially give up fixing them, half the freakin' strand was dead. I don't begin to understand how that happened. Replacement lights, stat!

Anyway. I couldn't put up the tree until the light situation was fixed. And the headboard my brother was supposed to take upstairs a WEEK ago was moved. And the piece of exercise equipment no one uses was moved. And someone vacuumed. I've been waiting a week for these things (lights aside) to happen. Finally I had the Widget help me moved the headboard to the hearth (our fireplace doesn't work anyway) and I waited for it to be moved upstairs. No. Someone moved it even further back and then acted like it was supposed to be there. *rubs forehead in pain because facepalming would be a BAD IDEA*
I did the other stuff and now the Widget is vacuuming and the damn thing still won't get put up before 8pm.

And my teeth still hurt. DAMMIT.

That aside, TRU briefly had most of the Gloom Beach dolls online but I only ordered Cleo. I briefly debated using up most of my emergency dolly fund on them but decided to hope for the best and snag the one I wanted to see most. Also, I really cannot see my mother buying that version of Cleo if she had a choice. So... logic.
^--- Yesterday.

Yesterday (I think), Kanani's, the Girl of the Year for 2011, book covers leaked. Or I saw them and they leaked Sat. Don't care. She looks adorable and if you want to punish your liver, you'll want to take a shot each time someone says that.
Happy St. Lucia Day! )
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Holy. Fuck.

My cable bill came today. I was expecting it to be $170-ish because I had a small balance left over from last time, y'know? (Well, smaller than usual.)

No. My bill is $300 and some change.

I... what?

They installed my stuff... the 12th of October. So for this bill, they're billing me three times. One for next month, one for Oct-Nov (last month essentially) and then a third section for just October.

I... and... no?

When they came, they came late. Not really a surprise. They installed a digital box that was outdated by more than a year and naturally it had fits with our TV because it's old and outdated. Dad calls and the guy at customer service is perplexed but then assures dad that this whole turning your television off and then refusing to turn back on is a well known glitch with these older boxes. Dad chuckles and says, "But they installed this thing yesterday." CS: "...*sweatdrop* r-really?" Dad opted to bring the box in and trade it in himself because he didn't want to wait all fucking day for them to come out and "fix" it.

Yeah. We're on either our third or fourth box. So no. You do not get to charge me super fun times for your installation and then charge me super-deluxe full price on services you have made it impossible for me to use!

Then they charge me for long distance and it has never worked. Which is why, when my bill was smaller last month, I figured it was because Mom had said no long distance or something.

No. They just fucked that up, too.

I can sort of make sense of the bill in pieces, but when you put it all together it's just beyond me. Also, it came with a handy little guide called
Notice to customers regarding policies, complaint procedures, and services.

You bet your ass I'm complaining. $300 bucks? ARE YOU INSANE.

My second favorite part of this thing is that there are "credits" assigned all over the place. Very nice, right? Except that if they actually existed my bill would not look like it was bleeding.


Nov. 1st, 2010 12:26 am
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Just. Freakin'. Breathe.

Just because the boy says something does not mean it will happen. And just because you do not want it to happen does not mean it might not be a good thing. Somehow.

My Halloween kind of blew. It's strange. My birthday, I fully understand how it never lives up to expectactions. For July 10, I expect people to remember my birthday. I expect a gift or six, and I not so secretly wish that someone would throw me a goddamned party since I, someone who is about a step up from recluse but working my way down every day, have thrown people parties before and for fuck's sake, they threw my mother one once... Um, my point... I had it.

Oh. Yes. Birthdays I set myself up and I know I do.

So by the time Halloween rolls around, I have very low standards.
Ranting! )
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Day 4 of the HP thing:

04. Your favorite movie
So far it's Goblet of Fire. It managed to hit the right balance between "as much of the book as possible" and "what the hell, let's have some fun while we're at it". Plus, when Cedric dies, I ... might have gotten a little misty eyed. I mean really, who kills the pretty one? Only I can't say this now because of the whole Twilight thing. Bother.

Any movie can be improved with the addition of Luna, which is why OoTP is probably pretty high on the list. That and it ripped out much of the annoying crap. But Luna needed a mention.

Today continues in its quest to be filled with suckage.

I'm just about to settle down for a nice chilled Pepsi when I decide that to complete my morning, I should light my birthday cake sceneted candle. (It is a lovely thing.) I grab my box of matches which is huge and should be nowhere near empty and find... two matches. o_O Hunh, I think. Well, the box was falling apart a bit so maybe someone else grabbed them and they fell down next to/behind where the box was found.


And then I remember the Widget's love affair with fire. I get twitchy because I cannot freakin' use lighters (not that I have one anyway) and also, STOP TOUCHING MY STUFF.

But mostly because FIRE BAD. trees pretty.

Then I happen to glance over behind the lamp that needs a new lightbulb and shade and see something that pissed me off more than the matches. My black nail polish that was practically brand new. My favorite weird Rimmel nail polish. Also damn near new. One of those weird lip-plumping Maybelline lip glosses that didn't feel like bees stinging me. And then my vision swam red because the other thing was my Revlon lipstain that they do not make anymore and I don't give a rats ass about this whole throw your lipgloss away when it's 6 months or whatever. ...the little artiste used them on his giant canvas of doom.

Which means he's not only stolen my stuff after he promised he'd stop TOUCHING MY STUFF, but he ruined it (and at least one, if not three of the items cannot be replaced) but for god knows how long afterward he's been fucking bugging me about finding him old makeup that he was allowed to use.

The part that made me so mad I didn't give a shit when I stepped on his bow and it snapped like a twig? Is that this stuff wasn't just out in the room. I had it put away in a box so it wouldn't tempt him.

I... and... g'ah!

So I start cleaning, looking for other things of mine that might have gone to live with him and I notice burned toilet paper. The little pyro has been setting fire to stuff in here. Then I find three of my pretty, colorful CDs on the floor and I think, "Odd. I don't remember using these yet." I hadn't. He'd just swiped them too. The little... *strangling motion*

So when I find the burned paper, I go tell his father. Surprise, surprise, Widget hadn't told him about the headphones he ruined days ago or about the fact that I'd busted him with a lighter. A lighter that apparently he didn't fish out of the trash, but instead stole from the boy.

But the thing that killed my rage, and not in an "I feel satisfied that at least his ass will be grass for the next two weeks" (because apparently that's the going rate for destruction of property) is that I found a picture of his, all ripped up. I found two pieces and there are some... special words written on the back. I can't tell if Widget wrote the obscenities or if the boy did and I'm not really sure which would be less disturbing.

To round it all off, my Dawn of the Dance order was canceled and I figure this means I'm going to gather my stuff, make notes on the ruined makeup, and go to bed. Fuck this, today can go to hell and leave me out of any further BS.

^ Yesterday's ranting. Today I would be satisfied if my mouth no longer hurt. Stupid gum chewing that led to me biting my cheek. *pouts*

Also, I've found that watching Rizzoli and Isles takes me to a happy place. Best couple who aren't a couple I've seen in ages. This is one of those shows that gets better each week. :D Anyone else watching or is it just me?

Day 5 for HP:
05. Wizard Rock: discuss
  I keep meaning to check this phenomenon out but I never do. I used to be highly amused at the song titles though, so there's that.
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Oh new Rainbow Bright, I liked your artwork, but the only thing I can say about your toys is... Fashion Star Fillies? The dolls do nothing for me, although I do support fun colors in hair. Some people love the changes. Some people are appalled. Meh. I lived through her last skinnification and I'll live through this.

Yes. Like a gazillion other girls (kids?) I loved Rainbow back in the day. I had most of the dolls, a big Rainbow, and Starlite still lives in my room.

I would kill for some Brownie Batter ice cream right now. Kill.

Instead, I have one mini Twix bar. Twix is the ninja of all the candy I will eat. Which isn't really a long list.
  Anything with nuts is automatically out because I don't like nuts in my candy. Or ice cream. Or in anything. Ever. I don't mind all nuts which I thought I did for awhile. Then I realized that I only hate most of them. *shrug* So that's out. Anything with coconut is also out because it's gross and makes me all frowny face. How can something that smells SO GOOD taste SO BAD? You should seriously imagine 2nd grade me being really excited about finally trying some and then the look. You know the look. Every kid everywhere has The Look on their face when they try something and it's disgusting but they can't spit it out because they just can't. That's me.

That was also me. )

You'd better savor that because sadly I became camera kryptonite when I hit third grade. I didn't realize how bad it was til I was in sixth grade. Ever since, you'll be hard pressed to find a picture of me. There's a reason I was the one wielding the camera, love, and it wasn't because I fancied myself a budding photographer. Well, for half a second I did, but I eventually got over that. Mostly. You take enough rolls of film with people's heads cut off, and not all of them were accidents, and you eventually get the idea.

Anyway, back to candy. I'm not a big fan of the fruit-in-chocolate fad that seemed to have gone over big a few years ago. I like fruity candy well enough, but odds are good I'll choose Whoppers over Skittles every damn time. Basically, if it had chocolate and caramel, I was there. So I'll never know why it took me until I was 12 to realize how awesome Twix bars were/are. And ever since, I keep forgetting that I love them until I'm offered one and then I bite into it and I swear, there might be a bit of swoonage going on. Just a little.

And now for something completely different. I dislike it when there's someone who creeps me out in the store and I alert management and nothing happens. I'd even accept an, "I don't feel comfortable asking Grizzly Adams to leave." Instead, I had to stand there and assure other customers (the people from Huddle House) that I was aware that Grizzly there was pretty high on the creep-o-meter and that I had alerted management and that yes, he's totally not allowed in the store, but fuck dude. I'm not a short girl/woman/female type. My work shoes add an inch or two depending on how short I'm feeling that day. He towers over me. He'd tower over me-in-heels. So no. I'm not going to go over there, hold my breath (because even if he hadn't smelled funkalicious before coming into the store, he definitely did after raiding the cos testers.) and tell the dude he knows that I know he's not allowed in the store and to beat it. It's really hard to be polite when someone's trying to warn you that you should be throwing someone else out and you can't do anything else. (We've got these fun signs that tell you that should you suspect a customer of shoplifting, you are to find management and then back off.)

The second part of that whole situation that vexed me? The fact that the guy KNOWS he's not allowed back. He was chucked out by the police the first time and he looks around to see which clerk is on duty before entering the store. And he kept looking at me and I was more than a little unnerved by the stare of DOOM. I'm not eight so I can't say, "Stop looking at me!" Instead I had to bide my time until another manager came in and then told him the condensed version and then waited as Grizzly was escorted out of the store.

And I still feel kind of bad for him because I suspect he's homeless. Only unlike the other homeless guys who occasionally pop in to get out of the heat/rain/weather/buy cigs, he creeps me out. I'd say "he steals" but at least one of the other guys did, too, and the cops would let it slide because he served other nefarious purposes. But he still wasn't creepy.


Drove around the old neighborhood because they've got better decorations. I can still remember hitting most of the houses for trick-or-treating purposes. Still a really pretty neighborhood, although you could see the signs of conform or die. The house with a jungle for a front yard still exists. Most of the homes that used to go all out for Halloween haven't, but others did at least try. My old house was probably the second most decorated home of the ones we saw.

It's so weird to see what they did to the house, but for the first time most of the changes didn't make me want to cry. Other than whatever the fuck they did to the garage. It's covered in ivy and it looks like it's about twenty seconds away from falling apart. They've also got ivy climbing all over the house, but in a way that's obviously deliberate. Mums tsk tsked about how that'll kill your house something awesome. Still. Obviously someone there loves Halloween because they tried.

Tylenol PM is kicking in. I'm having waking dreams of bookcases filled with books. I know what I'll be asking of Santa Claws (yes) for the holidays. Ivy, a bookcase, books... maybe some new shoes.

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The dryer is fixed.

Let me repeat that.

The DRYER WORKS. Fluffy towels and fresh clean sheets, here I come!

Mmm. And due to some weird time thing, I haven't pissed away all my nighttime with looking at random crap on the internet and had time to start my laundry so that I'd be done with the washer by the time Dad needs the shower. :D I haven't washed all my linens in ages. Actually, still haven't done that as I don't know where exactly the other sheet is. It had been on the yellow chair as I'd been tucking Lady in when I went up to nap, but when I tried to snag it a few minutes ago, it wasn't there. So pray Mumsy washed it for me. Lady is a lovely dog, really, but she smells like dog and even if she didn't, she pees in her sleep.

Lady is also why I'm not entirely thrilled by the possibility of having company this afternoon. Lady scares the bejeezus out of most people. To be fair, I can understand why. She's a big ol' black lab who believes the best way to say hello is by hopping up to give you a hug and some violent sniffing and then she kind of hovers near you, sniffing your crotch and knees and shoes and pockets because dude, you might have food you totally forgot about, and hey, it's a new person! And if you're not an entirely new person, she might try and hump your leg because she's confused like that. She's got those fun red-tinged hound dog eyes, her ears have been marred by Angel trying to kill her [some might say Lady started these fights and Angel merely finished them, but I say that if you want to be seen as the victim in all this shit, Angel, you've got to stop making Lady look like you tried to rip her damn throat out, okay? God. Simple enough for you?] and her paws are HUGE. Lady is not a tiny little dog. She is not a dog who looks like her name would be Lady.

But she's a lovable goof. She doesn't bite, she isn't mean, she's just... suffering from people who have yet to fully train her. :P And yet everyone, and I do mean everyone, freaks out. And stays freaked out even when she's given up and is ignoring them. The hell? A dog has to be tiny and prissy to be lovable? If you want tiny and prissy, you get yourself adopted by a cat. [Cats are superior to dogs, yes.] Anyway, blah.

*is lazy*

Yesterday my inner...however old she is type child squeeed herself to death when I finally introduced Nellie and Samantha. I don't know why it took me months. It just did. Okay, fine. Little Me didn't want them to meet until Sam looked prettiful and Sam's tea dress doesn't actually look all that good on my Sam. [Little Me is all :( about it too] But instead of changing her into, I dunno, something else, I just let Sam entertain Ruthie and Kirsten [poor redhead whose name I never did settle on way back when!]

Finally decided the hell with this. Take the collar of DOOM off and we'll put her tea shoes on [yes, if your eyes have glazed over, it's okay. I'm sure the next post will be far more interesting, yes?] and where the fresh hell did I put her ribbon? Spent half an hour looking for the ribbon and could not find it. Gave up, walked Sam over to Nellie who has been snoozing with me since she arrived, and Little Me shrieked herself silly. Mainly because when I was younger I really wished they'd make the best friend dolls because Sam without Nellie was criminal. Sam/Nellie are a unit. They are one. I used to dream they'd release Nellie and I had the outfits picked out that I wanted and I figured if they wouldn't for the big dolls, maybe they would for the minis. Ah, little me. You were ahead of your time.

Frickart's NeoNoir is creeping me out in a good sort of way, mask aside. I shall remain good. I shall admire other people's NN's. I SHALL BE GOOD. Luckily it's not payday yet so I kind of have to be good. I also have to remember to switch cards because it's that time of year. Wheeeeee.

I'm going to go check on my laundry and then on the cat.
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I finished Blood Noir this morning. Finally. If you're curious, it's not as sex filled as most of her more recent stuff, although it's probably about on par with Merry, who hasn't been getting all that much, all things considered. In fact, the two days of fucking we only get to hear about after, and while much is made about it, it's a plot twist and we don't have to read the actual scenes. Hallelujah? Anyway, that's not what the scream was for. The scream wasn't even for the book ending.

It was for my poor, sweet city getting mentioned and thus sullied in one of her later books. :P

In case you want to see my brains on the wall... This is what happens when you remove plot, then bad porn, and are forced to rely on your rusty storytelling skills. )

Charleston is now without a Master of the City.

...I'm sure the prepified city is all a front.

...actually, that's where I get a little hazy. On the one hand, cool. On the other hand, considering I nearly died from parts of this book, uncool. Jason doesn't die, things work out, and now I must make sure that the vampires of my sunshiney city don't go apeshit. Fun times.

Little things:
It's taken... however many books, but hearing Richard call the mother of all freakin' darkness "Marmee" is just painful. I know Queen of the Damned was taken and all, but couldn't you find something else to call her?

Anita's thing for just-past jailbait is creepy. Doubley so when commented on by Richard.

A thought: If M. Noir is using Anita, and everyone is well aware of it and even considers taking Anita out so that M. Noir can't fully wake up, you'd think they'd just poison Anita and kill her when they had the first chance. Tell her it'll save all her boytoys and J-C will take good care of them, assuming it doesn't kill him when she croaks, but since she won't take the final marks and people are forever cutting the two of them off, it shouldn't. Kill her.

Was there something in the water to make the latest supernaturally inclined books by various authors have their stars suddenly lose chunks of their memory? Dresden did it, and it's not the first time, it's also similar enough that I must comment. I want to say one of the others I read did it too, but now my memory is hazy...

On the plus side, despite my apparent foaming at the mouth moments above, I lived through Blood Noir and needed it so I could channel my annoyance at something.

November's Offerings

Pullip: Marianne. While the name alone should guarantee her love and a home, it doesn't. I think I actually like her, but I would destroy her in seconds without even meaning to. Also, that's pretty much the only picture I love-love-love, and even then I know she's just too much.

DAL: Charlotte. I love the hair color and the eyes, but again, too much. She's cute, though.

Taeyang: Alberic. He has lovely eyes. Truly. I like the makeup around 'em, too. But no. Just... no.

So, November's safe for me. Which is good, since I just paid off August's. Well.... technically, I'm in the middle of doing that right this second. I can multi task. Yay me.

Today's heroine: zalliazallia
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I wonder. If one does a Google search on you and nothing shows up aside from being in the acknowledgments page of a book, does the world think you exist? Does it matter?

Good. Frickin'. Dolly. GODS. I manage to accidentally stay away too long from the MS Hangout for various reasons [namely, I can't get my fix and looking at other people getting theirs was vexing] but in the meantime someone annoying has turned up and about two seconds into it I want to slap them with a bat. Does enrico get more tolerable as time goes by, or should I hide the weaponry?

I'm glad you're on my side... )

I snagged Swapping Styles 2 Nolee last week and realized that when they got rid of Nolee, and it became painfully clear that she wasn't coming back, a big part of my love for the line died then and there. I love Delancey. I do. Even love Nolancey... but I've got three or four boxed Delancey's running around, and it's the Nolee I want to open up. Pictures of her will appear soon.
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Why do you let me go to Target? I swear, it's physically impossible for me to go there and not spend a small fortune. *grumble*

Let's see, I walked away with the following:

  • 2 baskets to sort/organize my crap

  • When You Are Engulfed in Flames [I really should have bought this at BAM, but holy Holly, it's hotter than hell out there.]

  • a cute crab plate

  • cotton balls for mumsy as I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where the hell they moved the ones at work

  • Olay body wash that it seems Mumsy likes, so I might be nice and give them that bottle. Might not. It's huge and less than it would cost me for a smaller one at work. We'll see.

  • 2 magazine files

  • Bratz Baby Nurse Yasmin

  • dog food

  • TP

And it cost a fortune. *face palm*

I just lost an hour and a half or more of my life to The Andromeda Strain. I like my stuff with a Sci-Fi slant, but swear-to-dog, everytime someone would mention a worm hole and the strain from the FUTURE my head would explode. I do wonder if this was less amusing/better if, I dunno, I'd been watching from the start. Only I couldn't/can't handle the part where people die out in the field and then The Hero would make some comment that would ensure that something awful would happen. Also, when the Skeptic fell to his death, I missed how the other guy [Epileptic Scientist] died because I refused to watch the thumb removal. Sorry, nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

Also, while I'm sure that if I somehow landed in an alternate reality where someone would need me to go all traitor and risk humanity to save hostage!family members, I'd feel differently, I still cannot fathom the thought process of "hmm, bad guys have my family and if I don't risk the whole of humanity, they'll die. But if I DO go all Judas on everyone, their odds are just as shitty, if not worse." and then picking the kill the entire world to save them option. *headdesk*

God, it's hot up here.

Shame. I found someone who has many a prettiful Pullip picture, but after further investigation, I've realized that while I think the dolls are lovely, I suspect if confronted with the person IRL, I would drop a piano on her head. I don't know how I would rig that, but I really do think I would give it serious thought. In fact, I am at the moment. *muse*
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How does one properly prepare to pay their taxes? Makeup and a sassy attitude. Well, I've got the makeup, anyway. Not sure I'm quite up to sass, unless you mean "don't back-sass!" in which I am ever ready.

In my defense, I filled out all my federal stuff months ago. But I was waiting for my state to come in cuz I owe the government a smidge, what with Walgreens having put the wrong number somewhere, and me never having fixed it. Which we go through every year. It's cool, although my state was a little disappointing this go round. *pout*

Totally random, but my nose? Is perfect. I know, I know, it's superficial and completely up to someone's personal opinion, but given my genetic choices, I lucked the fuck out in that regard. I suppose something had to go in the positive department [well, along with the hair and the lips] to balance out the hips of doom and the fact that I'm in no way photogenic. I was thinking about the nose as I sneezed for five minutes straight. Uncool.

Hmm. Work was work, nothing exciting to write home about there. I suppose that's a good thing, as exciting generally means police were called. Oh! That reminds me. Apparently there was a shooting Friday/Saturday. It was a bit disconcerting to have our backup guard [she had to be called in when someone just never showed] ran out the door, talking about a double shooting. Cuz, y'know, that makes ME feel warm and safe, right?

This is one of my least favorite weekends out of the year. I loathe the Cooper River Bridge Run. As it is, you've got enough horrible tourists realizing that Charleston is pretty much out of it's winter, and right into it's schizophrenic spring, which is to say one day you'll freeze [if you're local. If you're from someplace legitimately cold, you'll find it a refreshing change from your arctic tundra] and the next day you might have to seriously worry about dying from heat stroke. Good times. Anyway, tourists descend anyway, hoping for the pretty, pretty flowers. Enter the Flower Town Festival in Summerville. Which I went to one year, and yeah, tis awesome. But tourists! Bad. Um, anyway, the bridge run brings out all the athletic freaks. That's right! Anyone willing to RUN across a bridge at the asscrack of dawn with thousands of other people is a freak. Not that you can run, unless you're right up front, because there are just that many people. I suspect if you time it right, in the middle of the pack you can just let the people behind you sort of push you along, letting them do all the work. I have no desire to see how true this is, though, so don't look for me trying to put this to practical use anytime soon.

Yes. I'm one of those people. Tourists? I loathe. In small [and I do mean small] groups or one on one, they're okay. But I get tired of trying to give directions [I'm doing well when I can direct someone to the beach and that's a straight-frickin'-shot] or trying to figure out which local site they're butchering the name of now. In their defense, yeah, some of these places have seriously funky names. But the next jackass who says Foley and not Folly is getting a golf club to the kneecap. You can pronounce Kiawah, but Folly trips you up? How. Is. That. Possible?

So, do yourselves a favor. If you don't live here, but come to visit, avoid the bridge run. Unless you like the running of the Kenyans. Then go right ahead, but don't come crying to me at 6am looking for safety pins.
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This is me requesting a zillion cookbooks from the library.

This is me slowly going insane due to only leaving the house for work and a weekly grocery store trip, which I loathe beyond all measure. Seriously, the only thing keeping me from screaming about it is that I do get to leave for work, which is more than Mumsy gets to do. [Her weekly trips are to the doctor, for those playing along at home.] Bah. It's chilly up here, but that has more to do with lingering winter morning and tank tops than it actually being cold.

So, a few weeks ago I bought the first four Private books. There was a sale, I had a gift card or something, and it was a boxed set which made it a freakishly good deal. For weeks it sat in my bathroom, unopened and unloved. Friday or so I cracked it open and read the second book. I'd read the first shortly before buying the set, as it's the only one the library has. Anyway, I read books two through four this weekend. and my brain sort of exploded )

I obviously have issues with main characters. I almost never like them, or if I do like them, rarely is it more than a bit player. There are exceptions [Harry Dresden, though TV Harry plays second fiddle to TV Bob] but I usually want to slam whoever the star of the series is into a wall.

Awkward sentence, I know.

Completely on a superficial note, the newer covers also seem to be sporting some super skinny waifs. Which isn't to say the first four weren't skinny, but they didn't necessarily look like a good sneeze would snap them in half.

Oooh, obviously the library is ordering new books. When I return I'll have to peek and see if they're getting anything good.


Jan. 11th, 2008 11:40 am
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Dear JP,
When it comes time to figuring out hair/eye combos, let me offer some advice. If you've got your heart set on blonde hair, a) hire someone to kick you in the kneecaps. B) Blue eyes are a no. You've also abused the brown option, and no, tinting it red doesn't really count as not brown. You've got more than enough blondes as it is, though, so really, try again.

Ah, brown hair. Brown hair/brown eyes? Lovely that you're going for realism. If I didn't have a frickin' army [and not a brunette Purezza in sight, no less] of dolls with brown/brown, you'd actually get the golf clap you so obviously desire. However you've more than abused this option.

There are other colors in the world! Use them, and not just on collabs and limiteds. Or else I'm suing you for mental distress.

Bitches one and all.

That said, new Dal makes me cringe and I want new Pullip's boots... and possibly her. I know, I know. I am weak. But I'm still mulling it over. I really do like the boots though.

I'm thinking joining six billion gossip girl comms was not my best move. So... I guess I learn to filter better. Yes. Mebbe.

I'm exhausted, though it's certainly not from working like crazy. Oh, I went to work, and I even did what I was told to do, but some things only require so much effort. There's a Psych marathon on, so I can't watch my GG eps. Or I could, but I'd have to lug the discs downstairs and that could get confusing as the later ones aren't anywhere near labelled.

I'm thinking my brain is really enjoying hopping from one thing to another. *spaz* Almost done with Heat Stroke and while bits of it are a little too into the science geek aspect, I'm pissed as hell that I don't have book three ready to read. Grr!

I think they multiplied... )


Jan. 6th, 2008 09:30 am
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Note to self: Refer to Brunette Delancey as Nolancey as often as humanly possible. Make sigs and avs and hire people to fly over burb's house with flyers that say "Nolancey." Obviously they will litter her neighborhood as they fall from the sky. Duh.

Obviously my resolution to be a better person has failed already. *cackles*

Snagged one of those Growing Up Glam Kennedys that's been littering ebay... because I want that line. I do. You know the minute she appears, I'm going to annoy the hell out of everyone with pictures, yes? Yes, yes you do.

I should go do some dishes. Really, really should. Might in a minute. We'll see.


Jun. 6th, 2007 11:24 am
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... I'm feeling bitchy. Please excuse me.

But if you have to ask... And thus, I answer here, because really, that? That is a "pet me and tell me I'm lovely" kind of thread. Which would be why I don't like you. Because you felt the need to make one of those and then flit around encouraging the damn thing and no one's shut it down despite it being a really obvious bid for people to hop on their white horses and come to your aid. "Those big ol' mean jerks on LJ are just immature babies!" Really. I am. Yes. But it doesn't mean I have to like you.
Otherwise, I don't really recall what it is about you that bugs me. It's one of those things where maybe I was in a bad mood, read something you wrote, and thought, "Shut. Up." Not in that fun way either, mind you. Perhaps you are just a fantastic person and due to something I don't even recall, I am being cheated horribly out of knowing you.

But. You made that thread and thus I stand by my previous assessment that you are annoying. Not all the time, but enough that, well, my knee-jerk reaction is to wish a hammer would fall on your baby toe.

And thus we spend another moment reveling in the land of whinge.

I think someone's been spiking my Pepsi with essence of bitch, because there's no other logical explanation for why things keep bothering me the way they do. None.

I ran out of Dresden-y goodness yesterday, so maybe that's it? It could be, as well as the reason I ran out of goodness. I kept reading through lunch and realized that I had maybe, fifty pages to go, so... I read through the thunderstorm and well past when I should have gone to sleep. Lack of sleep could contribute greatly to the overall evil.

Now, to charge the batteries and fall fast asleep. Mmm. Sleep.

To complete the Pullip-y goodness: Aquel is love and shall be bringing her mix of Princi acid-blue and Alice-y goodness this way. The Golden Alice/Queen/King/and DALs will not. For awesome as the Queen and that one DAL might be, I don't really fancy breaking my "No one can cost more than Alice! Except Noir. Or possibly Purezza"- rule. Technically, I could get around it with "Another Alice" but... really. No. I'd rather shove that $180 towards twinning Alice, and that ain't gonna happen either. :P


May. 24th, 2007 12:07 pm
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Behold as I finally succumb to guilt and look at bridesmaid dresses. Again. Sigh. I'm thinking I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a spork than go through this again, but perhaps not. It's just... meh. MEH. Now, to actually do something about losing ten pounds, or shall I just sit here pondering the possibility? I wouldn't mind the second go round of dress shopping if I weren't fairly certain I gained weight since Ari's wedding and the dress and I had issues by the end of the night. So. Yes, the thought of going back to the scene of the crime makes me twitchy.

Fuckity fuck.

But if I ever see or hear the phrase, "I seen" I'll kill someone. Fuckwits.

Obviously, I am in a spectacular mood.

Wait, what?

May. 1st, 2007 01:58 pm
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If you sign up for someone's email list 'o pain, you figure you'll be on their list of pain, yes? Nyargh! Shoulda gone to Target. It boggles the mind that if I signed up for Monster's list and was sent a Cats/Monster reply/coupon/list of stuff that comes out today, and that then does the fun little promotional thing when you click any of the links contained within, I still have to haul myself to Cats to get the nifty goodness promised. WTF? If it's an exclusive to one store, then kindly mention that, kay? Thanks.

On that note, yes, I gots me some new Tori goodness. Currently playing even. Just no fun lithograph. :( Which I shouldn't be surprised aboot. The last Tori CD also fucked me over in the extra promo goodness department. I should also be fast asleep in my bed, only I woke up around two and found that I was hungry and could not sleep. So I toddled downstairs to find out if Mumsy's trip was a success. Yay, first two Dresden books and Tori goodness.

Must go work on the food sitch. The start of Digital Ghost is really pretty.

And why in the hell do I not have a Tori icon?
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Sooooo, sometime tomorrow, the fun drive to hell shall begin. I'm not actually dreading it as much as I say I am. I figure if I bitch and moan enough, it'll offset the odds that something will go horribly, horribly wrong. I have now jinxed that beyond all possible reason, eh? Oops.

I am vexed. I checked my mail today and there's something from MCR about their Famous Last Words vid premiering yesterday. Only I did the math and they sent that stupid thing maybe an hour before it would have aired. Unfair!

I am also vexed by the fact that the 96wave morning show sucks. It's so lacking in entertainment that I hear them speaking and I immediately turn the station. I'll turn it back ten minutes later and they're still talking. Shut up already! God, I loathe chatting on the radio. I'm firmly in the no talk radio camp, but especially so during the morning when I just want to listen to something recorded after 1983 that doesn't necessarily involve someone singing about how they're gonna love you all night long. [Ick.]

If Mumsy comes home soon, I can get my errands done this morning and then pass the fuck out. I've been so tired lately and I don't know why. I understand on days when I short myself in the sleep department, but I've been better this week, yet I still only find myself waking up for about an hour at work. The rest of the time is spent in a haze. Not even Scrubs therapy is helping. Oh sure, I laugh until it hurts, but the usual effect it has on me [normally, I stay freakishly happy] is gone long before I drag myself upstairs. Hmm. I could spend awhile pondering this, or I could just go stare at the door and wait for Mumsy.
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The winner of today's "research, asshat!" award is Zero magazine for their October 2005 issue. [see, import, so hence the delay in my grubby paws picking it up] I'm not sure if there are other really amusing errors, and I imagine that there might be, but they show that you can make fools of yourself very early in your magazine's life. Oh, yes.

See, there's an interview/article on My Chemical Romance specifically Bob, the drummer. Bob the drummer who isn't pictured on the CDs cuz he's a relatively new addition to the band, replacing drummer #1, Matt. Much of the article waxes poetic about the change over, and there are some pictures of the band from the Matt era. Upon closer inspection I realized there wasn't even a solo one of Bob. So I looked at the pictures trying to find the one that identifies the members of the band, wondering if someone forgot to, I dunno, look up who they were talking about. Sure enough, second page of the article, there's another group photo and Matt is misidentified as Bob, and about this time I snorted some Pepsi in a very unladylike fashion.

Guys. Pick up a copy of one of the CDs. I know for a fact Three Cheers tells you the pissed off dude? That'd be Matt. Bob? He'd be the other guy in all the videos. If that's too much work, use the magical internet and randomly find a MCR site. Bingo. Bob.

G'ah. Brother and his girlfriend are going at it again. God, if you're there, much as I miss the widget, I do not need another one to 'replace' him until his crazy ass mother comes 'round. If the boy and this girl breed, there will be a sucking void where the brain should be. I can't take that.

... damn it, now I miss Widget.
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...I'm going to say this and know already that the answer is no, but Christ on a stick, I feel the need to say it anyway.

Dude, am I the only person who, before dropping more than $60 on something, researches it to make sure I know what the hell I'm getting? I will never understand the beyond-newbie questions/thoughts/comments from people who seem to just randomly throw their money to the wind, get a Pullip and are then super shocked when it's exactly what they'd been told it would be...if they'd friggin' bothered to read anything about their newest dolly desire. Sure, there are some questions I might roll my eyes a bit over, but realize that hearing about something is totally different from seeing/feeling. On the other hand, ohmysweetbabyboywholived. Research, people! It's not that hard to find out what kind of body your baby-love will have. The problems with Venus are well documented. [As are staining issues with most of the dolls in black, the first neck-snappers, and some other issues I'm sure exist that my brain is glossing over right now].

It's enough to hurt my cute little head.

Honestly, I want to have enough money that I can buy a new shiny without looking up a damn thing on it.

Speaking of which, I got my next two pinkys yesterday. :D pictures may follow.

[work] With Mr. Bitches gone, we had our first substitute manager begin his week of torment. Fabulous night, actually. I was done with my work by break time. Well before break, actually, so I finished other people's work and then sliced into the boxes of batteries. But somehow no one told the newish guy that one of us leaves at 6. So when exactly he thought I'd be able to take back all the crap he told me to, I dunno. He was ever so confused when I had him paged to the front so I could leave with my bag of stuff. He asked where I was going, and I thought he was kidding. Then I told him home. You know... home. Night shift works 8 hours, man. I was damn near half an hour late leaving because of his request of doom. They don't pay me enough to work 10 hour days. No way.

My ankles hurt and I think a spider bit my left arm while I was sleeping.

Woe is me.

Oh, but I think hell officially froze over. At work we normally get sad love songs or somebody-done-me-wrong songs mixed in with "baby, i'm gonna love you til you can't be loved no more" songs that make me cringe. Usually from the 70's and 80's. Last night? Most of it was semi recent. They played Everclear! I nearly died of joy right then.


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